John Lennon Rock N Roll Sessions (3/CD)

John Lennon Rock N Roll Sessions (3/CD)
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John Lennon Rock N Roll Sessions (3/CD)
Latest work session series of solo albums of John being promoted currently M Claudel is, albums that were released before John in 1975 to enter the five years of the blank as a stay-at-home dad, and as if tracing the roots of their own “Rock it becomes session sound source of N Roll “. Includes the first appearance sound source, and completely cover the sessions of the same album. It had been released from VIGOTONE label once Speaking session sound of rock ‘n’ roll but, as can be seen if you look at the songs, including those that first appeared in this film, or something, has been excavated since the days of VIGOTONE, leap I can be seen to improve the content basis. And what is more than this title future probably will not come out. It has become a content rich should be called Ketteiban about it.

Roughly divided into sessions and in LA in 1973, called “BACK TO MONO SESSIONS” the song of the album, in the session of NY of 1974 called “OLDIES BUT MOLDIES SESSIONS”, features of this work for each song each further it is that you are recording and are classified into. Because, this album has managed to completed through the twists and turns very complex in its production process, to grasp the overall picture is difficult, if it is to those already issued title is half-baked it has become both the remote cause you had to.

The first place plagiarism uproar of the Beatles “Come Together” that closely resembles the Chuck Berry in “You Can not Catch Me” occurs, this album, recording the “You Can not Catch Me” and John as the terms of the settlement proposed settlement then, royalties that, to enter the chuck Berry has become a beginning. And first, recording took place in LA greeted by producer Phil Spector, but corresponds to the time when both of them are devastated private life unfortunately just, production does not slow progress, Quality you sufficient to release very There was no. And I know and enjoy listening to the first half of the 2 disc 1 of the recorded in this work it, but Phil Spector John is drunk to Beronberon anyway, instructs from the control room also how unstable spirit. Phil Spector will have disappeared with a master tape whopping further. After that, John, resume recording of this rock ‘n’ roll again in the produce of their own. And now, things sound flows out before the release, that are sold in TV shopping titled “Roots” has occurred. Not the intent of John, release of such form was sold stop immediately of course, but from the fact that the content is different from what is finally released, it is released repeatedly as terrible collector’s item until now has been. Course in this work, I have been covering all the version included with your roots this.

In this way, while facing a variety of problems, even in release from the process of recording, as a compilation of before John enters the househusband life, planning raised from plagiarism trouble, cover album of rock ‘n’ roll roots of their own “Rock ‘I’ve fruition as N Roll “. It can be said as it is covering all of its session, not only mania of John, the history of rock, this work, the title of the must-have as outtakes collection of important album. At the end of disc 3, I have recorded a radio spot at the time due to the release of the album, rehearsal with Elton John, which was held on November 24, 1974 the “I Saw Her Standing There”.

Latest album session series of John, exhaustive session of the album “Rock N Roll”. And frivolous John was drunk in Beronberon, fresh documents such as Phil Spector to anger in the monitor room has been recorded. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification. Japanese with belt.

DISC ONE BACK TO MONO SESSIONS 1973 BE MY BABY 01. Alternate Rough take 02. Rough Mix 03. “Roots” version

JUST BECAUSE 04. Take 13 (breakdown) 05. Take 14 (breakdown) 06. Studio Talk 07. Alternate Take

ANGEL BABY 08. Take 8 (breakdown) 09. Take 9 (breakdown) 10. Rough Mix 11. “Roots” version

YOU CAN’T CATCH ME 12. Rough Mix #1 13. Rough Mix #2 14. “Roots” version

SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN 15. Rough Mix #1 16. Rough Mix #2 17. “Roots” version

BONY MORONIE 18. Rough Mix 19. “Roots” version

HERE WE GO AGAIN 20. Demo Take 1 (with voice over / breakdown) 21. Demo Take 2 22. Studio Outtake

DISC TWO SINCE MY BABY LEFT ME 01. Studio Outtake #1 02. Studio Outtake #2

TO KNOW HER IS TO LOVE HER 03. Studio Outtake

SUNNYVIEW REHEARSALS October 1974 04. Bring it on Home to Me – Send me Some Lovin’ 05. Ya Ya (breakdown) 06. Ya Ya 07. That’ll Be The Day (breakdown) 08. That’ll Be The Day (with false start) 09. Do You Want To Dance 10. Stand By Me 11. Peggy Sue 12. Be-Bop-A-Lula 13. Slippin’ And Slidin’ 14. Jam / Whole Lotta Love 15. Thirty Days 16. C’mon Everybody 17. Ain’t That A Shame (breakdown) 18. Ain’t That A Shame (incomplete) 19. Ain’t That A Shame (fragment) 20. Ain’t That A Shame (incomplete) 21. Instrumental jam #2 (fragment) 22. Instrumental jam #3 (fragment)

OLDIES BUT MOLDIES SESSIONS 1974 BE BOP A LULA 23. Take 2 24. Monitor Mix 25. “Roots” version

STAND BY ME 26. Monitor Mix #1 (fragment) 27. Monitor Mix #2 28. Monitor Mix #3 (fragment) 29. “Roots” version

READY TEDDY – RIP IT UP 30. Alternate Take 31. Rough Mix 32. Monitor Mix 33. “Roots” version

AIN’T THAT A SHAME 34. Monitor Mix Take 3 35. Rough Mix 36. “Roots” version

DISC THREE DO YOU WANT TO DANCE 01. Monitor Mix #1 02. Monitor Mix #2 03. “Roots” version

SLIPPIN’ AND SLIDIN’ 04. Take 5 05. Monitor Mix 06. “Roots” version

PEGGY SUE 07. Alternate Take 08. Monitor Mix 09. Rough Mix 10. “Roots” version

BRING IT ON HOME TO ME – SEND ME SOME LOVIN’ 11. Alternate Take 12. Monitor Mix #1 13. Monitor Mix #2 14. “Roots” version

YA YA 15. Monitor Mix 16. “Roots” version

JUST BECAUSE 17. Vocal re- recording session 18. “Roots” version

19. ‘Rock and Roll’ Spot