JOHN LENNON Remastered Archives 1971 Vol.2 DVD

JOHN LENNON Remastered Archives 1971 Vol.2 DVD
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JOHN LENNON Remastered Archives 1971 Vol.2 DVD
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WITH HIGH RES ARTWORK - NOT copies of a copy! PRO SILK SCREENED LABEL High quality DVD-R PRO Interactive Menus You found the best right here! AND THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL FAB DVDS - not knock offs or poor copies

The NEW John Lennon Reamstered Archives - finally enough upgrades and new material to warrant a makeover on the current Lennon DVDS that are offered - these will please ALL fans!

JOHN LENNON - Remastered Archives 1972 Vol.2 DVD Upgrades and new material! 100 minutes worth all in chapters! 01. August 11, 1971:z Protest March - London, England 02. September 6, 1971: St. Regis Hotel, New York City, NY - More filming for Imagine 03. September, 1971: Filming for Imagine Battery Park, New York City, NY Souch Beach, NYC Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, NYC Unknown Locations in NYC IMAGINE - TV Special: filmed May-September, 1971, aired on December 23, 1972 04. Imagine 05. Crippled Inside 06. Jealous Guy 07. Don't Count The Waves 08. It's So Hard 09. Mrs. Lennon 10. I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier Mama 11. Mind Train 12. Guests Visit 13. Power to the People/ Give Me Some Truth 14. Midsummer New York 15. Oh My Love 16. How Do You Sleep? 17. How? 18. Oh Yoko! 19. John and Yoko 20. October 8, 1971: Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY -Includes film by Jonas Mekas 21. October 9, 1971: John's 31st Birthday Party - Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, NY Filmed by Jonas Mekas, with Ringo and Phil Spector and others