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JOHN LENNON & PAUL McCARTNEY: LA JAM SESSIONS 1974 2 CD Of the sessions recorded and released here, the first was recorded a LA’s Record Plant studios on the 28th of March, 1974 as John partied with a group of like minded lunatics as they slowly got more and more drunk and evidently more coked up. The sessions from the evening were booted in the mid-nineties as Mistrals, ‘A Toot And A Snore, ’74’ (Evidently a mistake made in translation as, as we know, ‘snort’ is more likely to be the operative term for what was going on in the studio that night.) The tape used here is said to be a generation higher and slightly longer - It certainly sounds clearer, it’s still rough as the volume is pushed to its highest levels there is a certain amount of distortion here and there. Nothing that can’t ruin the mood of this smokey little get-together but it would be a blissfully Beatle awed mind that might find a great deal of promise from this rag-bag of oldies and jams. Fast forward to May and we have “Sunday Night At The Record Plant”! The session tape leads in with a spark-out version of both ‘Rock Island Line’ and ‘Midnight Special’ sung, not especially well, by John and Paul Simon. It’s a straight forward sing along before John turns the real lyrics in to expletives, realising that things are going nowhere, Simon asks what else fits the tune and someone calls out for the second track instead…

DISC ONE: March 28, 1974 01. ”Ya Want A Toot Steve” 0:25 02. ”Never Trust A Bugger’ 3:29 03. Little Bitty Pretty One 1:32 04. I Know You Don’t Love No More 1:27 05. Lucille 4:58 06. Sleepwalk 2:45 07. Stand By Me 7:29 08. Stand By Me #2 5:00 09. Cupid/Chain Gang/Take This Hammer 3:34

March 23, 1974 10. Midnight Special Medley/Rock Island Line 1:55 11. Matchbox (Guitar Part) 0:23 12. Wake Up Little Suzie 0:47 13. Railroad Bill 0:57 14. Everyday 1:18 15. Maybe Tomorrow/Maybe Baby 1:51 16. ”Whole Lotta Brandy!” 0:53 17. Matchbox (More Guitar) 0:13 18. Let The Good Times Roll 1:49 19. Send Me Some Lovin’ (Take 1) 4:06 20. Send Me Some Lovin’ (Take 2-3) 1:26 21. Matchbox (Guitar)/Baby Let’s Play House 1:16 22. Stand By Me 1:48 23. Send Me Some Lovin’/'Do It Right’ (Jam) 5:19 24. ‘Gimme Head’ (Jam) 3:41

DISC TWO: 01. ”Gimme Head” (Take 2) 0:43 02. ”Gimme Head2 (Take 3 with ”Send Me Some Head”) 1:27 03. ‘Gimme Head’ (Take 4) 3:03 04. ”Alright Alright” (Take 1) 1:30 05. ”Alright Alright” (Take 2)/Send Me Some Lovin (”Send Me My Asshole” Version) 5:31 06. You Can’t Catch Me 6:30 07. Well All Right 5:55 08. Well All Right (Cont’d) 0:57 09. Do You Want To Dance 3:21 10. Do You Wanna Dance (Take 2) 0:28 11. ”I Coulda Danced All Night” 4:02 12. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 6:27 13. Take What You Need, Share What You Got 0:33 14. Stand By Me (Take 2) 4:36 15. Stand By Me (Take 3) 3:46 16. ”Do It Right”, ect 6:18 17. Johnny B Goode 3:01 18. Whole Lotta Shakin’, ect 2:27 19. ”Fxck Your Mother” Medley 5:21 20. ”Somebody Gonna Give You Some Fxck” 0:27 21. ”I Want You To Sit On Your Face” 1:47