John Lennon Mind Games Sessions (4/CD)

John Lennon Mind Games Sessions (4/CD)
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John Lennon Mind Games Sessions (4/CD)
In M Claudel is the latest work of John solo album of Session Series that ongoing, and Rounding out the last complete, it will be of time that John had spent relatively gently of “Mind Games” session. It is a sober impression album, but a good song such as the title song a lot, also “does Mase ice” that rock ‘n’ roll number or Japanese is surprised appeared, beautiful enough tears “Out of the Blue “such as, popular and album between John fans. A session of the “Mind Games”, I will deliver four sets of volume. Given that same album session of VIGO was 3-Disc, including a sound source that has been excavated Thereafter, the one that was the culmination in a conventional no quality in mass both you cover all, to become a content such as not more things have.

This work is intended to exhaustive demonstration, outtakes, etc. different mix in the order of the album, has become a thing very high material resistance. Not only the album songs, we also recorded at the same time recording at the same time. It led to was a gift to the apple, “I’m The Greatest” begins from a demo, of gathered two people and Paul without George and Ringo sessions, such as rough mix, some respond very listen track has been recorded all . The last time has been recorded, the excavation itself of sound source has become news, was done John, Paul, and Stevie Wonder, et al., It is a session that is known as known as “A Toot And A Snore”. John and Paul, but also surprise that conducted the session after the Beatles broke up, and is further left to the sound source. Although is Oldies number’re playing, in the “Stand By Me”, Ore hears clearly Paul’s voice, oh really and he John and Paul are the sessions in the 1970s, and is again Kangaibukaku Omowasa you.

M Claudel John had promoted the album Session Series final chapter “Mind Games” session. All demo in the order of the album, outtakes, and covers such as another mix. In addition the same period session, John and Paul is recorded as the only session sound source you have made in the 70s. Including the Lost Lennon, Fodder, out of control John of outtakes that is a situation that does not stick, you will say that with respect to the album sessions have been organized all beautiful in this work. Come I think if you could align the album session series of M Claudel. Permanent preservation Athletic Press board of beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese band.

DISC ONE MIND GAMES 01. Demo #1 (Make Love Not War) (1970) 02. Demo #2 (I Promise) (1970) 03. Alternate Take Rough Mix 04. Promo mono 45” version

TIGHT A$ 05. Demo 06. Rough Mix 07. Rough Mix with overdubs #1 08. Rough Mix with overdubs #2

AISUMASEN (I’M SORRY) 09. Demo #1 (Call My Name) (1971) 10. Demo #2 (Call My Name) (1971) 11. Demo #3 (Call My Name) (1971) 12. Demo #4 (Call My Name) (1971) 13. Demo #5 (Call My Name) (1971) 14. Demo #6 (Call My Name) (1971) 15. Demo #6 (Call My Name) (1971) 16. Demo #7 (Call My Name) (1971) 17. Rough Mix #1 18. Rough Mix #2 with overdubs

ONE DAY (AT THE TIME) 19. Alternate Take 20. Rough Mix #1 21. Rough Mix #2 with overdubs

BRING ON THE LUCIE (FREDA PEOPLE) 22. Demo (1971) 23. Alternate Take 24. Rough Mix with guide vocal

DISC TWO INTUITION 01. Demo Take 3 with “How?” & “God” 02. Demo Take 4 03. Rough Mix

OUT OF THE BLUE 04. Rough Mix #1 05. Rough Mix #2 with overdubs 06. Rough Mix #3 with more overdubs

ONLY PEOPLE 07. Rough Mix #1 08. Rough Mix #2 with overdubs

I KNOW (I KNOW) 09. Acoustic Demo #1 10. Acoustic Demo #2 11. Acoustic Demo #3

Vocal Overdub 12. Demo Take 1 13. Demo Take 2 14. Demo Take 3 15. Demo Take 4 16. Demo Take 5 17. Demo Take 6 18. Alternate Early Take 19. Alternate Take Rough Mix #1 20. Rough Mix #1 21. Rough Mix #2

DISC THREE YOU ARE HERE 01. Alternate Take 02. Rough Mix

MEAT CITY 03. Demo 04. Demo #1 05. Demo #2 06. Rough Mix 07. Single Version

ROCK ‘N ROLL PEOPLE 08. Piano Demo (1970) 09. Guitar Demo (1973)

August 1, 1973 session 10. Take 6 11. Take 7

August 4, 1973 session 12. Take 5 13. Take 6 14. Take 7

I’M THE GREATEST 1970 Demos 15. Piano Demo #1 16. Piano Demo #2

1971 Rehearsal 17. Studio Demo #1 18. Studio Demo #2

1973 Session for “Ringo” LP John, George and Ringo 19. Take 1 (breakdown) 20. Take 2 (breakdown) 21. Take 3 (breakdown) 22. Take 4 (breakdown) 23. Take 5 24. Take 6 (breakdown) 25. Take 7 (breakdown) 26. Take 8 27. Take 9 (breakdown) 28. Take 10 29. Take 11

DISC FOUR I’M THE GREATEST 01. Takes unknown 02. Rough Mix (Ringo on vocals)

1973-1973 PUSSY CATS SESSION MUCHO MUNGO 03. Demo Take 1 04. Demo breakdown 05. Demo Take 2

Demo taping with Harry Nilsson 06. Demo sequence #1 07. Demo sequence #2 08. Demo sequence #3

MT. ELGA 09. Rehearsal

RECORD PLANT JAM SESSION With Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Jesse Ed Davis and Bobby Keys 10. Jam #1 – A Toot and a Snore – Never Trust a Bugger with Your Mother 11. Little Bitty Pretty One – Jam 12. Lucille 13. Sleepwalk – “Nightmares” jam 14. Stand By Me #1 (breakdown) 15. Stand By Me #2 (breakdown) 16. Stand By Me #3 (breakdown) with Paul in backing vocals 17. Stand By Me #4 with Paul on backing vocals 18. Cupid – Chain Gang – Take This Hammer