John Lennon Imagine Sessions (6/CD) With Slipcase

John Lennon Imagine Sessions (6/CD) With Slipcase
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John Lennon Imagine Sessions (6/CD) With Slipcase
M Claudel is the latest work of the session series of solo albums of John that are currently underway will be the century of the name board that gives off the presence brilliantly to John of the masterpiece not only rock history of “Imagine” sessions. Speaking of John of Imagine and has received similarly high evaluation and Beatles album with the title song, the evaluation will shine as much as time goes on, even after the death of John as it no name board to fade forever been handed down to posterity have. Yet simple instrumentation and arrangements to cover the whole, strong, sometimes gently, in a mysterious attractive album is not released to capture the hearts of those who listen, music that has been recorded also lined with masterpieces called representative music of John it is out, after the Beatles disbanded, it can ask that it was the most eventful time for John. This work, as it was the culmination the studio sessions of the name board in unprecedented quality in both mass that was covering the six disk full, making it the contents such as this not more than that.

Disc 1

recorded four songs of outtakes of “Imagine,” “Cripple Inside” “Jerasugai” “It’s So Hard”. Comes with an appearance that is gradually completed vividly at the beginning studio from a demo. With regard to “Jerasugai”, originally “Child Of Nature” of the title, is interesting completely different that the lyrics while the same melody.

Disk 2 is recorded three songs of outtakes of “It’s So Hard”, “do not want to be a soldier,” “truth want”. In particular, “the truth is I want” is a song vocal is true and wonderful album of highlights Makushitateru Sakeyo by the throat and just John in twisters in, but the moment that seems to be its outtakes, of that another vocal to listen was very good and a collector is.

Disk 3 is almost spent on a single “Oh My Love”. Has a beautiful melody, or in order to make the most of it, you are finished with simple arrangements, in the studio On the contrary it is a surprise that repeatedly take are stacked like this.

Disk 4, has been recorded from curling of “How Do You Sleep” session. Ensa or that John of grudge was rice (laughs), songs of pointedly to Paul. Pepper starts from Fu’s intro, such as adding the irony out “Yesterday” Paul’s first solo single to “Another Day” to the inquiry, lyrics content is poignant ones. Even George are participating in the session, I will imagine that than hurt Paul of mind. Also that John has issued a to such an instruction “em to put more hatred!” To the band, there is something painful as a fan.

Disk 5 Other “How” “Oh Yoko”, has been recorded of outtakes, the Pianodemo the same time non-album songs. Beginning in heavy air is at once clear up such a beautiful “How”, that concludes the album in the hilarious “Oh Yoko” and exquisite songs in such a way the entire album has been saved in this two songs.

And disk 6 other Pianodemo was recorded in 1970, the soundtrack of the short film “Clock”, and recorded acetate sound source was recorded the rough mix of “Imagine”.

Finally, let’s mention also to the jacket photograph. Photos hanging clouds in the languid expression of John of up Speaking of “Imagine” is famous. This cloud is John According to the passage is was written to book something it’s ectoplasm that issued in the ESP or psychic, can you get what about enough of authenticity. Photos that have been used in front of slip case of this work is a rare out photo of the original album. It is John that gives a different impression entirely by photos of the condition, but youthful than the original one, more, it looks to John seems appearance of this era. Photos that have been used in the jacket also in the other one another out photo, here would became dead issue because the cloud is applied to the eye. Because of the position and shape of the clouds in any case is in flux, this cloud is no difference to what has been taken in real time rather than by synthesis, it is where the identity is a concern.

The latest installment of M Claudel is, a session of John of name board “Imagine”, in this way over a six disk recording studio session sound source such as outtakes in the order of the album songs. In addition it is Ketteiban title that contains the same period session, demo, the first appearance sound source that covers such a thoroughly acetate. No more of those will not come out in the future. Using a rare out photo in jacket, permanent Athletic press board of beautiful picture disc specification. With slip case.

DISC ONE IMAGINE 01. Studio Demo (complete) 02. Take 1 (complete) 03. Take 2 (complete) 04. Take 3 05. Offline Monitor Mix from Version #1 06. Alternate Take Double Piano Overdub (partial) 07. Version 2, take 1 08. Version 2, Alternate Take 09. Version 2, Take 7 10. Mixing Session Offline Monitor Mix

CRIPPLED INSIDE 11. Take 1 (breakdown) 12. Take 2 13. Take 3 (breakdown) 14. Take 17 15. Alternate Rough Take

JELOUS GUY 16. Piano Demo #1 “Child Of Nature” (1970) 17. Piano Demo #2 “Child Of Nature” (1970) 18. Take 1 19. Take 2 20. Take 7 21. Take 7 Vocal Overdub 22. Vocal Take 20

IT’S SO HARD 23-Take 2

Overdub Session 24. John Talks About King Curtis 25. King Curtis Arrival 26. Playbacks And Discussions 27. Demostrations

DISC TWO IT’S SO HARD 01. Rehearsal 02. Saxophone Overdub Take 1 03. Saxophone Overdub Take 2 04. Discussion 05. Saxophone Overdub Take 3 06. Playback 1 07. Discussion 08. Playback 2 09. Playback 3 10. Playback 4

I DON’T WANNA BE A SOLDIER MAMA 11. Studio Rehearsal 12. Take 1 (complete) 13. Take 2 (complete)

Overdub Session 14. Discussion 15. Playback 16. Playback 17. Playback 18. discussion 19. Saxophone Overdub Take 1 20. Discussion 21. Saxophone Overdub Take 2 22. Saxophone Overdub Take 3 23. Saxophone Overdub Take 4

GIMME SOME TRUTH 24. Take 1 (breakdown) 25. Take 2 26. Take 3 (breakdown) 27. Alternate Vocal 28. Vocal Overdub Session

DISC THREE OH MY LOVE Rehearsal Session 01. Piano Demostration 02. Rehearsal #1 03. Rehearsal #2 04. Rehearsal #3 05. Rehearsal #4 06. Rehearsal #5

Studio Session 07. Make Love, Not War 08. Rehearsal Take 1 09. Run-through 10. Take 1 11. Take 2 12. Middle Eight #1 rehearsal 13. Take 3 (breakdown) 14. Take 3 15. Take 4 (breakdown) 16. Take 4 with rehearsal 17. Take 5 (breakdown) 18. Take 6 19. Take 7 (breakdown) 20. Take 8 (slate as “Take 7”) (breakdown) 21. Take 9 (breakdown) 22. Take 10 (breakdown) 23. Take 11 (slate as “Take 10”) (breakdown) 24. Take 12 (breakdown 1) 25. Take 12 (breakdown 2) 26. Take 12 with false start and breakdown 27. Take 13 (breakdown) 28. Take 14 (breakdown) 29. Take 15 (breakdown) 30. Take 16 (breakdown) 31. Take 17 with False start (erroneously known as Take 2) 32. Take 18 (breakdown) 33. Take 19 (breakdown) 34. Take 20 (fade out)

HOW DO YOU SLEEP? 35. Piano Demo 36. Piano Rehearsal 37. Rehearsal 1 38. Rehearsal 2

DISC FOUR HOW DO YOU SLEEP? 01. Rehearsal 3 02. Rehearsal 4 (breakdown) 03. Rehearsal Take 1 04. Rehearsal Take 2 05. Breakdown 06. Breakdown 07. Rehearsal Take 3 08. Breakdown 09. Breakdown 10. Breakdown 11. Take 1 12. Studio Chat 13. Take 2 14. Rehearsal (cut) 15. Alternate Take Version 2 #1 16. Alternate Take Version 2 #2 17. Alternate Take Version 2 #3 18. Alternate Take Version 3 19. Take 4 (breakdown) 20. Take 5 (breakdown) + Take 6 21. Alternate Vocal A 22. Alternate Vocal B 23. Double tracked chorus

DISC FIVE HOW? 01. Demo #1 (1970) 02. People Get Ready – How? Demo #2 (1970) 03. Demo #3 (1970) 04. Demo #4 (1970) 05. Take 1 06. Take 2 07. Take 12 08. Alternate Vocal A 09. Alternate Vocal B 10. Vocal Recording 11. Monitor Mix

OH YOKO 12. Demo #1 (1970) 13. Demo #2 (1970) 14. Take 7 15. Take 9 16. Vocal Overdub session #1 17. Vocal Overdub session #2 18. Vocal Overdub session #3

STUDIO OUTTAKES 19. San Francisco Bay Blues 20. Well (Baby Please Don’t Go)

PIANO DEMO 1970 21. Sally And Billy #1 22. Sally And Billy #2 23. Help! 24. I’m Having a Baby My Love (improvisation) 25. Instrumental

DISC SIX PIANO DEMO 1970 01. Christmas Message #1 02. Christmas Message #2 03. Somewhere in My Sky (improvisation) 04. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave #1 05. Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave #2 06. Mailman Bring Me No More blues 07. I’m Not As Strong As You Think 08. You Know How Hard it is (improvisation) 09. Happy Girl 10. I’ll Make you Happy #1 11. I’ll Make you Happy #2

‘Clock’ Soundtrack St Regis Hotel, NY, Sep.1971 12. Shazam 13. Honey Don’t #1 14. Honey Don’t #2 15. Glad All Over 16. Lend Me Your Comb 17. New York City 18. Wake Up Little Susie 19. Vacation Time 20. Not Fade Away 21. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care 22. Heartbeat 23. Peggy Sue Got Married 24. Peggy Sue #1 25. Peggy Sue #2 26. Maybe Baby 27. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues 28. Rave On 29. Instrumental “Exit Piece”

IMAGINE ROUGH ACETATE MIX 30. Imagine 31. Crippled Inside 32. Jealous Guy 33. It’s So Hard 34. I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama 35. Gimme Some Truth 36. How?