JOHN LENNON DVD - Telecasts 2011 Vol.1

JOHN LENNON DVD - Telecasts 2011 Vol.1
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JOHN LENNON DVD - Telecasts 2011 Vol.1
JOHN LENNON: Telecasts 2011 Vol.1 Love is all you Need/ Discovering Lennon

Two Specials on John from 2011! First up Love is All you Need from the USA on May 2, 2011 - from birth thru beatles

to his passing - this covers his whole life with RARE interview footage and newsreels along with recent interviews

with Yoko, Rolling Stone magazine writers and a great 1984 interview with Cynthia and Julian Lennon! 67 minutes

Discovering Lennon -The legacy of John Lennonfrom UK TV Sky Arts on february 1, 2011 at 48 minutes

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the former Beatle’s death, Discovering Lennon draws together an extraordinary

collection of television interviews with the singer-songwriter and political activist. Discussing his musical and political legacy

and his complex personality, this documentary paints a unique portrait of one of the most enduring icons of the last century.

In chapters and excellent quality!! Almost 2 hours long!