John Lennon Cd - Peace Demos

John Lennon Cd - Peace Demos
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John Lennon Cd - Peace Demos
The latest compilation to be delivered in 2020, the 80th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, is newly released from BEATFILE! 1969 John & Yoko’s legendary bed-ins acoustic performances are recorded in Amsterdam and Montreal, centering on acoustic demo sound sources from 1969 to 1970 before and after the Beatles disbanded.

This is the latest collector’s edition of 2020, which includes the demo sound source that can be said to be the prototype of the first solo album “John’s Soul” and the bed-in performance that the Beatles number pops out with the upgraded sound source by the latest remaster!

01. COLD TURKEY/02. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 1)/03. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 2)/04. OH YOKO!/05. GOD (Version 1)/06. GOD (Version 2)/07. LOVE/08. MOTHER/09. WELL WELL WELL/10. I FOUND OUT/11. LOOK AT ME/12. I’M THE GREATEST/Acoustic Demos 13. DON’T LET ME DOWN/14. THOSE WERE THE DAYS/15. I WANT YOU (SHE’S SO HEAVY) (Version 1)/16. I WANT YOU (SHE’S SO HEAVY) (Version 2)/17. JERUSALEM/18. RADIO PEACE Bed-In Amsterdam, March 25-31, 1969

19. BECAUSE/20. HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN/21. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 1)/22. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 2)/23. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 3) 24. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Version 4) Bed In Montreal, May 26 – June 2, 1969

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