John Lennon CD - New York Dialect 1971

 John Lennon CD - New York Dialect 1971
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 John Lennon CD - New York Dialect 1971
Two sessions are recorded in this work. The first half was recorded at the St. Regis Hotel in New York in September 1971. Originally it was a performance for film work “CLOCK”, not a recording using formal studio equipment, but a scene where John is playing the guitar. She plays Oldies number one after another in Akogi only. There seems to be Yoko by the side. The second half contains performances by John ‘s birthday party held in New York on October 9, 1971. On this day John celebrates 31 years old and has become a lively party like a musician with a variety of attendees including apples, Phil Spector, Clapton. Paul who was unhappy at the time did not participate, but it is interesting that he plays “Uncle Albert? Admiral Halsey”.

The first half plays John ‘s acoustic guitar only, the second half is a lively concert at John’ s birthday party, a contrasting recording, but both are some valuable records of John in New York in 1971.

“CLOCK” SOUNDTRACK ST. REGIS HOTEL NEW YORK CITY NY U.S.A. September 1971 01. Shazam! 02. Honey Don’t 03. Glad All Over 04. Lend Me Your Comb 05. New York City 06. Wake Up Little Susie 07. Vacation Time 08. Peggy Sue #1 09. Not Fade Away 10. You’re So Square (Baby I Don’t Care) 11. Heartbeat 12. Peggy Sue Got Married 13. Peggy Sue #2 14. Maybe Baby 15. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues 16. Rave On 17. Aisumasen #1 18. Aisumasen #2 19. Aisumasen #3

JOHN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY LOCATION UNKNOWN SYRACUSE NY U.S.A. October 9, 1971 20. What’d I Say 21. Yellow Submarine 22. On Top Of Old Smokey 23. Goodnight Irene 24. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands 25. Like A Rolling Stone – Twist And Shout – Louie Louie – La Bamba 26. Bring It On Home To Me 27. Yesterday 28. Tandoori Chicken 29. Power To The People 30. Maybe Baby 31. Peggy Sue 32. My Baby Left Me 33. Blue Suede Shoes 34. Crippled Inside 35. Give Peace A Chance 36. Crippled Inside 37. Uncle Albert – Admiral Halsey 38. Happy Birthday 39. Uncle Albert – Admiral Halsey 40. My Sweet Lord