John Lennon Cd - Free As A Bird

John Lennon Cd - Free As A Bird
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JOHN LENNON: Free As A Bird The Dakota Beatle Demos CD Great collection of demos from John, most are exclusive in this collection, and more a les oa BEST OF compilation. 1 Free As A Bird Piano composing tape, take 1 3:31 2 Real Love Piano demo, take 1 4:10 3 Now And Then Piano demo (with "buzz") 5:06 4 Grow Old With Me Piano and drum machine demo, double tracked voice 3:08 5 Free As A Bird Piano composing tape, take 3 2:44 6 Dear John Acoustic guitar composing tape 4:35 7 That's The Way The World Is Piano demo, parts later became Real Love and I'm Steppin' Out 3:08 8 India Acoustic guitar demo, combines Tennessee/Memories verse with Serve Yourself chorus 3:08 9 Mirror, Mirror (On The Wall) Piano demo, take 1 2:39 10 Gone From This Place Acoustic guitar composing tape, faint vocal 3:28 11 Across The River Acoustic guitar and drum machine composing tape 2:45 12 Don't Be Crazy Piano demo, parts became (Just Like) Starting Over 3:15 13 Illusions Acoustic guitar demo 2:46 14 Baby Make Love To You Composing tape (later became part of Real Love) 2:20 15 Life Begins At 40 Acoustic guitar and drum machine demo 2:39 16 She's A Friend Of Dorothy Piano demo 4:11 17 You Saved My Soul Electric guitar demo, said to be John's last available home recording (14 November 1980) 1:37 18 Sally And Billy Piano and drum machine demo from 1976 3:32 19 Whatever Happened To... Acoustic guitar demo from 1977 4:44 20 One Of The Boys Guitar demo, take 2 from late 1977 3:14 21 Help Me To Help Myself Piano demo 2:11 22 Real Love Acoustic guitar demo, take 4 4:03