John Lennon (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities

John Lennon (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
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John Lennon (2/Cd) The Essential Rarities
John Lennon-Essential Rarities” is now available as the best compilation “After the Beatles Anthology” in the solo era after the Beatles disbanded! This is the best compilation album with songs not included in the official album after the dissolution of the Beatles, single version, remix, unedited version, studio outtakes, and rare sound sources including live performances and rehearsals. In John Lennon’s edition, from the unedited version of the single “Give Peace a Chance” to “Grow Old With Me” by piano demo, the solo era through the 70’s from the dissolution of the Beatles to the fall of a deadly bullet is summarized. It is a discerning track list that it is recorded with rare sound sources that are not officially recorded while selecting the best album in chronological order. It is the latest collector’s item that is attracting attention as the latest rare sound source compilation with upgraded sound quality and editing, including sound sources that have become difficult to obtain individually, including many known studio outtakes, and sound sources that have been excavated in recent years.

CD 1 1. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE (Unedited Version) 2. COLD TURKEY (Acetate Version) 3. INSTANT KARMA (Unedited TV Version) 4. MOTHER (Studio Outtake) 5. LOVE (Alternate Version) 6. GOD (Early Take) 7. POWER TO THE PEOPLE (Unedited Version) 8. IMAGINE (Basic Tracks) 9. JEALOUS GUY (Basic Tracks) 10. GIMME SOME TRUTH (Rehearsal) 11. HOW (Basic Tracks) 12. ATTICA STATE (John Sinclair Freedom Rally Live 1971) 13. JOHN SINCLAIR (John Sinclair Freedom Rally Live 1971) 14. IMAGINE (Acoustic Guitar : Live at the Apollo 1971) 15. NEW YORK CITY (Take 2) 16. WOMAN IS THE NIGGER OF THE WORLD (Rough Mix) 17. PEOPLE (“ANGELA” Early Demo) 18. SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY (Edited Mix) 19. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH (Edited Live 1972) 20. WORKING CLASS HERO (Live Rehearsal) 21. HAPPY X’MAS (WAR IS OVER!) (Alternate Remix)

CD 2 1. MIND GAMES (Early Take) 2. MEAT CITY (Rough Mix) 3. ONE DAY (AT A TIME) (Rough Mix) 4. OUT THE BLUE (Rough Mix) 5. ROCK AND ROLL PEOPLE (Take 7) 6. I’M THE GREATEST (Original Demo) 7. WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT (Final Vocal Overdub) 8. #9 DREAM (Single Edit Version) 9. MOVE OVER MS.L (Studio Outtake) 10. NOBODY LOVES YOU (WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT) (Studio Outtake) 11. STAND BY ME (Unedited Version) 12. SLIPPIN’ AND SLIDIN’ (Unedited Version) 13. (JUST LIKE) STARTING OVER (Extended Version) 14. BEAUTIFUL BOY (Studio Outtake) 15. WATCHING THE WHEELS (Studio Outtake) 16. WOMAN (Acoustic Demo) 17. NOBODY TOLD ME (Early Take) 18. I DON’T WANNA FACE IT (Studio Outtake) 19. BORROWED TIME (Studio Outtake) 20. I’M STEPPING OUT (Studio Outtake) 21. GLOW OLD WITH ME (Piano Demo)

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