Jimi Hendrix Cd - Hear My Freedom

Jimi Hendrix Cd - Hear My Freedom
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Jimi Hendrix Cd - Hear My Freedom
1. Hear My Freedom (Hendrix) 7.27

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam & Outtake (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix TTG Studios 21 october 1968.

Hendrix-guitar Miles-drums Michaels-keyboard

2. Izabella (Hendrix) 3.45

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With Piano, Instrumental (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studios,15 june 1970,

Henrix-guitar Winwood-piano Palmer-drums

3. Instrumental Jam (Hendrix) 19.41

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam Session With Larry Young (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix Record Plant,15 may 1969.

Hendrix-guitar Young-organ Rich-bass Miles-drums McCarty-guitar

4. Send My Love To Linda / Live And Let Live (Hendrix) 11.16

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takes 3,4,5 (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix Record Plant,13-16 may 1969.

Hendrix-guitar Stills-bass Taylor-drums Unknown-percussion

5. Easy Rider Jam / MLK (Hendrix) 19.14

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extended Stereo Version (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix Record Plant,23 october 1970,Band Of Gypsys.

6. Rainy Day Dream Away/ Still Raining Still Dreaming (Hendrix) 7.55

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternate Version (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix Record Plant,10 june 1968.

Hendrix-guitar,bass Finnengan-organ Miles-drums Smith-sax Faucette-percussions

7. Voodoo Child ( Slight Return) (Hendrix) 3.47

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sessions (date unknown)

Jimi Hendrix From the Voodoo Child Session 20 takes. Record Plant,3 may 1968.