George Harrison Dvd (2/Dvd) Remastered Archives 1999

George Harrison Dvd (2/Dvd) Remastered Archives 1999
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George Harrison Dvd (2/Dvd) Remastered Archives 1999
GEORGE HARRISON REMASTERED ARCHIVES 1999 2 DVD This collections covers everythingupgraded, remastered and newlly transferred footage! Everything is upgraded or remastered! Taken from master files - mainly original VHS! George gets attacked and Olivia saves him and George is doing well in the hospital. These were on Telecasts 1999-2000, with some add'l news reports. 45 chapters all in the best quality quality. Approx 160 minutes. VIDEO SAMPLE:

DISC ONE: Dec 30: George attacked in Friar Park News USA Reports 01 CBS and ABC News at 6:00AM 02 HNN News 03 ABC News 04 NBC Today 05 Fox News 06 HNN News 07 MSNBC News 08 CNN Morning News 09 News World International 10 Fox News Live 11 MSNBC Morning Line 12 HNN News Update 13 CNN Morning News Update 14 Good Morning America - Ray Connolly Interview 15 CNN Live - Doctors speak 16 HNN News - reactions 17 MSNBC Morning Line 18 HNN News - reactions 19 MSNBC Special Report - with interviews from Mick Brown, Phillip Norman and police 20 MSNBC Special Report - Richard Porter, Louise Harrison

DISC TWO: 01 CNN Live - updates 02 The Price of Fame MSNBC special Report Updates and Rick Sky Interview 03 1980 Beatles Report rebroadcast 04 Sid Bernstein Interview 05 Rob Disney Security interview 06 Hospital Updates 07 Christopher John Farley Time Magazine Interview 08 HNN News Update 09 CNN news Live 10 ABC News Update 11 CBS News Update 12 NBC News Update 13 Fox News Update 14 CNN The World Today 15 MSNBC News with Brian Williams 16 BBC America News 17 CNN Showbiz Today 18 HNN News Update 19 Access Hollywood 20 E! News Daily 21 Getty News Raw Footage - Doctors report 22 Dec 31: Outside the Court House - AP News Raw Footage 23 Man arrested in George attack - ITN News 24 George in hospital recovering - Entertainment Tonight 25 HNN News Update