George Harrison Building The Material World (3/CD)

George Harrison Building The Material World (3/CD)
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Album of George as “LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD”, session leading to the album, latest of M Claudel will be the studio outtakes collection, including the first appearance sound source. This album is 1973 what release, but that recording has been carried out intermittently since the early 1970s has been left as a record, this work is largely classified into four sessions that lead to this album indirectly directly then, we have recorded, respectively.

For album of Bob Dylan George participated in the “NEW MORNING”, disk 1, has recorded a session that took place in New York on May 1, 1970. George during this period has been extremely busy, and started production of musicians that friendship Dorisutoroi of apple and “It Do not Come Easy”, such as Billy Preston, we are involved in a variety of recording. That took part in the recording of Bob Dylan among them in the event very important, we have taken up in a big way in various biographies. George flew to New York accompanied by Derek Taylor, I will participate in the recording of approximately one week for this recording. Sound source this session George participated are included in two reel 30 minutes, it has been recorded in this work. Not only of the original Dylan, are you playing cover songs of Beatles and Carl Perkins also place interesting. And both versions of George and Dylan has been released “If Not For You” has also been played of course.

Disc 2 has recorded a session with the 1970 Peter Drake first. That said, it is intended to be experimental and made ​​full use of guitar effects, such as the hobby of George the world of electronic music is feel like exploding. What is recorded followed by sessions were performed in three people Phil Spector, along with Ronnie Spector was held at Apple Studios in London in 1971. The recorded jam with George and Ronnie Spector in the second half and take 2, and alternate takes, the first appearance rough mix of the song pop decorate the first track of the album “George Harrison empire”.

Disk 3, has recorded a song for each session of the album “In The Material World”. You can not simply compare the volume of the original album is different, but listen to different sound source session and numerous “All Things Must Pass”, the sound source does not spill too much from this album. Not only be able to listen in a different version in some form album songs still include the rough mix, and another non-album was released as the B-side of “Give Me Love” and “Misuoderu” The album I have also recorded versions.

Album and “Material World”, the latest work of M Claudel is, 3-disc set was recorded session that leads there. It is Ketteiban contain many first appearance sound source, in both the mass of the outtakes album of the same name. Press record firmly permanent preservation of the beautiful picture disc specification. Japanese with belt.

DISC ONE BOB DYLAN “NEW MORNING” SESSIONS Columbia Studios New York May 1, 1970 01. If Not For You 02. Song to Woody 03. Mama You’ve Been On My Mind 04. Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right 05. Yesterday 06. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues 07. Da Doo Ron Ron 08. One Too Many Mornings Take 1 09. One Too Many Mornings Take 2 10. Ghost Riders In The Sky 11. Cupid 12. All I Have To Do Is Dream 13. Gates Of Eden 14. I Threw It All Away 15. I Don’t Believe You 16. Matchbox 17. Your True Love 18. When’s My Swamp Gonna Catch Fire? 19. I’m A Goin’ Fishin’ 20. Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance 21. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 22. Working On A Guru 23. Time Passes Slowly #1 24. Time Passes Slowly #2 25. Went To See The Gypsy

DISC TWO POST – ALL THINGS MUST PASS SESSIONS Studios Unknown London May 1970 PETE DRAKE and HIS AMAZING TALKING GUITAR 01. Recording Session with ´Danny Boy’ & ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ 02. Complete Unreleased Acetate

RONNIE SPECTOR SESSIONS Apple Studios London Feburuary 1971 YOU 03. Early Take with Rough Vocal 04. Backing Track Rough Mix RS1 05. Backing Track Rough Mix RS2

JAM SESSION Recorded by PHIL SPECTOR GEORGE HARRISON with RONNIE SPECTOR 06. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 07. River Deep Mountain High 08. Save The Last Dance For Me 09. Bring It On Home To Me 10. Remember – God 11. Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash 12. Money Honey 13. Tonight’s The Night 14. You Better Move On 15. Down In The Valley 16. I Went To Your Wedding 17. The Great Pretender 18. Baby Let’s Play House 19. Bluebird Over The Mountain 20. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da 21. Let It down – Hokey Pokey 22. I Hear You Knockin’ #1 23. I Hear You Knockin’ #2 24. That’ll Be The Day 25. Let It Down #2 (fragment) 26. Leaning On A Lamppost

DISC THREE “LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD” SESSIONS Apple Studios London Oct. – Nov. 1972 & Jan. – Mar. 1973 GIVE ME LOVE (GIVE ME PEACE ON EARTH) 01. Early Take Rough Mix 02. Promotional Mono Version

SUE ME SUE YOU BLUES 03. Demo #1 (original version) 04. Demo #2 (upgrade & fixed version) 05. Rough Mix Take 2


DON’T LET ME WAIT TOO LONG 08. Rough Mix Take 29

WHO CAN SEE IT 09. Rough Mix



BE HERE NOW 12. Take 2

TRY SOME, BUY SOME February 1971 13. Original version recorded for Ronnie Spector 14. Re-make Acetate longer version


THAT IS ALL 16. Rough Mix

MISS O’DELL 17. Version 1 18. Version 2 (upgrade)