George Harrison (2/DVD) Remembered 2001 Vol 1

George Harrison (2/DVD) Remembered 2001 Vol 1
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George Harrison (2/DVD) Remembered 2001 Vol 1
This collection covers footage not on the 7 disc series done a few years ago - all specials and tributes and bio specials

on George from November 30-December 1, 2001, Headliners and Legends, Biography, People, BBC Special, Dateline

and more! Many rare clips of George and The Beatles (Shea 1966 color example) and rememberences from dear friends.

19 chapters all in the best quality quality, with some new finds on this. Approx 200 minutes.


George Harrison Remembered - Headliners and Legends

MSNBC Special with Matt Lauer with vintage footage throughout

01 Early Years - Louise Harrison, Anthony DeCurtiss, Klaus Voorman

02 Beatle Years - Benton Interviews, Geoff Giuliano,

Neil Innes and others

03 Solo Years

04 A Look Back with Ringo and others

George Harrison A&E Biography

Phillip Norman, Alan Clayson, Alan Williams, Mike Love,

Rolling Stone writers, Leon Russell, Eric Idle, Ravi Shankar,

Alf Bicknell and others

05 Early Years

06 Beatlemania

07 The Later Years

08 Solo Years

Cover Story - Entertainment Tonight

09 Great rare interview footage throughout the years

and rememberences from friends


George Harrison Tribute - BBC Special

01 Paul McCartney Interview

02 Rare Beatles Footage

03 The Beatles Museum and friends

04 Bangladesh and fans

05 Bob Harris

06 Top of the Pops People and Fans

07 Michael Palin and others

Remembering George - Dateline

08 Paul, George Martin, Billy Preston

and others along with vintage footage

09 Joe Johnson Interview - CNN

10 People Magazine Remembers George - CNN

Paul, Bono and others plus vintage footage