Beatles Dr Ebbetts Japan Cd - And Now The Beatles

Beatles Dr Ebbetts Japan Cd - And Now The Beatles
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Beatles Dr Ebbetts Japan Cd - And Now The Beatles
And Now: The Beatles (Dr Ebbett DBM-044)

1. She Loves You 2. Thank You Girl 3. From Me To You 4. Iíll Get You 5. I Want To Hold Your Hand 6. Hold Me Tight 7. Canít Buy Me Love 8. You Canít do That 9. Roll Over Beethoven 10.Till There Was You 11.Money 12.Please, Mister Postman

And Now: The Beatles Ė Original 1967 German Record Club release on S R International, a subsidiary of Odeon (#73735 P 15). Odeon is a German label founded by Max Strauss and Heinrich Zunz, named after a theatre in Paris. It became an EMI subsidiary upon EMIís formation in 1931. With branches running in several territories including Brasil, France, and Japan, Odeon remained an EMI subsidiary until the end of the LP era, in some markets as Odeon and in others as EMI Odeon. This was the 3rd album released in 1964 in Germany with the same track list, The Beatles Beat Odeon 0 83-692 and Deutscher Schallplatten E-043, were the first two.

I recently reviewed The Beatles Beat (DBM-045) which had the same track listing and expected to find similar results from the transfer process but was quite surprised. The separation here is inconsistent, a number of tracks (I Want To Hold Your Hand, Till There Was You & Hold Me Tight) were almost in Mono form. On Iíll Get You the separation seemed to be Highs to the left and Lows to the right. I also found some distortion on the upper end of the spectrum in She Loves You and Roll Over Beethoven and muddy bass tracks on Money and Thank You Girl. And Now: The Beatles (DBM-044) simply does not measure up to itís duplicate album. If you are interested in owning this track line up make sure you go for the The Beatles Beat (DBM-045) instead of this album.