Beatles / Sweet Apple Trax / 2CD

Beatles / Sweet Apple Trax / 2CD
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Beatles / Sweet Apple Trax / 2CD
Year Of 1973 Also Saw The First Issue Od Soundtrack Outtakes From The Jan 69′ Let It Be’ Filming, An Excellent Quality 90 Minute Tape(Almost Entirely From Twickenham Sessions. Digitally Remastered. Speaking of the Beatles Collector’s item, the famous “Get Back” album for a long time, “judo arena”, and will be this “Sweet Apple Tracks”. People over 40 generations, I think these analog board is 1 title is not a have. This work is one in which was reprinted, including the jacket and the “SWEET APPLE TRAX”.

Contents of which recorded the sound source of the Get Back sessions of January 1969. This session is as you know, but do not wipe the redundant and scattered impression, has been compiled over the two well disk things to enjoy as a song. Anyway Get Back sessions as a material, even in people a little is said to listen to, it is possible to enjoy to extract its essence, and has a superior content also heard in the current ear. I think actually this song order, and whether many people in the mania of the old feel the nostalgia in this sequence.

And bonus track, which also has recorded the “HER MAJESTY” from the good old analog. As you have posted on the back jacket, much has been recurrence in two of the jacket, including the first appearance sound source for its time, was a valuable title that does not listen only in this. In particular, also became the title “Her Majesty” is a performance for over two minutes.

From vintage analog, “SWEET APPLE TRAX” the complete recording, coupling the “HER MAJESTY” further bonus track. This sound, this song order is reprinted fan important to the title of the old that are ingrained in the head with digital remastering. Permanent preservation firmly press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

DISC ONE 01. Two Of Us 02. Don’t Let Me Down 03. Suzy Parker 04. I’ve Got A Feeling 05. No Pakistanis 06. Get Back 07. Don’t Let Me Down 08. Be Bop A Lula 09. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 10. High Heeled Sneakers 11. I Me Mine 12. Domino 13. I Me Mine 14. I’ve Got A Feeling 15. One After 909 16. Norwegean Wood 17. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 18. Let It Be 19. Penina 20. Shakin’ In The Sixties 21. Move It 22. Good Rokin’ Tonight 23. Across The Universe 24. Two Of Us

DISC TWO 01. Momma, You’re Just My Mind 02. Tennessee 03. House Of The Rising Sun 04. Back To Commonwealth 05. White Power – Promenade 06. Yackety Yack – Hi Ho Silver 07. For Your Blue 08. Let It Be

” HER MAJESTY ” P-0002 09. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 10. When I’m Sixty Four 11. Gimme Some Truth 12. Polythene Pam 13. Maggie Mae 14. Her Majesty 15. Little Eddie 16. Digging My Potatoes – Rock Island Line 17. Hot As Sun 18. Everynight 19. Let It Be 20. Wake Up In The Morning 21. Jelous Guy 22. Tomorrow Never Comes 23. All Shook Up

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