Beatles / Singular Tracks 1962-1966 / 2CD

Beatles / Singular Tracks 1962-1966 / 2CD
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Beatles / Singular Tracks 1962-1966 / 2CD
Source compilation first appearance! UK original singles AB surface songs including best while a collection certain number Beatles version differences and a different mix, and making full use of outtakes and a multi-track sound a little bit different from the original version “Cingular Tracks” (unusual remix) just the latest remix and the culmination of the remastered sound source was recorded. Attention of collectors items that a number of surprise of the version that can not be heard in its outstanding sound source are summarized in chronological order! [Collector’s Point once analog era Speaking of version difference of the Beatles is another mix of national compilation album and singles recording starts from the stereo-mono sound source had been noted. Then, such as the number of out-take is to circulate in recent years has been remixed from the multi-track sound source “LOVE” and daring fan-made remix also flooded the streets, but once the analog era Unlike such extreme remix sound source is here remix which is based on the original version is included. Official is impossible? A “Sea Ravusu it” or “From Me To You” original mono mix of the wonders of the degree of perfection in the realistic-stereo or stereo separation is different evolutionary type such as “STEREO REMIX”, over both dub and vocal double track highlighted the exclusion and source of the main vocal of the “STRIPPED DOWN mIX” other alternate vocals and clear stereo mix, etc. has become a remix that does not disturb the prototype of the original version. Especially vivid vocals that can not be heard from the normal version by reducing to reverse without the addition of sound is fresh “STRIPPED DOWN MIX” is attention! Also is the content that is separate from the UK original singles AB surface songs and maniac point can enjoy as best collection has been recorded in almost time series in different versions. From the analog era is a big recommendation must-listen Collector’s Edition that can be heard together the latest remix & remastered sound source evolved poles apart! !



1. LOVE ME DO (stereo remix) 2. P.S. I LOVE YOU (stereo remix) 3. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (stereo remix) 4. FROM ME TO YOU (stereo remix) 5. THANK YOU GIRL (stereo remix) 6. ONE AFTER 909 (stereo remix) 7. SHE LOVES YOU (stereo remix) 8. I’LL GET YOU (stereo remix) 9. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (stripped down mix) 10. THIS BOY (stereo remix) 11. DON’T BOTHER ME (stripped down mix) 12. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (alternate vocal mix) 13. YOU CAN’T DO THAT (stereo remix) 14. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (stripped down mix) 15. THINGS WE SAID TODAY (stripped down mix) 16. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER (stripped down mix) 17. IF I FELL (stripped down mix) 18. I’M HAPPY JUST DANCE WITH YOU (stripped down mix) 19. AND I LOVE HER (stripped down mix) 20. ANYTIME AT ALL (stripped down mix) 21. I’LL CRY INSTEAD (stripped down mix) 22. I FEEL FINE (stripped down mix) 23. SHE’S A WOMAN (stereo remix) 24. BABY’S IN BLACK (stripped down mix) 25. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (stripped down mix) 26. LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE (stripped down mix) 27. TICKET TO RIDE (stripped down mix) 28. YES IT IS (stereo remix) 29. THAT MEANS A LOT (clear stereo mix) 30. IF YOU’VE GOT TROUBLE (alternate vocal mix)

CD 2

1. HELP! (alternate vocal film version) 2. I’M DOWN (stereo remix) 3. THE NIGHT BEFORE (stripped down mix) 4. I NEED YOU (stripped down mix) 5. YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL (stereo remix) 6. IT’S ONLY LOVE (stripped down mix) 7. I’VE JUST SEEN A FACE (stripped down mix) 8. YESTERDAY (acoustic without strings mix) 9. DIZZY MISS LIZZY (stereo remix) 10. WE CAN WORK IT OUT(stripped down mix) 11. DAY TRIPPER (stripped down mix) 12. DRIVE MY CAR (stereo remix) 13. NORWEGIAN WOOD (THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN) 14. NOWHERE MAN (stripped down mix) 15. THINK FOR YOURSELF (stripped down mix) 16. THE WORD (stripped down mix) 17. MICHELLE (stripped down mix) 18. WHAT GOES ON (stripped down mix) 19. IN MY LIFE (stripped down mix) 20. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (stripped down mix) 21. PAPERBACK WRITER (stripped down mix) 22. RAIN (stereo remix) 23. ELEANOR RIGBY (stripped down mix) 24. I’M ONLY SLEEPING (stripped down mix) 25. HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE (stripped down mix) 26. DR. ROBERT (stripped down mix) 27. FOR NO ONE (backing track) 28. AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING (clear stereo mix) 29. YELLOW SUBMARINE (complete) 30. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS (forward guitar mix) Digital Archives Promotion. DAP-B014CD1/2