Beatles / Shea 1965 & 1966 / 3CD+3DVD Wx Slipcase+Booklet

 Beatles / Shea 1965 & 1966 / 3CD+3DVD Wx Slipcase+Booklet
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 Beatles / Shea 1965 & 1966 / 3CD+3DVD Wx Slipcase+Booklet
■ 1965 years and cover the sound source and the image of share-related 1966 ■ 1965 years share of full inclusion, including the undercard of from genuine original reel ■ 1965 year US with elaborate replica of the tour pamphlet ■ realistic stereo, pseudo stereo, share 1966 sound source ■ video 1991 New master, LLP version, covering a broadcast version ■ video recorded sound of several different versions in the voice switching function.

The latest of mania must-have of M Claudel is a re-share Stadium Live Chronicle series. But, of course, rather than a recurrence, including the subsequently excavated sound source and video, it is a release of a more perfect set. With respect to share, perhaps more of those will not come out anymore, is it about the ultimate set.

It goes without saying share Stadium is a special performance for the Beatles fan. It The reason for this is that, subject to members of the intention that such was reluctant to overcrowded schedule of 1964 summer US tour, Epstein is that teamed the 1965 US tour around the stadium performances mass mobilization can be in a small performance number . That the very first day, was this August 15, share the stadium to symbolize the 1965 US tour. The number of mobilized 50,000 both 65,000 both, is led to the apple and the like 120,000 people long have said the jokes, such as a punch Sato, it was a concert that took place in the non-standard scale for its time. The Beatles were a special concert for the members of, but suggests also from the fact that a long time even in the video edition anthology has been devoted, that can be seen, such as in a visual film and video for a long time. As can be seen above all, even playing elbow in the famous John “I’m Down”, and the like that all members have deployed the best performance in Kimekime. Exactly is a vertex in the Beatles’ live career, also is subsequent artists to landmark concert that was also affected, it’s this simple share stadium performances. [Audio disc 1] Since the sound source was recorded share stadium ever, only those dropped audio video appended directly to the disc did not exist. But As is well known, the day of the recording is not good condition, did not seem in the quality to be used as a video work. Therefore, in order to enhance the degree of completion, at the studio in the next year January 5, 1966, the Beatles again play along with the video, creating a pseudo-live that Kabusare the image by processing the sound source. Not only a pseudo-live, it led to the “Act Naturally” has become a naive making was dubbed the cheers by editing the studio version. It was the then spread as a share of stadium performances. That is not the play of the day. It is the same in the anthology video version, for example, or using a sound source of “Twist And Shout” such as the Hollywood Bowl, either did not convey a purely performance of the day. It played scene is not a complete recording, that interview has been suffered by the song, and although this is the most fatal reason, tell from the fact that the speech has been replaced, in any case as the work, the state of the day correctly and were those hard to say that. And, also the essential of the soundtrack, which was re-recording and overdub at CTS Studios in London January 5, 1966, members of the Beatles that was recorded in accordance with the mouth while watching the film. In other words, those that had been distributed as a share until now is the large part was re-recorded pseudo-live that in the studio this time.

In, of whether I went to where the tape of the performance was recorded really the day? It is not that the presence is confirmed to, is certain that it has been recording, or had been already destroyed, whereabouts in any event remained unclear. However, late in 2005, is a whopping of the recorded tape is to be auctioned. In the Beatles, which has been said to be no longer a new sound source is difficult, it is a sound source could not be known only in the only literature until now had appeared in front of suddenly eye through the time from 40 years concert. Because the course of the auction, but it is not possible to listen to only the highest bidder, mania in only the presence has been confirmed is that inflated the chest to the expectations.

And, I mean again, the original owner of this reel tapes, seemed was taking a backup before you auction, flushed with the backup in the yellow dog, it is a label name of HIS MASTER’S CHOICE (below HMC) It had been released. It is that of 2006. But whether the original state was not very good, while the pitch is unstable, noise also available, such as there is also a drop-out, but it may be as the sound source is at a premium and we saw in terms of work when on, was what a lot of too defect.

And it is this work. What M Claudel was available, but is to write because now, from the person who bid the kind of reel tape in the auction, is further from the person who was handed expensive it. According to the principal of the valve, but he was purchased with the intention of personal pleasure of not going to put out into the world is beginning, because it was the world out with HMC from those secretly copied before auction exhibition, so I think that may be the other let go It was to have said. So was the offer came to M Claudel. This work is not from a copy of such as backup, is from the reel tape itself, which is exhibited in the auction for something newly raised. Reel of photos that have been posted on the inner is, which is the actual thing.

Then, when I actually listen to the real reel tape, that of course, is better quality than those of the HMC, it was found that has been recorded longer. Because After all of 40 years ago reel tapes of the difference in sound quality by playing environment comes out is a matter of course. That point, rather than from the simple backup, the more of those that caused from the reel tape of the kind in the studio is superior in sound quality can be understood. But recording is that long I wonder what kind of thing. Still the cause is unknown, but it is no doubt any in this work the longest recording case. And also because there are no more of the recording, is the fact that what can affirm because M Claudel you get a reel tape of the actual products.

The disk 1 has recorded the appearance of the day of the opening act. Different moderator to each performer singer has with, suggests that this is a sunny stage of the once in a lifetime for each. Unfortunately, the audience is almost all Beatles was an object, these people even until now, such as the opportunity to play in front of such a large crowd, and would not have been even after this. It has now become interesting that has become a valuable record of 1965 at the time of the American show business. [Audio disc 2] And disc 2 is recorded the stage of the Beatles. The first half, as introduced above, those digitized newly raised from actual itself reel tapes auction has become a sound source. Dared analog transfer from Scotch reel tape was recorded divided into three. Including part of the approximately 5 minutes of intermission before the American national anthem of the opening of the show that seems to have been cut from the HMC In the recording state, and complete recording of the very best to all the corners of the reel tape. When I listen to the sound of the unit, but unfortunately 40 years ago of the reel tape So, master of fatigue or due to aging, raising and lowering of the recording level due to the configuration of the equipment at the time of the original recording, the pitch of each reel such as the disturbance has been seen here and there. Even it is not a sound that became a dead issue by the Beatles themselves. This time in order to overcome such drawbacks, clean up every corner of the carry-tape the New transfer of the above-mentioned for professional studio. The original master, in particular there is a deviation of the big pitch to REEL # 3 of the Beatles appearance part, although the playback in the normal conditions had appeared it significantly to include Paul’s voice in the MC, it is in this work the beginning from be adjusted to a plus or minus zero, correction of drop-out in each track, (there is also a place that is cracking sound) treble that has been extremely stressed that covers the whole and (had too handed Tsu Como) bass to adjust the balance, such as, it was carried out re-mastered over the high costs and time. The extent of its effect, this is the other, because it become a thing that does not betray the poppy is expected, I would like you to listen by all means in the shop.

The set list in the fixed form of the 1965 US tour, beginning from “Twist And Shout” of John, of course of Paul differs from the previous year, which lead to “She’s A Woman” includes the latest of the movie theme song “Help”, has become a new a mix old and new. Recording in at the time of naive equipment and evil environment, further and playing at the stadium, which was before the screaming of the crowd, but not playing in the context of the Beatles own best poppy, full of hot air and enthusiasm, evil performance of Nori feeling is, can not be heard in the studio machine or other concert sound source is a wonderful thing. Conventional share stadium sound source is, for example, “TWIST AND SHOUT” John of “c’mon, c’mon” such as the location of the is heard in the double track, a song to be aware of the most retouching, in the anthology video version has been covered is playing the Hollywood Bowl It was. Of course, it has been recorded in a real original voice here. “SHE’S A WOMAN” is completely cut in the video, is a song that could not be heard conventional. Sweet tuning of Gretsch George, you’re not being cut …. “Because I FEEL FINE” John of the microphone is off mix, but completely performance had been replaced in the video version, recorded by a real original voice here. Although “DIZZY MISS LIZZY” played what original, but Paul has been used is those obtained by overdub the base, which is of course recording of the previous base of the mix here. “TICKET TO RIDE” had been a take that was overdub the base of the pole to the traditional day of the performance has been used, but that the take was completely healed newly-recording as long as compared heard that this time the original voice has been used found. “EVERYBODY’S TRYING TO BE MY BABY” also had been cut in the video version, it was recorded only voice in “ANTHOLOGY 2”. The song that can be heard in this work, but slightly different impression with the mix of the anthology, it can be seen that that the Beatles side during the reverse in the anthology recording was subjected to a fairly sound processing. Is a “CAN NOT BUY ME LOVE” and “BABY’S IN BLACK” sound before the pole to overdub the base to the after. “BABY’S IN BLACK” is and has been listed as a re-recording the source of 66 years in the “910 Guide” of the sound source researcher Doug Sarupi, compared with this time of the original sound source and the synchrotron, a vocal track and the basic rhythm track to match. That is as basic to the original, and the bass track of Paul, plus the overdub to the interlude part of George that had Sonji playing at the venue is seen is that was adopted in the film voice. And “ACT NATURALLY” is, was the only of those covered with the cheers to completely studio recording version of the video version. When I listened to this original voice in this work, something that surprised that surprisingly apple is singing seriously. However, or there is a place unstable to pitch in again singing of apple, I think from that there were deficiencies Paul chorus part as a sound track of completely film off mix, and adoption of the original voice has been postponed . Repertoire of apple is likely to sing relatively from the middle despite the tour became changed to “I WANNA BE YOUR MAN” would also be due to the pitch of the apple. “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” is a video version had not been around for only those interviewed had suffered, here is only the pure of the day playing not suffered, of course. “HELP” is also for the video version has been to have been replaced with a completely different take at the request of George Martin, the original voice could not be heard until now. Compared to listen to the original sound, the recording itself in the middle of the second lyrics for become offline, as the work is envisioned that did not become useless. And finally is the “I’M DOWN”. In the video version, Paul in this original voice is dubbed the base, has been re-recording is performed to further essential of the organ sound. That John of organ-play that gives a strong impression on the viewer is actually because was something that has been re-recorded is a surprise. Although those cleverly mix the original and modified version has been used in the video edition anthology, is the original sound without overdubs of course has been recorded here. In this way, compared to listen to the sound source of the video accompanying broadcast on BBC, indeed the difference is remarkable, it may be said to another different thing. Korezo the day of performance as it is, is the raw sound of raw.

And the second half is audio recording of the time that has been broadcast on the BBC. To the sound source of this work comes out, speaking of share Stadium concert in 1965, here in the sound source has been recorded. And although it may be an overstatement until the fake as described above, far from a variety of artificial processing the day of the sound and the performance has been subjected. On the contrary, in this way that the listening side-by-side, what kind of treatment have been made, it will be fun to enjoy the difference. Of course cheers studio recordings covered with has been diverted as it is, “Act Naturally” is also, it had been cut in such SPANK board, here are recorded and taken all possible measures for verification. [Audio disk 3] Disk 3 is recorded stereo sound source of the 1965 share Stadium. Although there is only only Unfortunately realistic stereo is six songs, compared to the full version of the disk 2, is a realistic stereo is a valuable source that can be heard in this way. Followed by what is recorded is a complete recording of the pseudo-stereo. Pseudo-stereo instead of the unintended separation, such as in the early Beatles album That said, and vocal of just shifting the phase is not a pseudo-stearyl drawn back. In just a stereo sound source with a spread of the sound, in which are mixed with the latest studio technology. Speaking perhaps the future and share sound source by the original master, or here of pseudo-stereo version is not to become standard.

And share Stadium sound source of the last on August 23, 1966 has been recorded. Share stadium performances of you know of the street this year there is no sound, was not able to listen until now. Of course, only be able to listen to only a fraction of the fragments are also in this work, but the sound source and the respect in which 1965 share Stadium performances blessed with material in both of the video, the same venue of the 1966 did not hit much of the spot concert will also be stored as a huge scale of the concert, which was collected as much audience of adult number. As a first appearance sound source in the present work, the first appearance from the bustle of the front of a crowd of concert begins, tuning the Beatles performed appeared on the stage, Paul of greeting, and up to the middle of the first track, “Rock And Roll Music” in the audience recording It is recorded. Sound quality Although the audience recording those extremely great, is if those much full-length in this sound quality is big news, if any. Not short recording thing is a shame, but, “Rock And Roll Music” of this 1966 share Stadium is the first appearance sound of the Beatles that can be heard for the first time in a long time. The jacket, then, have been still five songs credits from 1966 share Stadium concert, here for an interview with fans has been performed during the concert, it is a sound source that is also recorded Beatles playing in the back . Interview is said to be the main, are clearly also recorded performance of the Beatles, here it can be said that precious 1966 August 23, share Stadium sound years. [DVD disc 1] Then it is for the video. Share how the stadium is Ed Sullivan side, NEMS side, and by the three companies of the Beatles side are jointly taken by 12 cameras, it has been edited to color film of 48 minutes. Had been distributed as a film and collector’s items is its image. Beatles playing, of course, how and enthusiasm to fans of venue construction, and this video work, such as has been achieved state of the dressing room, even in the Beatles concert that has been left with precious color image, along with the Japan tour it is one of the most famous ones.

Several types until now about this video is also the version of the distribution, the addition of the video of only a few songs, and has a state anymore collection does not stick. But of 4 version + RE-BUILT versions that are recorded in this work, in a total of five versions, almost all of the versions can be exhaustive. Color as an element constituting an image, contour accuracy, image quality, there are various, because it has both hard discarded features are not intended as any one which may, if any. It has spurred the confusion of the video of the share Stadium. Which one might be should be determined if you were actually seeing good. And it is this work are providing that choice.

First half of the disk 1 is recorded video that is remastered in 1991. Has been recorded documentary across the “I’m Down” at the beginning, has become a recording of all 10 songs is conventional. Image quality is excellent, color is also a natural, which is the latest video that was excellent in most standard. Blue of the sky, vividness of proof, such as the colorful audience of clothes, incredibly for the mania to know from the video age, it can be said that this remains with the official release is a great high-quality video to withstand.

Images in transfer from the original editing master film used in Anthology, those best as a single source. However, since such once those reduction in VHS, it is inferior than anthology if you look at partially. LPP version below is also the hard discarded is for this reason. It should be noted that, in the anthology, but several places the video had been replaced, such as this film there is a scene you are using the George in “A Hard Day’s Night” is Gretsch, it is recorded in the remains of the editing at the time.

Also stereo recording voice is using the original recording 2-track tapes, separation is not a pseudo bad thing. However, depending on the song, or have been replaced with the re-recording has been played in the following year CTS studio, it is led to the “Act Naturally” and covered the only vocal from those of the record, such as the apple of the vocal has become a double-track not natural part often. The 6mm tape that has been exhibited in the auction have different mix ( “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” is John guitar is a large mix, etc.), it is fun also to try than to hear.

The second half is the LLP version has also been released in a single from M Claudel. Video made of seeing Conventionally, after photographing and editing time, those blow-up to 35mm film for delivery to the television station, or, what is copied into the 16mm film from the 35mm film has been a source . However, as overlaying a copy of the film, it has lost the original color and detail, even though the color image, was not only a distribution until now what has advanced considerably fading. But “LPP film (low fade positive print)” of the recorded here, became the foundation to create a blow-up edition prints of 35mm film, corresponds to the second generation of film. Motion picture film, positive film, especially “LLP film” is because it is expensive, originally of shooting cheaper negative film is used. The negative image was taken and editing, for transfer to a positive film LLP, it is a positive film, but in a state that remains negative image, by transferring it further in the negative film, the final positive image is obtained It has become the mechanism. Therefore, the “LPP film version” is the original screen was inverted color, which was digital telecine, by further inverting the colors, it is possible to obtain the original color, very original is that he brings is as close vivid to. As this until a full board, although the color video, and fading while going through the copy, sepia-tinged overall, close to the monotonous tone color could not be Watch only too felt not screen this historical work, has been recorded in great picture quality close to the original. Although somewhat sweet part to the contour compared to the 1991 re-master of the recorded in the first half with respect to color are found here and there, color has become a finish that forms a matchless people more light and shade is clear, as a vivid color image.

The features of this film, and the 1991 remastered version, the two images of the LLP version, in that further each can be switched with two sound sources. The original voice, speech remastered have been Heiroku respectively, so that the total of four versions 2 × 2 has been recorded. [DVD disc 2] In this disc, which recorded the broadcast version respectively in the United States and the United Kingdom as a share Stadium. The first half in the United States ABC version, contains the broadcast before the outflow video Rashiku first to count. And there is a greeting of the program presenter at the beginning, which then became a configuration in which the transition to the main part. Was able to see in such a film screening event from the old days is here of the video. As in the 1991 remastered and LLP version of the on disc 1, is now that can be seen in the beautiful and vivid color image, speaking or not be have a more emotional nostalgia in this sepia color of the video, poppy It is not the case on. Although inferior to certainly in terms of color, the contour of the accuracy, in terms of the granularity of the image, is more of here is better by far.

The second half is a United Kingdom BBC version. Still although is somewhat sepia is bought, more color video ish color is natural and clear. Higher profile of the accuracy of the image, here also is also a discarded hard image. As multiplied by the respective good part, it said to be a balanced video balance. [DVD disc 3] And is a RE-BUILT version of this work last has been recorded on this disk 3. New this time, are those that have been produced in most viewing contemplated that the strongest share Stadium conceivable current through. Repair as possible roughness of the edit time is obtained by reconstructing easy to watch the combined images and sounds. “I Feel Fine” and was prominent in the “Help”, also points the deviation of the video and the sound is eliminated. Had been partially used in other songs, “She’s A Woman” is also beginning has been, but just a little recording and re-build (the second half recorded as collage using the image of N.M.E.).

1965 NEWS FILM, unlike the main of the video, which is a video of the share Stadium in accordance with another camera that has been taken for the time coverage. Among the police officers watched, members of the Beatles to the lead in entering the venue to the staff, such as offense and defense of the enthusiastic fans and police officers to be the point of entering the ground, the video to look good for the news has been recorded. For traditional share Stadium fans only know the video of, I will be surprised with how such video also had been left.

And last is the video of the 1966 share Stadium. Beatles of popularity in the United States and entering in 1966, but is said to have come to sunset, looking at the video of this 1966 share, it is just a legend, unexpected still decline is surrounded by enthusiastic fans Beatles you can see the popularity. Or because the members of the Beatles have also been doing a number of large-scale stadium performances in the previous year, it appears to be somewhat can afford.

The last has been recorded is a color 8mm footage of the 1966 share Stadium performance. The first 8mm video, probably at the time the fan was probably taken from the audience, has been recorded a state at the time the entire stage while a long distance in a bird’s-eye shot. Followed by a 8mm video from the front. Japan it can be seen that the singing in costumes aligned with the suit of white that contains the stripe that have been worn in the performances. The third of 8mm video is short, also, but find no means more than record for a long distance, it has been recorded here as any valuable. And last of 8mm video appearance and outside the venue, such as the state of the share Stadium in bright that have come up with still positive before the performance, which is also a valuable time of the material image that could not be seen until now is there. And the sky is the concert begins dark. Surprised to, such as the undercard of the video other than the Beatles have also been recorded in vivid color image. [SHEA 1965 & 1966] Beatles live in history, the frenzy of share Stadium performance should be called the apex, the undercard as well complete recording up to this volume. Moreover, not only are recorded in the original voice, BBC broadcast version also simultaneous recording. In addition In addition, Heiroku well as realistic stereo version and pseudo-stereo version. Also includes a first appearance sound source of the 1966 share Stadium, 2 was done by New Year’s Eve, it has become the culmination of the sound source of no more share Stadium performance.

Also video, recorded all 1991 New remastered, LLP version, ABC version, and the BBC version, the different versions that feature in each. Recorded RE-BUILT version with all of those features as the definitive edition. It is also recorded, such as news video by another camera with respect to 1965. Also with respect to further 1966 share Stadium, it has been recorded, such as 8mm video and news footage of valuable on the day it is to be remaining.


DISCOTECH DANCERS 03. Murray The K Introduction 04. It’s Not Unusual – Can’t Buy Me Love – I’m Telling You Now – A Hard Day’s Night

KING CURTIS 05. Scott Ross Introduction 06. What’d I Say 07. The Branch 08. Soul Twist

CANNIBAL AND THE HEADHUNTERS 09. WMCA Good Guys Introduction 10. Out Of Sight 11. Nau Ninny Nau 12. The Way You Do The Things You Do 13. Land Of 1000 Dances

BRENDA HOLLOWAY 14. Hal Jackson Introduction 15. Shake – Satisfaction 16. I Can’t Help Myself 17. You Can Cry On My Shoulder 18. When I’m Gone

SOUNDS INCORPORATED 19. Cousin Brucie Introduction 20. America 21. Fingertips 22. The William Tell Overture 23. Instrumental 24. In The Hall Of The Mountain King

【AUDIO DISC TWO】 ORIGINAL ON LINE VERSION mono 01. Ed Sullivan Introduction 02. tuning 03. Twist And Shout 04. She’s A Woman 05. I Feel Fine 06. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 07. Ticket To Ride 08. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 09. Can’t Buy Me Love 10. Baby’s In Black 11. Act Naturally 12. A Hard Day’s Night 13. Help 14. I’m Down

1966 BBC BROADCAST VERSION mono 15. Ed Sullivan Introduction 16. tuning 17. Twist And Shout 18. I Feel Fine 19. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 20. Ticket To Ride 21. Act Naturally 22. Can’t Buy Me Love 23. Baby’s In Black 24. A Hard Day’s Night 25. Help 26. I’m Down

【AUDIO DISC THREE】 ORIGINAL ON LINE VERSION true stereo 01. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 02. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 03. Can’t Buy Me Love 04. Baby’s Black 05. A Hard Day’s Night 06. I’m Down

ORIGINAL ON LINE VERSION pseudo stereo 07. Ed Sullivan Introduction 08. tuning 09. Twist And Shout 10. She’s A Woman 11 I Feel Fine 12. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 13. Ticket To Ride 14. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 15. Can’t Buy Me Love 16. Baby’s In Black 17. Act Naturally 18. A Hard Day’s Night 19. Help 20. I’m Down

SHEA STADIUM, NEW YORK August 23, 1966 21. Applause 22. tuning 23. Rock And Roll Music 24. Opening Acts 25. Fans Interviews 26. She’s A Woman 27. If I Needed Someone 28. I Feel Fine 29. Yesterday 30. Paperback Writer

【DVD DISC ONE】 1991 NEW MASTER VERSION AUDIO 1 : REMASTER Ver. AUDIO 2 : ORIGINAL Ver. 01. Documentary #1 02. I’m Down 03. Documentary #2 04. Documentary #3 05. Documentary #4 06. Ed Sullivan Introduction 07. Twist And Shout 08. I Feel Fine 09. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 10. Ticket To Ride 11. Act Naturally 12. Can’t Buy Me Love 13. Baby’s In Black 14. A Hard Day’s Night 15. Help 16. I’m Down – Ending

LLP VERSION AUDIO 1 : REMASTER Ver. AUDIO 2 : ORIGINAL Ver. 17. Ed Sullivan Introduction 18. Twist And Shout 19. I Feel Fine 20. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 21. Ticket To Ride 22. Act Naturally 23. Can’t Buy Me Love 24. Baby’s In Black 25. A Hard Day’s Night 26. Help 27. I’m Down – Ending

【DVD DISC TWO】 ABC ARCHIVE VERSION 01. Introduction 02. Documentary #1 03. Documentary #2 04. Documentary #3 05. Documentary #4 06. Ed Sullivan Introduction 07. Twist And Shout 08. I Feel Fine 09. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 10. Ticket To Ride 11. Act Naturally 12. Can’t Buy Me Love 13. Baby’s In Black 14. A Hard Day’s Night 15. Help 16. I’m Down – Ending

BBC ARCHIVE VERSION 17. Documentary #1 18. I’m Down 19. Documentary #2 20. Documentary #3 21. Documentary #4 22. Ed Sullivan Introduction 23. Twist And Shout 24. I Feel Fine 25. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 26. Ticket To Ride 27. Act Naturally 28. Can’t Buy Me Love 29. Baby’s In Black 30. A Hard Day’s Night 31. Help 32. I’m Down – Ending

【DVD DISC THREE】 RE=BUILT VERSION 01. Introduction 02. Twist And Shout 03. She’s A Woman 04. I Feel FIne 05. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 06. Ticket To Ride 07. Act Naturally 08. Can’t Buy Me Love 09. Baby’s In Black 10. A Hard Day’s Night 11. Help! 12. I’m Down

1965 NEWS FILMS 13. Concert Report

WORKING PREVIEW 14. Backstage 15. Dizzy Miss Lizzy

1966 SHOW REPORT VERSION 1 16. Before The Concert 17. Beatles Appearance 18. Rock And Roll Music 19. Audience Interview 20. After The Concert

VERSION 2 21. Before The Concert 22. Beatles Appearance 23. Rock And Roll Music 24. Audience Interview 25. After The Concert

8mm FILMS 26. 8mm film #1 27. 8mm film #2 28. 8mm film #3 29. 8mm film #4

Misterclaudel. MCCD-563-568