Beatles / Revolver 50th Anniversary Edition / 1CD+2DVD

Beatles / Revolver 50th Anniversary Edition / 1CD+2DVD
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Beatles / Revolver 50th Anniversary Edition / 1CD+2DVD
The Beatles Original 50th Anniversary series 7th album “Revolver” is SGT. It appeared in 1CD + 2DVD press platen 3 CD set from the label! Alternate album of the latest edited this to a similar CD, which was recorded album + extra all 32 tracks in the center of the latest remix sound source 2016 this time. DVD1 to the recording once the number a difference promo video version of “video album” and the single “paperback writer”, “Rain” by the original edit made full use of valuable film and news footage of 66 years at the time the album songs. Further recording together a studio session sound of two songs single. DVD2 The outtakes sound source and mix difference sound source in existence as a “studio recording session” is over in about 3 hours or more in a slide show format 89 track once recorded. Album is a collector long-awaited 2016 latest collection that deep the Beatles one of the best name album “Revolver” as a 50th Anniversary Edition! ! [Collector’s point Details thorough pursue related sound and video in the 50th Anniversary edition of the 7-th of the original album, which in August 1966 was released in Britain “Revolver” is ever the same 1CD + 2DVD. The CD recorded alternate sound source such as album tracks and sessions and remixes with the latest remastered edit 2016. The latest re-master multi-track sound source and out in addition to the album songs re-edited in clear enhanced stereo, etc. more than New remixes and original which made full use of the take backing tracks only instrumental and remix of that is different from the original mix recording. Valuable monitor mixes and replacement was a vision of “Tomorrow Never Knows” to “matrix 1 mono mix” You are both summarizes the interesting sound source all 32 tracks. DVD1 recorded “video album” by the original edited video of the album songs that becomes a series concept of far in. Video clips of making full use of valuable film and news footage of 66 years at that time, which was the last concert tour tailoring is a rare scene is also a must-see of the collector has been used plenty of content in recent years, re-broadcasted material center. In the singles video recording once the number a difference promo video version of the “pay-per-back writer”, “Rain”. Official unreleased versions and each version comparison 4-screen multi video also included that can. Further recording together a studio session sound of two songs single in the slide show. Avant-garde documentary sound source to be a valuable record of the experimental route inception as a bonus is also attention. DVD2 to the “studio session” as the recording summarizes the existing about 3 hours or more 89 track the out-takes and mix difference of the sound source in a slide show format of the album songs. Is a very useful audio DVD is in sound research so easily heard than can be in numerous sessions sound source the DVD menu select. Is the sound source and the 50th Anniversary edition latest title to be a culmination of the video of the pick to the masterpiece many fans name album “Revolver” of the Beatles.


1. Taxman (new remix) 2. Eleanor Rigby (with intro new remix) 3. I’m Only Sleeping (enhanced stereo mix) 4. Love You To (enhanced stereo mix) 5. Here There And Everywhere (with intro new remix) 6. Yellow Submarine (new remix) 7. She Said She Said (vocal monitor mix) 8. Good Day Sunshine (remix) 9. And Your Bird Can Sing (new remix) 10. For No One (monitor remix) 11. Dr. Robert (new remix) 12. I Want To Tell You (new remix) 13. Got To Get You Into My Life (enhanced stereo mix) 14. Tomorrow Never Knows (new remix) ANNIVERSARY EDITION EXTRA 15. Paperback Writer (new remix remastered) 16. Rain (new remix remastered) 17. Taxman (backing track instrumental) 18. Eleanor Rigby (strings instrumental) 19. Yellow Submarine (backing track instrumental) 20. She Said She Said (backing track instrumental) 21. Good Day Sunshine (backing track instrumental) 22. And Your Bird Can Sing (backing track instrumental) 23. For No One (backing track instrumental) 24. Paperback Writer (backing track instrumental) 25. Tomorrow Never Knows (take 1) 26. I’m Only Sleeping (take 1) 27. I’m Only Sleeping (backward guitar) 28. Here There And Everywhere (take 7&13) 29. And Your Bird Can Sing (take 2 alternate vocal remix) 30. Rain (backing track chorus remix) 31. Tomorrow Never Knows (take 3 monitor mix) 32. Tomorrow Never Knows (matrix 1 original mono mix) 50th Anniversary New Stereo Remix And Remaster 2016


VIDEO ALBUM – 16:9 wide screen stereo TAXMAN ELEANOR RIGBY I’M ONLY SLEEPING LOVE YOU TO HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE YELLOW SUBMARINE SHE SAID SHE SAID GOOD DAY SUNSHINE AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING FOR NO ONE DR ROBERT I WANT TO TELL YOU GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS SINGLES VIDEO PAPERBACK WRITER Ed Sullivan Intro / Version 1 (Color) / Version 2 / Version 3 / Version 4 / 1996 Video Version / Anthology Mix Version / 2000 Video Version RAIN Version 1 / Version 2 / Version 3 (Color) / Anthology Mix Version BONUS VIDEO PAPERBACK WRITER (Compound 4 Screen) / RAIN (Compound 4 Screen) STUDIO SESSIONS EXTRA = AUDIO TRACKS slideshow PAPERBACK WRITER – (take 1) / (take 2) / mono (RM2) / stereo (RS3) / (RS from take 2A) / (RS from take 2B) RAIN – (take 7) / mono (RM2) / stereo (RS1) / (anthology video mix) / (anthology DVD mix) SECRET TRACK Tape experiments


STUDIO SESSIONS = AUDIO TRACKS slideshow TAXMAN – (take 11) / (anthology DVD mix) / mono (edit of RM5-6) / stereo (edit of RS1-2) ELEANOR RIGBY – (home demo) / (between tk1-2) / (strings) / mono (RM5) / stereo (RS1) / (RS from take 14&15) I’M ONLY SLEEPING – (rehearsal) / (take 1) / (RM5) / (RS1) / stereo (RS2) / mono (RM6) / (RS from take 13) LOVE YOU TO – mono (edit of RM1/RM2/RM3/edit piece) / stereo (edit of RS1/RS2/RS3/edit piece) / (RS from takes 6 and 7 with edit piece)HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE – (take 7&13) / (take 14) / (take 14 monitor mix 1) / (take 14 monitor mix 2) / (take 14 monitor mix 3) / (take 14 monitor mix 4) / mono (RM3) / stereo (RS2) YELLOW SUBMARINE – (take 5) / (with announcement) / mono (RM5) / stereo (RS2) / (RS from take 4&5) / (alternate mix) SHE SAID SHE SAID – (take 1) / (false start) / (take 2) / (overdub take 1) / (overdub take 2) / (take 1B) / (take 2 with false start) / mono (RM4) / stereo (RS1) GOOD DAY SUNSHINE – mono (RM2) / stereo (RS1) AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING – (take 2 stereo) / (take 2 + overdub) / (take 2 alternate mix) / (take 2 + overdub alternate mix) / (take 3) / (US stereo mix) / stereo (edit of RS1-2) / mono (edit of RM9-10) / (edit RM7-8) / (edit unknown) FOR NO ONE – (rehearsal) / (take 1) / (take 2) / (unknown) / (monitor mix 1) / (monitor mix 2) / (monitor mix 3) / (take 10) / (take 10A) / (take 10B) / (take 10C) / (intro) / (monitor mix take 14) / (take 14A) / (take 14B) / mono (RM8) / stereo (RS1) / (RS from take 10&14) DR ROBERT – (edit of RM4) / (edit of RS1) / stereo (edit of RS2) / mono (edit of RM6) I WANT TO TELL YOU – mono (RM1) / stereo (RS2) GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE – (take 5 mono) / mono (RM8) / stereo (RS1) / (RS from take 8&9) TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS – (take 1) / (monitor mix of take 1) / mono matrix 2 (RM8) / mono matrix 1 (RM11) / stereo (RS6) / (monitor mix of take 3) NTSC 16:9 Wide Screen – Dolby Digital Stereo / Mono DVD1 = time approx. 105min. (34+37+34) DVD2 = time approx. 182min.

Sergeant Present.SGTAE007-1/2/3