Beatles / Ragnarok / 3CD Wx OBI Strip

 Beatles / Ragnarok / 3CD Wx OBI Strip
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 Beatles / Ragnarok / 3CD Wx OBI Strip
When was the Beatles disbanded? It was the first time that Paul announced his withdrawal in a magazine on April 10, 1970 when the thing became public. In addition, on December 30, 1970 Paul appealed the other three to the London High Court seeking dissolution of the Beatles and elimination of Apple management. And on March 12, 1971, the court approved it, and the legal dissolution was decided. However, these are representations, movements towards it, and legal decisions.

For many Japanese people, the end of the Great East Asa War was recognized as August 15, 1954 when Tamane Broadcasting was held, but before that it was making a consultation for peace negotiations through the Soviet Union, before the congratulatory meeting of the Emperor It is said that August 10 which decided to surrender was a substantial end war. And the legal surrender is the day when Seiko Aoi signed the surrender document in the Missouri issue on September 2. The Soviet Union destroyed the Nissho Neutral Treaty and invaded the Northern Territories since August 15, when Japan disarmed, but before the September 2 the Soviet Union justified it because it was in a state of warfare . Anyway it is difficult to determine the date.

Let’s go back to the Beatles. Although there are various opinions in the history of the Beatles’ dissolution, it is probably only saying that all of them are correct and complexly entangled. And from the time of the white album, it seems that the sprouts were felt among the members. The Beatles, which had been proud of a strong unity and strong unity until then, had been transformed into a relationship that requires effort to maintain it after the white album. I think that it was the get back session of 1969 that the effect was demonstrated in a bad direction.

The Get Back Session was done on the concept that filming the state of the recording of the new song into a movie, performing only the new song, making that appearance a highlight of the movie. Photographing and recording were performed at Twickenham Studio from January 2 to 16, 1969, at Apple Studio from January 20 to 31, respectively. The famous roof top concert is taking place on 30th. The film “Let It Be” was produced from films filmed in this session, but the content is dark, and Paul and George are vividly recorded until a tense tension scene, It is reported that George had a difficulty in softening. Also, the recorded material was not George Martin, who had been responsible for producing it until now, but was newly released to Phil Spector and released as an album “Let It Be”. George and John were extremely satisfied with the work of Phil Spector and will also entrust the production of a solo album, but Paul was furious as being broken into a work by Phil Spector who had decorated excessively. In any case, it can be said that this get back session was a month that made all the cracks between Paul and other members decisive, including the result.

Again, when we confirmed the schedule of get back session, the session that began at Twickenham Studios from January 2 was held over the course of one month after transferring location to Apple studio from the middle. On January 30th it was devoted to a live show on the roof of Apple Building, and the appearance is also used as the roof top concert at the end of the movie. The main purpose of the get back session was to produce albums and movies. The roof top concert was set on the 30th to keep the last 31 days as a reserved day. It is this work that recorded on the very last January 31, the last day recording with all existing sound sources

There is no doubt that there was album production from this session in the background that the recording was done on the last day. It can be said from the fact that three songs “Two Of Us”, “The Long And Winding Road” and “Let It Be” that were not played at the roof top concert were recorded focusing on the last finish . “The Long And Winding Road” and “Let It Be” were not oriented to the live only by piano-based quiet songs, and the arrangement of “Two Of Us” was changed to an acoustic-based performance on the way It seems to have been omitted by the rooftop live. Since both are Paul’s songs, we can see that this project is still led by Paul.

This last day began with the “Two Of Us” session. Although it is Paul’s song, John started singing in the main, starting with a version that dropped quite a tempo, and it’s a warm-up atmosphere. It is because the session has just begun and the engine is not engaged, I enjoy playing songs that are not related at all. However, it seems that sessions are matured, not because they are not something like the first half of the session at the beginning of the month, but because they are playing properly. The interesting thing is that the song changes as “Take This Hammer” progresses, and later it is John ‘s solo album “Clippled Inside”. The Beatles played like this without thinking, and it was supposed to be a piece of later work by matching John ‘s good skill that keeps the lyrics that came into my mind. While incomplete, the song is completely “Clippled Inside” melody. Furthermore, it will laugh as it sticks to the punch that leads to “Run For Yourself” as it is. The important “Two Of Us” is very interesting, as you can see the process of approaching completion of songs in hand. Originally it seemed to be singing mainly by John, but Paul became the main version reversing master and slave from the middle, and the tempo has been raised close to the release version as well.

In addition to temporarily stopping “Two Of Us” and transitioning to the next “The Long And Winding Road” session, there is also recorded how various songs are still playing. “I Got Stung” is officially recorded by Paul on the album “Run Devil Run” in 30 years, but here is something like a piece of music. “Step Inside Love” is a singing version of John, playfully playing on the way and becoming a replacement for “Let It Be”. Paul will try to play “Let It Be” relatively seriously, but it will be interrupted soon. Here the members will postpone “Let It Be” and start “The Long And Winding Road”. In the beginning, John and George tune the guitar back, or while lightly sounding a sound, Paul sits on the piano and starts playing. I feel like I have not decided what kind of singing to turn with singing like shedding yet. Even so, beautiful melodies can not be hidden, and even such rehearsal take is the atmosphere of masterpieces. Listening to such a simple performance, what Paul intends and what Phil Spector finally overlapped with the chorus and orchestra are truly exquisite, like the hymns being sung in the church, Perhaps it was surprising when Paul heard the arrangement of Phil Spector for the first time. The interlude part has not been decided yet, it is also interesting that Paul is singing with a scat. After all, this song should be played in a simple way with four Beatles in this way, including Billy Preston at best. It is clearly understood by listening to this session sound source.

Were you tired of just playing the same song, Paul suddenly played “Lady Madonna”. It has been played with a hard feeling that it fairly collapsed, and there is a play that says “The Long And Winding Road” on the melody of “Lady Madonna”, and it is worth listening. And again the session returns to “The Long And Winding Road”. At this point, it seems that he did not decide how to make the ending in the plan of Paul, and the take that finishes the end properly continues, but it seems that he was planning to finish in orthodox at roughly the piano.

And finally the session will shift to “Let It Be”. Before that, “I Want You” is being played with play. Paul version of “I Want You” of truth / unknown unknown has been circulated since ancient times. True false is still unknown yet, but after that I described that Mark Lewison’s book “There is” I Want you “Paul sings”, and the credibility has increased dramatically. However, what is recorded here is “I Want You” by genuinely pole vocal. Although there are parts that are very similar to the singing of the take of the unknown truth or unknown, it is a frustrating place to say something.

“Let It Be” is a Paul confident song, it is told told to the surroundings that “When this song is announced, the world will be amazed”. Of course, it is one of the songs that represent the Beatles, Paul is an important song that is incorporated into the set list every time in a solo tour. Originally the lyrics have not been finalized yet, John suddenly played jokingly, often disturbing Paul as if it did not get angry. As well as doing other songs, you can sing with up tempo and sing and repeat trial and error on this day on the last day. However, gradually the seriousness has increased in the performance, and John also participates in the chorus quite seriously whether it has recognized the atmosphere. Especially the serious exchange of John and Paul after the song finished is very tense, and despite saying that John is okay, Paul agrees again that John agrees It is a sound source that feels even behind that entered the sanctuary, such as the start of a new take.

It seems that it was to re-play each song again to conclude the final day of this session. It would be a distraction to first play “Oh Darling” 3 take. It is strange that it is different from the one recorded in “Abbey Road” and it sounds like a get back session properly. Like the previous “Let It Be”, he is performing at Bossa Nova Arrange at the up tempo. It was Paul’s “The Long And Winding Road” that ended the long sessions over the past month. Excessive heaviness to the extent of Phil Spector is excluded, only the beautiful piano only, back is this era, the guitar effect that rolls a special ball this time, the figure of the original song is here here It can be said that there is. The interlude is not a guitar but a discreet organ solo by Billy Preston’s hand.

This work includes a session that lasted for one month as a long-term get back session from January 1969, a session after the rooftop concert, a session on the last day of January 31, including all existing sound sources become. As the final day, the song is almost final but the last session that came in the situation lacking the bridges. Three songs not played on the roof top the day before, the appearance of the four Beatles finishing the session is recorded vividly. Especially because the vocal microphone is near, realistic feeling as if it is being sung with just the ear, ear at the very beginning, will bring to those who listen to the impression that can not be replaced by anything.

While the collapse of the Beatles began to be revealed, it still keeps the sacredness to be expressed as “the twilight of the gods” unchanged. The title “Ragnarok” is the last day in Norse mythology world. Richard Wagner uses the German translation of “Ragnarok” as the title of the final chapter in the musical theater ‘Ring of Nibelung’. It can be said that it is a tight ring suitable for decorating the last chapter of the legend called the grand beatles. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

DISC ONE 01. Roll Announcement 02. Two Of Us 03. Unknown 04. Hey Good Lookin’ 05. Take This Hammer 06. Two Of Us 07. Two Of Us 08. Two Of Us 09. Two Of Us 10. Two Of Us 11. Step Inside Love 12. Friendship 13. Tales Of Frankie Rabbit 14. Two Of Us 15. Deed I Do 16. Two Of Us 17. I Got Stung 18. Step Inside Love 19. Let It Be 20. Let It Be 21. The Long And Winding Road 22. Let It Be 23. The Long And Winding Road 24. The Long And Winding Road 25. The Long And Winding Road 26. The Long And Winding Road 27. The Long And Winding Road 28. The Long And Winding Road 29. The Long And Winding Road 30. The Long And Winding Road

DISC TWO 01. The Long And Winding Road 02. The Long And Winding Road 03. The Long And Winding Road 04. The Long And Winding Road 05. Lady Madonna 06. The Long And Winding Road 07. The Long And Winding Road 08. The Long And Winding Road 09. The Long And Winding Road 10. The Long And Winding Road 11. The Long And Winding Road 12. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 13. Let It Be 14. Let It Be 15. Let It Be 16. Let It Be 17. Build Me Up Buttercup 18. Let It Be 19. Let It Be 20. Let It Be 21. Let It Be 22. Let’s Have A Party 23. Let’s Have A Party 24. Let It Be 25. Dialogue

DISC THREE 01. Instrumental 02. Let It Be 03. Let It Be 04. Roll Announcement 05. Let It Be 06. Let It Be 07. Let It Be 08. Let It Be – 12th Street Rag 09. Let It Be 10. Oh! Darling 11. Oh! Darling 12. Oh! Darling 13. Unknown 14. Let It Be 15. Let It Be 16. Let It Be 17. Two Of Us 18. The Long And Winding Road 19. Dialogue (Two Of Us chat) 20. Dialogue (Let It Be chat) 21. Let It Be 22. Two Of Us 23. Let It Be 24. Two Of Us 25. The Long And WInding Road

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