BEATLES Live on the BBC 1963 2 DVDS Complete Shows

BEATLES Live on the BBC 1963 2 DVDS Complete Shows
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BEATLES Live on the BBC 1963 2 DVDS Complete Shows
Item Description WITH HIGH RES ARTWORK - NOT copies of a copy! PRO SILK SCREENED LABEL High quality DVD-R PRO Interactive Menus You found the best right here! AND THESE ARE THE ORIGINAL FAB DVDS - not knock offs or poor copies


BEATLES LIVE ON THE BBC 1963 2 DVDS 2 DVDS - 4 hours total complete uncut shows, original mixes! No time codes, except on Royal Variety Show - all in chapters! Now remastered so all is in black and white - not alternate colors and crisper and new transfers! Been wanting to do this for awhile and now its done! Audio all corrected too! Quality is excellent, however only Very Good on Big Night Out...... but nevertheless the best there is!

BIG NIGHT OUT Aired on September 7, 1963 1. Mike and Bernie Winters 2. Lionel Blair Dancers 3. Patsy Ann Noble 4. Billy Dainty 5. Mike and Bernie Winters 6. Lionel Blair Dancers 7. Mike and Bernie Winters 8. Patsy Ann Noble 9. Sally & Bobby Barnes 10. Beatles - From Me To You 11. She Loves You 12. Twist and Shout 13. I Saw Her Standing There

LUCKY STARS ON MERSEYSIDE Aired on Decmeber 21, 1963 1. Introduction by Brian Matthews Beatles arriving 2. Billy J Kramer - I'll Keep You Staisfied 3. Cilla Black - Love of the Loved 4. Tommy Quickly - Kiss Me Now 5. Gerry & Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone 6. The Breakaways - That Boy of Mine 7. The Searchers - Sugar and Spice 8. Spin-A-Disc with Bob Wooler 9. Gerry & Pacemakers - I Like It 10. The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand 11. All My Loving 12. Twist and Shout Gold Record Presentation with George Martin 13. She Loves You

ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE Aired on November 10, 1963 1. Introduction by Harry Secombe The Clark Brothers Los Paraguayos 2. Charlie Drake Susan Maughan 3. The Beatles - From Me To You 4. She Love You 5. Till There Was You 6. Twist and Shout 7. Dickie Henderson with Beatles Jokes 8. Francis The Juggular Buddy Greco 9. Dickie Henderson Nadia Nerina 10. Joe Loss & His Orchestra 11. Wilfrid Brambell & Harry H. Corbett 12. Pinky and Perky Eric Sykes & Hattie Jacques 13. Michael Flanders & Donald Swann 14. Marlene Dietrich 15. Tommy Steele Casts of Half a Sixpence and Pickwick 16. Ending with all Performers