BEATLES HOT AS SUN 1969-1970 Recovered Archives DVD NEW

BEATLES HOT AS SUN 1969-1970 Recovered Archives DVD NEW
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BEATLES HOT AS SUN 1969-1970 Recovered Archives DVD NEW
Item Description WITH HIGH RES ARTWORK and black DVD case! PRO SILK SCREENED LABEL High quality DVD-R PRO Interactive Menus You found the best right here! ORIGINAL FAB DVD - not a copy

THE BEATLES: HOT AS SUN 1969-1970 Recovered Archives NEW DVD100 minutes worth of newly found footage! 10% is upgrades and the rest is new! From the 30 minute complete Two Junkies interview thru Ringo & Maurice home movies (from film source) and more! If you enjoyed the other volumes covering 1969-71, you will enjoy seeing all the new footage that has surfaced since those releases!! All in chapters!

1969:01. January 14: John & Yoko Two Junkies Interview - Twickenham Film Studios - CBC TV02. Part 203. March 12: Gone Gone Gone - Paul Marries Linda - Pathe Newsreel04. March 17: Paul and Linda - Kennedy Airport, NYC, NY - Raw Footage05. March 20-25: John and Yoko - Aeroport Le Bourget, France/ Amsterdam Hilton, Netherlands - French News06. March 25: John and Yoko - Amsterdam Hilton, Netherlands - Pathe Dutch News07. April 30: Get Back (alternate version/widescreen) - Top of the Pops08. June: A Hard Day's Night Commecrcial - NBC TV09. June 1: The Ballad of John and Yoko (Version #1) - Australian TV Hit Scene10. August 31: John, George, Ringo and wives at Bob Dylan Isle of Wight concert - BBC/ ITN News - color and b/w - 5 sources11. September 25: Paul and Linda at Midnight Cowboy premiere at Pavilion, London - Rueters - color - two sources12. December 15: John, George and Yoko concert - Lyceum Ballroom, London - Movietone Newsreel - longer13. December 20: John and Yoko - Toronto, Canada - CBC Weekend - new color footage14. December 23: John and Yoko Message - Filmed in Canada - French News - new color footage15. 1969: Pattie Boud commecrial for Dop L'Oreal Shampoo16. Mid 1969: UFO TV series - Get Back played in the opening! 2 shows from the era had beatles songs in them, approved by the band that is! The prisoner and UFO! Aired in April, 19711970-1971:01. January: John's Lythographs - Pathe Newsteel02. January 27: Ringo's appearance - NBC Studios, Los Angeles, CA - Laugh In aired February 23rd - complete!03. March 20: Merseybeat Special - Interviews with Alan Williams, fans and Tommy Moore - one time drummer with the Beatles!04. March 29: Ringo's appearance - Wembley Studios - Frost on Sunday05. April : Wedding Album and Hey Jude LP's reviewed - Australian TV Hit Scene06. April 10: Derek Taylor and Allen Klein on Paul's Break Comments - CBS News07. April 10: George Interview Clip - Fact or Fantasy aired on April 26th08. April 27: The Beatles Break Up - French News09. May 23: Let It be Movie Sign Premiere Week - Newsreel Clip10. July 24: Beatles Contest - Australian TV Hit Scene11. August: Ringo and Maurice Gibb Home Movies - Sunny Heights, Weybridge - Who Goes There? (film source!)12. May 12, 1971: Paul and Ringo at Heathrow Airport - ITN News (alternate footage)