Beatles Dvd - Tokyo To Manilla 1966

Beatles Dvd - Tokyo To Manilla 1966
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Beatles Dvd - Tokyo To Manilla 1966
THE BEATLES TOKYO TO MANILA 1966 VOL.6 DVD Budokan Concert Special The last of the FarEast tour takes the boys from last 3 days in Japan and off to Manila and India! NICE NEW FOOTAGE plus upgrades! Then back in London for TV interviews and that cover half this disc - the rst is from the special Beatles in Recital of their concert on June 30th with short doc in the beginning from new LD transfer! 90 minutes 28 chapters! Excellent quality! VIDEO SAMPLE:

Highlights from July 1 Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 01. Rock and Roll Music - Anthology (with home movie footage) 02. Yesterday - Anthology 03. Paperback Writer - Anthogy Director's Cut 04. Rock and Roll Music - Japan TV Master 05. Concert clips - Home Color 8mm Movie 06. July 2: Photos of the Beatles at the Hilton Hotel 07. July 3: Off to Manila - Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan - Japan News 08. July 3: Beatles in Japan - TV News Report 09. July 4: Concert footage - Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, Manila, Philippines - ITN News - 2 versions 10. July 5: Airport arrival - Palam Airport, New Dehli, India - Associated Press 11. July 8: Beatles return - Heathrow Airport, London - Beatles Like Home Best Newsreel 12. Beatles arrival and interview - Heathrow Airport and Skyways Hotel London - French TV News Report 13. ITN News 14. Rueters 15. Skyways Hotel, London - Rueters (alternate footage) 16. Leaving after interview - Skyways Hotel, London - Rueters

BEATLES AT BUDOKAN SPECIAL - Beatles in Recital Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - Filmed by NTV 01. Beatles arrive in Tokyo, Japan Airport/ Hotel/ Press Conference Off to the concerts EVENING CONCERT JUNE 30, 1966: 02. Rock and Roll Music 03. She's A Woman 04. If I Needed Someone 05. Day Tripper 06. Baby's In Black 07. I Feel Fine 08. Yesterday 09. I Wanna Be Your Man 10. Nowhere Man 11. Paperback Writer 12. I'm Down