Beatles Dvd - Peformance Series 1966 Vol One

Beatles Dvd - Peformance Series 1966 Vol One
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Beatles Dvd - Peformance Series 1966 Vol One
Item Description BEATLES PERFORMANCES LIVE 1966 VOL.1 DVD Germany Tokyo Japan The best of the TV and concert appearances - all upgraded and the best quality used as of 2016! All upgraded and remastered! This is one you will watch many times! June, 1966! Sullivan Show, Muich Special and more raw footage, Essen and Hamburg Germany footage! Some in Color! Budokan Tokyo Japan June 30th NTV different edit than Beatles in Recital Special version, along with clips from opening acts! Approx 90 mins 31 Chapters!

June 5: Ed Sullivan Show 01 Intro - Paperback writer 02 Rain June 24: Circus Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany Afternoon Show 03 Munchen Newsreel - includes true audio from performance 04 Afternoon Show - German Police Film (color) Rock and Roll Music She's a Woman If I Needed Someone I Feel Fine Yesterday Leaving the stage 05 Afternoon Show - Raw Footage Rock and Roll Music If I Needed Someone Day Tripper I Feel Fine Die Beatles - Circus Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany - aired on July 5th on ZDF TV 06 Introduction 07 Rock and Roll Music - Evening She's a Woman (partial) - Evening 08 Baby's in Black - Afternoon 09 I Feel Fine - Afternoon 10 Yesterday - Afternoon 11 Nowhere Man - Evening 12 I'm Down - Evening June 25: Gruga-Halle, Essen 13 The Concert - Raw News Footage 14 The Concert - B/W and Color 8mm Film June 26: Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany 15 Afternoon Show - with synched audio She's a Woman If I Needed Someone Day Tripper Baby's in Black I Feel Fine Nowhere Man Paperback Writer I'm Down 16 Raw Footage Compilation 17 Yesterday - Color 8mm Film 18 John Paul George Ringo - Pathe Newsreel

June 30: First Concert at 6:30pm - Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan Filmed by NTV 01 Opening Acts: Welcome Beatles - Yuya Uchida, The Blue Comets and Isao Bitoh 03 Rock and Roll Music 04 She's a Woman 05 If I Needed Someone 06 Day Tripper 07 Baby's in Black 08 I Feel Fine 09 Yesterday 10 I Wanna Be Your Man 11 Nowhere Man 12 Paperback Writer 13 I'm Down