Beatles Dvd - Live In Washington D.C 1964

Beatles Dvd - Live In Washington D.C 1964
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Beatles Dvd - Live In Washington D.C 1964

Feb 10-11, 1964 NY to Wash DC! After hours of comparing and analizing then compiling - the best ever document of their arrival in the USA is here!

All footage has been remastered and color corrected (including the b/w footage) and audio corrected too! Plus video "wobble" on the bottom of

the footage - has been removed - Looks and sounds FAB! this was a labor of love and the results are here! No comparison to the original DVDS

that were made 8 years much new and upgraded footage! All the footage is in excellent quiality too!!

Maysles Footage is mainly the outtakes from The First US Visit too, from several

sources RE-EDITED to make the clips complete! Includes Feb 10th interviews and reports to Wash DC train ride, arrival, press conference, interviews

and concert from 35mm print (the best one ever and NEVER circulated until now!) which is DIFFERENT than the video version - different edits and shots -

NICE! Plus killer audio soundtrack!!!! Original had 90 minutes of this material, now with 60 minutes of additional material!

49 Chapters Approx 160 minutes.



01 Fans try to meet The Beatles/ fans outside - Plaza Hotel - Maysles Footage

02 Brian Epstein, Brian Sommerville & Wendy Hansen inside Plaza Hotel / Cab ride - Maysles Footage

03 Beatles Merchandise at Woolworth's Beatles Headquarters - CBS Raw Footage

04 Fans outside and interviews - Plaza Hotel - CBS Raw Footage

05 Awards and Interview - Plaza Hotel Terrace Room

Alan Livingston Present Gold Records Awards - Assoc Press

06 Awards and Interview - ABC Raw Footage

07 Awards and Interview - CBS Raw Footage


08 Brian Epstein at the Plaza Hotel, NYC, NY - Maysles Footage

Penn Station, NYC off to Washington, DC Train Ride

The band clowns around for the cameras, and for the first time not edited with the 12th footage!

Quck stop in Baltimore, MD - WMAR News

09 Union Station Arrival - ABC Raw Footage #1

10 Union Station Arrival - Maysles Footage

11 Union Station Arrival - ABC Raw Footage #2

12 Union Station Arrival - Movietone News

13 Union Station Arrival - Pathe

14 Union Station Arrival - CBS Raw Footage #1

15 Union Station Arrival - CBS Raw Footage #2

16 Union Station Arrival - BBC News

17 Union Station Arrival - Unknown

18 Union Station Arrival - 8mm Film

19 Press Conf - Washington Coliseum - CBS Raw Footage

20 Press Conf - Washington Coliseum - NBC Raw Footage (with diff interviewer)

21 Arrival - Press Conference - CBS Report


Washington Colisem Concert 35mm Film - different edits and shots

01 Introduction

02 Roll Over Beethoven

03 From Me To You

04 I Saw Her Standing There

05 This Boy

06 All My Loving

07 I Wanna Be Your Man

08 Please Please Me

09 Till There Was You

10 She Loves You

11 I Want to Hold Your Hand

12 Twist and Shout (incomplete)

13 Long Tall Sally - 1995 EPK


14 Wash Coliseum Concert - Reuters

ANTHOLOGY Version Edit and Mix

15 She Loves You - with 8mm color film

16 I Saw Her Standing There

17 Please Please Me

FIRST US VISIT Version Edit and Mix

18 I Saw Her Standing There

19 I Wanna Be Your Man

20 She Loves You

21 She Loves You - Maysles Outtake

22 Wash Coliseum Concert - Pop Movies

23 Wash DC Concert and Embassy - Rueters

24 Charity Ball at British Embassy - Maysles Footage

25 British Embassy - Destinees

26 British Embassy - Pop Movies

27 Interview with John & more - British Embassy - CBS News and B Roll

28 Beatle Wigs in Miami FL - Raw Footage