Beatles Dvd - Early Beatles Around UK 1962-1963 The Film

 Beatles Dvd - Early Beatles Around UK 1962-1963 The Film
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 Beatles Dvd - Early Beatles Around UK 1962-1963 The Film
Single release of “LIVE CHRONICLE EXTRA” (CD + DVD) DVD ■ Precious early live footage recorded

Mania enthusiasm M Claudel · label releases the initial collection of Beatles. In the period from 1962 to 1963 two years. It is an early picture collection of the era when popularity was boiling in the UK and Europe although it was before entering the United States yet.

The earliest recorded in this work is a picture at YOUTH CLUB on February 10, 1962. I am surprised that the valuable Beatles film before viewing, and still left in color. Although I do not know the performance song, it is not a figure after the debut but a valuable picture to play with a black leather jean figure. Although drummer at this time is Pete Best, unfortunately it can not hide behind Paul’s shadow and see the appearance of Pete. Either way, a legendary one is a valuable thing to see with a clear color film. John uses the first Rickenbacker 325 of Natural Color purchased in 1958. This is also used in ‘Some Other Guy’ at the next cabin club, but there are some that are emotional as seen in the images actually used in color images. Basically, the standing position in the order of George, Paul and John from the stage left is unchanged even after debut, but in a song where Paul takes vocals, John moved to the leftmost microphone and seems to be wearing a chorus with George I can hear.

Next, August 22, 1962 Liverpool is “Some Other Guy” at the cabin club. It is a picture playing at the place that became famous as the Beatles’ home ground and became an important tourist spot today. However, drummers are already Beatles shortly after apple, and after wearing a tie with clothes tightened to the best and accepting the taste of Brian Epstein. Most of the audience will be fans of old days, I wonder if I felt somewhere far in the Beatles like this. Version 1 is the image of the archive of Granada TV. The film is somewhat rough. Version 2 is an image of an anthology, and it has become a calm image in which correction has been made considerably and black and white shade is emphasized. Version 3 is the one of “THE BEATLES STORY”. This is a thing that makes the era feel like rock and the image quality is considerably inferior. As described above, although images are different at three kinds of cabin clubs, they are indispensable in both cuts and in the point that performances take also differ. Finally, images that can compare these three “Some Other Guy” at the same time are recorded. Looking at the movement of each member, it is clear that not only the take is a different performance, but it is edited along the storyboard, so it is similar to what is being inserted, You can see that there are differences in camera work that reflects images and the Beatles. And lastly recorded is the image “CUT AWAY” at the cabin club which was not used in the main part. The appearance of the cabin club at the time, such as girls dancing to music, such as audience seats and fans, probably shot as materials to insert, various members’ ups, shots from behind, etc. You can feel it to the full. Obviously the camera stands on the stage and is close-up, it is a precious record of the time.

August 25, 1963 Blackpool is a color picture of the young Beatles’ stage of a collarless silver suit wearing an impression of the initial image. Even though BIG NIGHT OUT originally played footage of the same costume, they were all black and white. It is a color image in this way, and it will be valuable because it is not the TV studio but the image of the live stage.

August 27, 1963 The Southport’s Little Theater image is a famous movie broadcasted with a program called “MERSEY SOUND” with a collarless silver suits wearing picture as well. It is a playing scene of the young Beatles who are clear and still not extending their hair. I know that afterwards from the current viewpoint behaving well behaved good-looking Beatles, especially John, I feel strangeness, indeed, this is what John says, “It sold the soul to sell”. Songs are “Twist And Shout” and “She Loves You”.

October 15, 1963 The picture of Southport Floral Hall is exactly just a fragment, but this was also filmed from the side of John next to the stage, probably taken by stakeholders, the Beatles of Nashi Suit collar The state of being singing is recorded.

Image of Odeon Cinema of Cheltenham on November 1, 1963. It is a live picture of the Beatles in a stage like the stage of the curator. It seems to be official shooting using multiple cameras such as shots from the upper part of the audience from closeups of each member. Songs are each fragment “Boys” “Till There Was You” “She Loves You” “Money” “Twist And Shout” five songs. Especially attention is paid to Paul who is disturbed mop hair and performing in the “Twist And Shout”.

On November 4, 1963, that famous Royal Variety Performance. Initially short video of the day’s rehearsal is recorded. The rehearsal at this time is left with beautiful color photographs, unlike the stage costume, standing on stage with casual clothes. And this main part is the appearance of wearing a suit of suit. A curtain opens and a show opens with “From Me To You”. Paula seems to be feeling somewhat nervous by playing before the Queen, Paul seems to be enjoying relatively enjoying a smile, but John is singing with a hard expression from the beginning. Only after I said jewel jokes, I’m only behaving smiling or smiling. Originally this jewelry Jarrajara was a violent lineup such as “Saying that jewel” was changed to soft expression just before. The appearance of the Beatles to audience at the queen of the Queen is also recorded. Royal variety variety has been held every year since then, but it is said that the Beatles refused the request for appearance.

Live picture on Adelphi · Cinema in Dublin on November 7, 1963. It seems that it was a rare stage director where spot lights are applied to each member in a dark venue. Next November 13, 1963 Pictures of ABC Cinema of Plymouth played in black and white suits, and the era of collar Nasi Suits was short and short. The picture of ABC Cinema is very valuable in that the performance scene of valuable “You Really Got A Hold On Me” is left in the video while also performing Paul’s performances.

1963 Picture at Burnemouth’s winter garden theater. It is a close-up that seems to reach the breath of the young Beatles, which is freshly upright with the ups from the stage below. George ‘s happy face singing “Roll Over Beethoven” is about embarrassing here. There are several images with different versions here as well. CBS Version 1 and 2, and NBC version. The difference between picture quality and lower telop.

November 20, 1963 ABC Cinema of Manchester is a famous color image as “BEATLES COMES TO TOWN”. It is a wonderful video work that understands the appearance that the Beatles are lively and playing at the stage that makes the era feel now and the enthusiastic appearance of the fans in hand. FULL SCREEN VERSION and WIDE SCREEN VERSION, and outtake images are recorded.

December 2, 1963 On this day, the Beatles has appeared on the TV program “MORECAMBE AND WISE SHOW”. The Beatles is playing “This Boy” “All My Loving” “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. It is the first picture of playing “I want to hug”. It is a representative song that became a pillar of the Beatles leap which will carry a continuous performance in Paris the next month and a report that hits the number one hit in the meantime. At this point it would have believed that such a future could not have foreseen. After playing “I want to hold you”, a moderator appears and everyone is singing “MOONLIGHT BAY”.

December 7, 1963 Live picture at Liverpool · Empire. It is famous for the program “IT’S THE BEATLES”. First recorded is Reuters’ news and reels video. Time code is included at the bottom, but it is original voice. Next is a picture of 8 mm film print / copy. Screen frame is dark and film scratches stand out. And the end contains the images of ‘IT’S THE BEATLES’ left behind. “IT’S THE BEATLES” is the sound source of the complete stage recording which was recorded on the line only on the sound only at that time is left, but unfortunately it seems that everything was recorded in this work as a picture .

And the last is live footage at Wimbledon on December 14, 1963. Although it is not shown in the video, for the sake of safety, the fans and the stage were blocked by the wire mesh, it was a strange stage as if playing in a cage like a zoo.

A precious collection of images that collected live images of the early Beatles. It is a single release of the DVD of “LIVE CHRONICLE EXTRA” (CD + DVD) released from M Claudel Label.

February 10, 1962 Youth Club color 8mm February 10, 1962 Youth Club color 8mm stabilized version August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Version 1 Granada Arc. August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Version 2 Anthology August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Version 3 The Greatest Story August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Comparison of 3 Versions August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Cut-Away shots August 25, 1963 ABC Theatre Blackpool color 8mm August 27, 1963 Little Theatre Southport October 15, 1963 Floral Hall Southport November 1, 1963 Odeon Cinema Cheltenham November 4, 1963 Prince Of Wales Theatre London November 7, 1963 Adelphi Cinema Dublin November 13, 1963 ABC Cinema Plymouth November 16, 1963 Winter Gardens Theatre Bournemouth CBS Version 1 November 16, 1963 Winter Gardens Theatre Bournemouth CBS Version 2 November 16, 1963 Winter Gardens Theatre Bournemouth NBC Version November 20, 1963 ABC Cinema Manchester Full Screen Version November 20, 1963 ABC Cinema Manchester Wide Screen Version November 20, 1963 ABC Cinema Manchester Outtakes Camera A November 20, 1963 ABC Cinema Manchester Camera A+B Multi Angle View December 2, 1963 Morecambe And Wise Show December 7, 1963 Empire Theatre Liverpool Reuters News Reel December 7, 1963 Empire Theatre Liverpool 8mm Film Print Copy December 7, 1963 Empire Theatre Liverpool “It’s The Beatles” December 14, 1963 Wimbledon Palais Wimbledon