Beatles Dvd - Australian Tour 1964 In Color

  Beatles Dvd -  Australian Tour 1964 In Color
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  Beatles Dvd -  Australian Tour 1964 In Color
Melbourne Festival Hall Australia June 17, 1964 Early & Late Show Digitally Remastered

A colorized version of an image that previously existed only in monochrome. Full-scale introduction of the latest AI technology to achieve natural colorization. In 1964, you can see live footage of Adelaide and Sydney in color, mainly in Melbourne. The degree of perfection makes me think that it was a color image from the beginning, and when I see this, I can never return to a black and white image.

MELBOURNE FESTIVAL HALL AUSTRALIA June 17, 1964 Early & Late Show SOUNDS INCORPORATED 01. Instrumental 02. Fingertips 03. Brontosaurus Stomp 04. The Spartans 05. Drums Solo 06. Maria 07. William Tell Overture

JOHNNY DEVLIN with THE PHANTOMS 08. Címon Everybody 09. Whatíd I Say 10. Jailhouse Rock

JOHNNY CHESTER with THE PHANTOMS 11. (Youíre So Square) Baby I Donít Care 12. Miss Ann 13. Fever 14. Letís Have A Party

THE BEATLES 15. I Saw Her Standing There 16. You Canít Do That 17. All My Loving 18. She Loves You 19. Till There Was You 20. Roll Over Beethoven 21. Canít Buy Me Love 22. Twist And Shout 23. Long Tall Sally

CENTENNIAL HALL ADELAIDE AUSTRALIA June 12, 1964 01. Concert Footage early show 02. Concert Footage late show

SYDNEY STADIUM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA June 18, 1964 01. Concert Footage

Valkyrie Records. VAL- 063