Beatles (Cd.Dvd) Live In Concert AKA Whiskey Flat

Beatles (Cd.Dvd) Live In Concert AKA Whiskey Flat
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Beatles (Cd.Dvd) Live In Concert AKA Whiskey Flat
■The main version of Whiskey Flat, which has a marked difference in sound quality from previous versions. ■Sounds that were buried in existing sound sources, such as cymbals and bass, are clearly recorded. ■Exclusive original documentary footage examining the performance location. With Japanese subtitles. ■Completely reproduced live video of the concert, including plenty of footage from the first live performance.

The title of this work focuses on the classic Whiskey Flat, a Beatles item. There is no doubt that the concert, commonly known as Whiskey Flat, was recorded during the 1964 North American tour, but it is also famous for the fact that the location has not yet been determined. This is a performance that has been released as many items so far, and Iím sure there are some titles in the CD racks and record shelves of enthusiasts. And in terms of sound quality and content, it can be said that the definitive title has finally appeared with this work.

First, thereís the CD part. The first half contains remastered sound sources, and the second half contains raw sounds that have not been modified in any way. What has been released in large numbers so far is the audio of this latter half, and even if it is remastered, the current situation is that it is only a version that has been modified with equalization. This work has found its value as a document, and a low version with no equalization is included in the second half of the CD. Itís monaural with a narrow range, the sound image is rough, the vocals are in the front, and the bass is almost inaudible.

And what is recorded in the first half is a completely different whiskey flat than before. The sound has a good balance between instruments and vocals, with a wide range of sounds, and the cymbal sound, which was absent in the original sound source, is also included. Paulís dancing bass is also well recorded. The jacket says ďremasteredĒ for convenience, but no matter how you equalize the original sound in the second half, it wonít sound like this. Itís unclear how it leaked, but I can only assume that it took a different route than before, and itís a completely different thing. I would like you to listen to the sample sound source and compare.

And itís a DVD. The first half of the DVD includes documentary footage that explores the mysteries of Whiskey Flatís performance location. From the history of its first appearance as an analog boot, to the characteristics of the concert, synchronization with video, and episodes from literature, this book stimulates the intellectual curiosity of enthusiasts as they consider where the concert called Whiskey Flat actually took place. This is a documentary about The narration is in English, but you can also choose Japanese subtitles. Itís called ďThe Mystery of Whiskey Flat.Ē This is the first exclusive original documentary in the history of collectors that can only be seen here.

The second half of the DVD contains a complete video reproduction of the concert, including the first live footage. As you know, the 1964 North American tour was the first American tour, and there are many videos and sound sources left behind, but some of them are 8mm videos with no sound, and some are fragments of news footage. There is no concert video in a unified form like the later shares or the Japanese performance. This work collects concert footage shot all over the United States and includes a video reenactment of the full concert. Concert footage from all over the United States is synchronized with Whiskey Flatís audio, and it includes plenty of live footage and color footage that will be appearing for the first time, creating a work that feels as if you are watching one complete concert footage.

This work can be divided into three parts, centering on Whiskey Flat recorded on the 1964 North American tour. One is the CD part. Along with the raw sound source of the Whiskey Flat sound source that has produced many items so far, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a completely different sound source with a difference in sound quality at each level, and includes a high-quality Whiskey Flat sound source. Cymbals and bass, which had been hidden until now, are now clearer and recorded with a well-balanced sound. It is a definitive album that there will be no better whiskey flat sound source than this.

The other part is the first half of the DVD, an exclusive original documentary that explores the mysteries of the performance location. This is a documentary that satisfies intellectual curiosity as it determines the location from the history of Whiskey Flat since the analog era, as well as the remaining footage, records, and documents.

And finally, the full concert of the 1964 North American tour is recreated on video by editing live footage shot throughout the United States, including footage of the bandís first appearance. The audio is a whiskey flat sound source, and you can choose from two types of sound sources: raw sound source and remastered sound source.

It is possible to enjoy Whiskey Flat, which has been repeatedly released for over half a century, through sound and video, and it is safe to say that this work is the definitive Whiskey Flat album. The result is a work that could not be better than this. I hope you take the time to watch it. A solid press with beautiful picture disc specifications for permanent preservation. Cyndi Lauperís October 10, 1984 Houston performance recorded on a soundboard. In the second half, ďCOFFEE BREAK CONCERTĒ in Cleveland on December 14, 1983 is also recorded on the sound board