Beatles Cd - Tuned To A Natural E Vol 4

Beatles Cd - Tuned To A Natural E Vol 4
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Beatles Cd - Tuned To A Natural E Vol 4
1. From Me To You (Lennon/McCartney) 1:59 Outfake (date unknown)

This remix includes excerpts from take 1, take 2, take 4, edit piece 6 take 13, the harmonica overdubs and vocal harmonizing from track 2 take 8. 2. I Long To Hold Tall Sally (Lennon/McCartney) 2:25 Outfake (date unknown)

A combonation of I Want To Hold Your Hand and Long Tall Sally with a bit of If I Fell and And I Love Her thrown in. 3. I'm A Loser (Lennon/McCartney) 2:42 Outfake (date unknown)

With the Hollyridge Strings on backing track. 4. I'm Looking Through You (Lennon/McCartney) 2:22 Outfake (date unknown)

The two vocal tracks are split and panned to the sides revealing a second Ringo organ part. 5. A Fly On The Wall '65 (unknown) 3:37 Outfake (date unknown)

Dialogue and practicing session for Think For Yourself. 6. Crazy Girl (Lennon/McCartney) 2:01 Outfake (date unknown)

Guitar parts from Run For Your Life and Boys mixed in a different order. 7. Tomorrow Never Knows (Lennon/McCartney) 3:17 Outfake (date unknown)

The background looped to remove the tamboura drone. 8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Lennon/McCartney) 2:12 Outfake (date unknown)

With the Hollyridge Strings on backing track. 9. With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) 2:35 Outfake (date unknown)

The ooped version of Sgt Pepper in the left and oopsed version from Yellow Submarine Songtrack on the right. The bass and vocal harmonies are highlighted. 10. Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite! (Lennon/McCartney) 1:43 Outfake (date unknown)

Paul's guitar part was originally recorded at half speed. Here it is presented as he actually played, looped and extended to make a little song out of it. 11. A Day In The Life (Lennon/McCartney) 5:15 Outfake (date unknown)

A combonation of two remixes. 12. Flying Time Is Here Again (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr) 2:15 Outfake (date unknown)

13. Blue Jay Way (Harrison) 4:22 Outfake (date unknown)

14. More Love (Lennon/McCartney) 2:00 Outfake (date unknown)

Inspired by the Love cd. 15. Aerial Tour Instrumental (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey) 4:05 Outfake (date unknown)

The "jazzy' portion of Aerial Tour Instrumental is mixed with Drilling A Home. 16. Lady Madonna (Lennon/McCartney) 3:09 Outfake (date unknown)

17. Hey Sun King (Lennon/McCartney) 4:23 Outfake (date unknown)

Hey Jude and Sun King combined. 18. Revolution! (Lennon/McCartney) 3:24 Outfake (date unknown)

19. Get Back (Lennon/McCartney) 2:50 Outfake (date unknown)

Remix of Get Back with Harrison on lead vocal. 20. A Case Of The Blues (Lennon) 2:27 Outfake (date unknown)

21. Real Love (Lennon) 3:50 Outfake (date unknown)

Anthology version and Meet The Threetles version mixed together. 22. Pepperland Time (Lennon/McCartney) 3:41 Outfake (date unknown)

23. Me And My Montage (Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starkey) 12:12 Outfake (date unknown)