Beatles Cd - Strawberry Fields Forever / Not Revised Edition

Beatles Cd - Strawberry Fields Forever / Not Revised Edition
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Beatles Cd - Strawberry Fields Forever / Not Revised Edition
Beatles classic collector’s item 2 works “STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER // NOTHING IS REAL” is the latest remastered reprint series New from the “Retrospective Collection”! 80’s analog record A well-known boot masterpiece that was released on a hard disk and later made into a CD. It was a nostalgic item for Beatles collectors at the time. vinegar. Two works that also included the first appearance studio session sound source. in the 90’s The official release of “Anthology” summarizes the studio session sound source Although it will be released to the public, even now there are many sound sources and mix differences that have not been officially recorded. It contains a lot of information, and the edited content can be said to be a masterpiece of an introductory collector’s edition. cormorant. In this latest edited and revised version, the original analog board 2 works are combined. It is the latest update revised version that restructured the contents. RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, once released in the 70’s and 80’s Based on the original board that was released, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound. Reproduced with the highest quality master sound source. As a result, not only did the sound quality improve, but also the recorded content was recorded longer before and after the song, and the sound source that was monaural was also recorded in stereo. “Revised Ede” which has undergone a major renewal such as being converted to Leo version” (revised edition). is revived with the latest update, which will be a new production with different quality and editing content This is a reprint collector’s item series. 24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, 24-bit high-spec editing equivalent to high-resolution sound source Recorded with “HQ remaster” by. Listening to records/CDs with the same title in the past The difference is obvious! Recording with the highest sound quality at the moment I’m here. [Content details] Original analog record board “STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER” The title song is only the beginning, and the content is a late rare sound source compilation Such content. “STRAWBERRY”, which has a different sound source from the original FIELDS FOREVER (Take 7), THE INNER LIGHT (Take 6 with Vocal)” and “THE FOOL ON THE HILL” are demos for the first time Real Stereo Recorded by replacing the sound source. “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE” broadcast on TV all over the world Uncut version that is significantly longer than the original, and also first appearance Real stereo sound source. David Frost Shaw’s intro jam and “Hey Jude” also sound It has been replaced with a real stereo sound source as well as quality improvement. “THANK YOU GURU DAI / HAPPY BIRTHDAY” This is also a significantly longer version of the stereo mix than the original by Gi Jam. Recorded in box. “PEACE OF MIND” was recorded in the 70’s analog boot It became a hot topic as an unreleased song found in the trash can of Apple Studios What has become a sound source that has now turned out not to be the Beatles Recorded according to the original. The sound quality of the original sound source is quite bad, and this time it is a Beatle The sound is so good that you can tell that it’s not a joke (laughs). “IT’S ALL TOO MUCH” is a video with a different mix from the remastered sound source currently on DVD. Recorded with a video sound source. “THE BARBER OF SEVILLE” is the movie “HELP! 』En It was mono on the original board with the instrumental that flows in the ding, but it was collected in stereo. is recorded. In the second half, it is a sequel as an original analog record board Includes “NOTHING IS REAL”. “Not Guilty,” “I’m Only Sleeping,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is currently officially released, so it has not been recorded, but the other recorded songs are Recorded with a high-quality master sound source that is higher than the original board. “STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER” is a complete uncut recording of takes 1 to 6, just like the original. centre “HEY JUDE” and “REVOLUTION” from film footage are the original monaural sound sources Recorded with a real stereo mix that is not. Also the last “CHRISTMAS The complete version of “TIME (IS HERE AGAIN)” is also the first appearance of real music. Recorded as a telemix.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER 1. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 7) 2. THE BUS (Instrumental From Magical Mystery Tour Film) 3. THE INNER LIGHT (Take 6 with Vocal) 4. THE FOOL ON THE HILL (Demo) 5. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (Our World TV Broadcast) 6. BY GEORGE! IT’S THE DAVID FROST SHOW (Impromptu Jam from The David Frost Show TV 1968) 7. HEY JUDE (Take 2 from The David Frost Show TV 1968) 8. I AM THE WARLUS (Basic Track Acetate) 9. THANK YOU GURU DAI / HAPPY BIRTHDAY (India 1968) 10. YER BLUES (Dialogue from Rock And Roll Circus) 11. WHAT’S THE NEW MARY JANE (Take 4)

12. PEACE OF MIND (Not The Beatles) 13. IT’S ALL TOO MUCH (Short Edit from Yellow Submarine Movie) 14. THE BARBER OF SEVILLE (Soundtrack from Help! Movie) NOTHING IS REAL 15. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 1) 16. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 1 with Overdub) 17. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 2) 18. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 3) 19. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 4) 20. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 5) 21. STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER (Take 6) 22. HEY JUDE (Take 9 Rehearsal from Experiment In Television) 23. REVOLUTION (Promotion Film Stereo Remix) 24. CHRISTMAS TIME (IS HERE AGAIN) (Complete Version) All Tracks are New Stereo Remix and Remasters 2022 24bit HQ Remastered Audiophile CD