Beatles Cd - Singing The Blues

 Beatles Cd - Singing The Blues
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 Beatles Cd - Singing The Blues
The sound source of the get back session in January 1969 is hard to grasp the whole as it is in view of its enormous length and contents. However, the sound source has been entertaining a lot of enthusiasts since the analog era. Even in the current view, the analog board feels strongly about the maker’s feelings, and it is communicating that this session is well compiled. Aside from materials, get-back sessions are very good contents that even a person who is kind to listen can extract and enjoy the essence. Actually this song order, I think that there are more people from old days who feel nostalgia as well as this.

Completely recorded “SINGING THE BLUES” from the same name of vintage analogue, digital remastered important title for old fans. It is not just an analog wake-up, but it is reprinted by re-editing the tape source which is long before and after the song and has good sound quality. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.

01. I’ve Got A Feeling 02. Dig It 03. Rip It Up 04. Shake Rattle And Roll 05. Kansas City – Miss Ann – Lawdy Miss Clawdy 06. Blue Suade Shoes 07. Get Back 08. Get Back 09. The Walk 10. I Me Mine 11. Johnny B Goode 12. Johnny B Goode 13. Polythene Pam 14. Improvisation 15. Two Of Us 16. Two Of Us 17. Diggin My Potatoes 18. Hey Liley, Liley Ho 19. Rock Island Line 20. Improvisation 21. Unknown Song 22. Singing The Blues 23. I Me Mine 24. Improvisation 25. Back Seat Of My Car 26. Back Seat Of My Car 27. Improvisation 28. Song Of Love 29. Song Of Love