Beatles Cd - Sessions Second Version Revised Edition

Beatles Cd - Sessions Second Version Revised Edition
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Beatles Cd - Sessions Second Version Revised Edition
The Beatles classic collector’s item “SESSIONS-SECOND VERSION” is the latest remastered reprint series “Retrospective Collection” Released in 1985 as the Beatles’ first unreleased song sound source album. Sessions, which had been scheduled for lease, was shelved in the final stages. From the post-analog era to the early days of CDs, many items have been sold. Essential for Beatles collectors around the world as the definitive version of Geo Outtake It was an album. This “second version” is among many items This white following the color jacket version first released from Lily as the real jacket design originally planned for the black jacket It is a complete reproduction of what was given. In this “second version” The recording is also composed of sound source sources that are all different from the “first version”. I’m here. By unedited master sound sources dating back before album editing “Extended and Unedited Masters” and another sound source center Includes two versions of “Alternate Masters”. Reorganized contents by combining two versions different from “first version” as the latest edited revision It is a revised edition of the latest update. RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, once released in the 70’s and 80’s Based on the original board that was released, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound. Reproduced with the highest quality master sound source. As a result, sound quality improvement is more As for the recorded content, the front and back of the song were recorded longer, and the sound source that was monaural was also recorded as a stereo. “Revised Ede” which has undergone a major renewal such as being converted to Leo version” (revised edition). is revived with the latest update, which will be a new production with different quality and editing content This is a reprint collector’s item series. 24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, 24-bit high-spec editing equivalent to high-resolution sound source Recorded with “HQ remaster” by. Listening to records/CDs with the same title in the past The difference is obvious! Recording with the highest sound quality at the moment I’m here. [Content details] The black and white jacket, which is the original design of the unreleased album that has been shelved In the “Sessions” “Second Version” where the music was reproduced, the recorded songs are also “F It consists of sound sources that are all different from the first version. Unedited and Unedited Masters” before album editing Includes unedited master sound sources dating back to . Count or chime before and after the song Recorded in a longer state with some cuts or unedited. Of course mix Editing is also different from the original recorded “first version” is. In the second half of the CD, “Alternate Masters” is a track from “Sessions” Sound sources such as different versions and different mixes that were not recorded on the original board are collected together. Even the same take was created with slightly different sound sources and production processes. Pseudo-stereo mix (duophonic) etc. are recorded together. “Farth You can enjoy the difference even more by listening to and comparing it with the original version. come.

THE BEATLES SESSIONS – EXTENDED AND UNEDITED MASTERS 1. COME AND GET IT (Take 1) 2. LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE (Take 4) 3. NOT GUILTY (Take 102 Unedited) 4. I’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU (Take 1) 5. WHAT’S THE NEW MARY JANE (Take 2/4) 6. HOW DO YOU DO IT (Original Mono Sessions Mix) 7. BESAME MUCHO (Original Mono Sessions Mix) 8. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 4/5 Edit V4 Sessions Mix) 9. IF YOU’VE GOT TROUBLES (Take 1 Unedited) 10. THAT MEANS A LOT (Original Sessions Mix) 11. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTRY WEEPS (Take 1 Extended) 12. MAILMAN, BRING ME NO MORE BLUES (Extended Stereo Mix) 13. CHRISTMAS TIME (IS HERE AGAIN) (Take 1) 14. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (Take 5 Edit) THE BEATLES SESSIONS – ALTERNATE MASTERS 15. COME AND GET IT (Take 5) 16. LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE (Take 5) 17. NOT GUILTY (Take 102 RM1) 18. I’M LOOKING THROUGH YOU (Take 1 – Abbey Road Show Mix) 19. WHAT’S THE NEW MARY JANE (Original Stereo Mix) 20. HOW DO YOU DO IT (Original Duophonic Stereo Mix) 21. BESAME MUCHO (Original Duophonic Stereo Mix) 22. ONE AFTER 909 (Original Sessions Mix) 23. IF YOU’VE GOT TROUBLES (Clean Stereo Mix) 24. THAT MEANS A LOT (Stereo Sessions Mix) 25. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTRY WEEPS (Take 1 Edited) 26. MAILMAN, BRING ME NO MORE BLUES (Original Sessions Mix)

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