Beatles Cd - Live At Palais Des Sports Paris 1965 Remastered Stereo

Beatles Cd - Live At Palais Des Sports Paris 1965 Remastered Stereo
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Beatles Cd - Live At Palais Des Sports Paris 1965 Remastered Stereo
The reason why the Beatles came out to the world was that in the early 1964, “I want to hug” nationwide hit the number one hit. Entered the United States already, but Epstein must have been convinced that it was a success as timely “I want to embrace” a souvenir. This historic first report arrived at the Beatles was in the middle of a continuous performance in Paris in January 1964. Continuous performances in Paris at this time are unparalleled large-scale tours, and this long-term tour at the same venue is only this time in the history of the Beatles. The local popular European Beatles have expanded to the world scale, the moment of the spark was in Paris. In case

And the Beatles will perform Paris performances again in 1965. It was exactly a triumphant regiment that was dignified as a substitute for the previous year. The situation changed dramatically in the year of 1964, and the Beatles were not to do a continuous performance in a small theater. In the year-end of 1964 we performed a seven-day performance at Hammersmith Odeon in London and the early January 1965 also spent the first half of January as a concert in London’s Odeon cinema. And at the end of June, the tour which took place for the first time in about five months is a European tour around France, Italy and Spain. It was relatively short as a tour of about two weeks from June 20 th to 19 th July 1965. This work is recorded on the first day of the day, two day and night performances performed in Paris on June 20. In case

【Set list of European tour in 1965】 The set list of 1965 is a special one only at this time and it is very interesting, which is significantly different from the US tour of the summer of 1965. Although the flow of “Twist And Shout” “She’s A Woman” is the same, it is the only tour that is left live playing “I ‘m A Loser” John sings using a harmonica holder. Is not it fun to have “She’s A Woman” singing “Give” of “My love do not give me presents …” to “Buy” singing? What is Paul’s intention to sing like this with the same meaning while ignoring the fitting of lyrics? Also, “Rock And Roll Music” was played in the second half, “Ticket To Ride” was positioned before the encore, and it is just a characteristic sequence only at this time. Although it may not be very important, it is also rare for apple songs to be played before George. In case

【Department of Paris Performance Day 20th June 20th 1965】 In the lunchtime section in Paris in 1965 there are different sound sources of several different outflow paths. For sake of convenience, what is referred to as source A is a sound board sound source with very good sound quality. Although it is not certain what kind of outflow occurred, although the cut caused by the master is scattered, very good sound quality is used in the main work in this work. What is supposed to be the source B subsequently. This is an air check sound source of the broadcast live on the radio at that time. It is surprising that the Beatles’ live broadcast was live, but the sound quality is still being recorded, it is featured that it is recorded with almost uncut only for live broadcasting. Furthermore, although this radio broadcasting is rebroadcasted at a later date, if the sound source is assumed to be the source C for convenience, since the number of tracks is small since it is not complete recording, the state of air check is different, so sound quality is superior to source B It is a characteristic feature. Thus, each has its own characteristic with the source ABC. In conventional launched boards such as TSP, for example, those using only source A were mainstream. Whether it is a product of a great era that does not care about the position of fine cuts, it is far from a decision board that the pitch is unstable, as well as content. “PARIS LEFT BREATHLESS” (3CD + 2 DVD) released from M Claudel Label is still positioned as the highest peak of the performance in Paris in 1965, contains source ABC and each remaining sound source, ABC Also edited to record longest recorded is also included. It is unnecessary if there is only this title. And this work has recorded a source ABC with the longest record by lowering the threshold a little more. As mentioned earlier, it is edited with the sound source A as the main source and the missing part as the source C, source B priority, and I pride himself as the longest and best one in the Paris performance daytime section. The sound quality is also different from “PARIS LEFT BREATHLESS”, which is not a good bad story but a different thing. By adding the spread to the sound by the latest remaster, there is no sound image with stereo feeling in the past, and from the new fan who touches Paris performances for the first time to the mania, it can be satisfied as a different thing from the pre-launch board I expect it. In case

In addition, the performance of the undercard is also recorded at the beginning. Although it is mainly digest recording, among others, the performance of yard birds has been known for a long time as a live tone generator when Jeff Beck enrolled, and also for yardbirds fans for a long time. Also at the end of the disc are several interviews in Paris. Although it may be impossible to understand because it is in English, I think that I feel that atmosphere at that time. In case

【Parisian night night section 20th June 1965】 There are also multiple sound sources for this evening section, but you know that there are more pictures than that. It is a shot looking up from the bottom with a monochrome video, but it is a valuable record that video is almost completely left in the pro shot. And many of the pre-launch boards including TSP were using “I Feel Fine” in the daytime, that is, “I Feel Fine” in the night part was missing for a long time. This is also “PARIS LEFT BREATHLESS” as well as the sound source of the day properly used, as well as this work is also followed. In addition, it is also in recent years that the detailed set list turned out, and it is only a few including this work that the order of the songs was also messed up as chitin and the set list. ABC and three types of sound sources exist in the daytime section, whereas the night section has two sources, the source derived from the image and the source called the station archive. In this work, both of these two sources are recorded. The source from the image is good sound quality throughout the whole without missing especially, so it is not necessary to complement the special station, archive source, so content editing has not been done. In case

【LIVE AT PALAIS DES SPORTS PARIS】 This work is a collection of two day and night performances of the Paris performance on June 20, 1965. The day part is the longest and best one by editing a defective plural sauce, and a new remaster which is different from the already-to-be-issued board is given sound quality also. The night section contains two kinds of perfect sources that do not require mutual complementation to remain. As a bonus track, the undercut of the day section, and an interview in Paris.

PALAIS DES SPORTS PARIS FRANCE June 20, 1965 DISC ONE – AFTERNOON SHOW – OPENING ACTS 01. I’m Alright (Les Pollux) 02. Memphis Tennessee (Evy) 03. Joy, Joy, Joy (Moustique) 04. Les Copains D’Abord (Les Haricots Rouges) 05. I Wish You Would (Yardbirds)

THE BEATLES 06. Twist And Shout 07. She’s A Woman 08. I’m Loser 09. Can’t Buy Me Love 10. Baby’s In Black 11. I Wanna Be Your Man 12. A Hard Day’s Night 13. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 14. Rock And Roll Music 15. I Feel Fine 16. Ticket To Ride 17. Long Tall Sally

INTERVIEWS 18. June 1965 19. June 21, 1965 In A Car 20. June 21, 1965 At The Hotel 21. June 21, 1965 Fans Reactions

DISC TWO – EVENING SHOW – NEW REMASTERED 01. Twist And Shout 02. She’s A Woman 03. I’m A Loser 04. Can’t Buy Me Love 05. Baby’s In Black 06. I Wanna Be Your Man 07. A Hard Day’s Night 08. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 09. Rock And Roll Music 10. I Feel Fine 11. Ticket To Ride 12. Long Tall Sally

STATION ARCHIVE SOURCE 13. Twist And Shout 14. She’s A Woman 15. Ticket To Ride 16. Can’t Buy Me Love 17. I’m A Loser 18. I Wanna Be Your Man 19. A Hard Day’s Night 20. Baby’s In Black 21. Rock And Roll Music 22. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 23. Long Tall Sally 24. I Feel Fine