Beatles Cd- Indiana State Fair & Montreal 1st US Tour 1964

Beatles Cd-  Indiana State Fair & Montreal 1st US Tour 1964
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Beatles Cd-  Indiana State Fair & Montreal 1st US Tour 1964
In February 1964 Epstein ‘s strategy was taken to suppress the exposure and raise the feeling of hunger for the fan by only two performances and television appearances, which is the only time in February 1964. And in the summer nationwide tour which will be the second visit to the United States, in contrast to that, I spent a live time almost every day from August 19th to September 20th on a daily schedule every day. This hard schedule chooses a big venue instead of reducing the number the following year, resulting in a legendary concert such as a share stadium. This work, coupled with the national tour from the beginning of 1964, couples two performances of the September 8 Montreal performance in addition to the September 3 Indianapolis performance. Also this time, as with the previous series, using the Rogener Sauce of the famous collector collection, realized a remarkable improvement in sound quality compared with the original disk. In addition, tapes more than 40 years old tend to be unstable in regeneration, the pitch which was released so far was slightly inaccurate, but it was adjusted to ± 0 as much as possible, due to fatigue of the master tape We will remove the distortion etc. as much as possible and reproduce the performance of the Beatles as it was able to listen at the venue at the time.

The first half includes September 3, 1964 Indianapolis performance. Beginning with the introduction of the DJ of the local radio station that recorded this sound source, John greeted “Hello” towards the microphone, Paul told the count high and “Twist And Shout” began. The tone of John’s voice is also good, that rock and roll voice bursts. Depending on the show, it is John who is playing and not singing properly, but this Indianapolis is singing to Majima to the standard. Also, the feature of this day will be its good sound quality. As a sound source from the North American tour of 1964, there are notable Hollywood bowls, as well as well-known performances such as whiskey flat and Vancouver, but even though Hollywood Bowl, which was officially recorded, is an exception, this Indianapolis is an outgoing sound source Among them, it will belong to the highest category. The balance of sound, the omission of treble, the sound of bass, which is very impeccable high sound quality. Unfortunately it is a point that the second half of the last “Long Tall Sally” is barely cut, but it can be said that it is a full source of attractive spirit which supplements its shortcomings.

In the latter half, September 8, 1964 Montreal performance was recorded. This is a precious excavated sound source in recent years, a valuable concert in Montreal that I could not know until now. Although the sound quality does not reach Indianapolis, it probably was recorded at the local radio station, this is also recorded as a soundboard sound source. It is close to Indianapolis and day, and also Canadian performance, so we can listen to the momentum playing. The MC of French must also freshly respond to the maniac collecting the Beatles’ concert. Unfortunately the two songs “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Long Tall Sally” that were supposed to be played have not been unveiled so far, but all the existing ones are recorded.

Around the North American for almost a month on hard schedule, the enthusiasm for the rest of the world is still handed down as a legend and is important in the history of the Beatles, the first national tour in the summer of 1964. Among them, Indianapolis prototypes protruding both in sound quality and performance, coupled with Montreal performance unearthed in recent years. Both performances are suitable contents for decision boards such as sound quality and pitch adjustment.

Indiana State Fair Coliseum Indianapolis U.S.A. Sep 3, 1964 01 Jerry Baker Introduction 02 Twist and Shout 03 You Can’t Do That 04 All My Loving 05 She Loves You 06 Things We Said Today 07 Roll Over Beethoven 08 Can’t Buy Me Love 09 If I Fell 10 I Wanna Hold Your Hand 11 Boys 12 Hard Day’s Night 13 Long Tall Sally

Montreal Forum Montreal Quebec Canada Sep 8, 1964 14 Twist and Shout 15 You Can’t Do That 16 All My Loving 17 She Loves You 18 Things We Said Today 19 Roll Over Beethoven 20 Can’t Buy Me Love 21 If I Fell 22 Boys 23 Hard Day’s Night