Beatles Cd - In Concert At Whiskey Flat 1964

 Beatles Cd - In Concert At Whiskey Flat 1964
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 Beatles Cd - In Concert At Whiskey Flat 1964
■ The latest remaster of a whiskey / flat sound source ■ The latest remaster of Seattle performance

“IN CONCERT AT WHISKEY FLAT” which included the 1964 North American tour of the Beatles was known as one of the Beatles’ first bootlegs imported to Japan in 1971. The original sound source is said to be an air check although it was relayed by FM at that time, the more the sound quality is wonderful. However, contrary to the reputation of its sound source, the place to record is still unknown. Success in the United States is a success in the show business, the overwhelming schedule of the first North America tour of the summer of 1964 that I wish for the first time, almost all over the United States without break is built for about a month, and the number is It actually extends to 26 performances. This work, the so-called whiskey / flat performance, is also one of the 26 performances, but there is no confirmation that it is specific.

From the fact that the relay which became the source of this sound source was done through the FM station of New Jersey from 30th August 1964 there is also Atlantic City theory, but this synopsis because it does not synchronize with the image of the day being left behind You can deny it. Also, the Atlanta performance theory seems to have been confused with Atlantic City, the Beatles are out of the question because in 1964 the Beatles did not perform in Atlanta in the first place. And Mark Ruyson supports the Philadelphia theory on 2 September 1964. This is based on the record that the Philadelphia show was broadcasted then and is considered the most influential theory at the moment. Either way, it is only certain that the concert is “other than” a fixed date such as Vancouver or Hollywood bowl. Incidentally, Whiskey Flat is the name of the place in California, but in California except Hollywood Bowl there is no corresponding performance, which also deepens the mystery. At the present stage there is only a conclusion that the place of performance is still uncertain.

Because it is a famous concert and sound source since long ago, the sound quality is quite good, and the damage that was in the original tape is repaired as much as possible. It is exactly a typical sound source of the 1964 US tour lining up with the Hollywood bowl. And unlike the Hollywood bowl, which is premised on recording, the rough and momentous performance will be irresistible for fans. In “If I Fell”, John and Paul singing while listening to songs while listening to songs are very much listening.

In the second half, Seattle performance on August 21, 1964 was recorded. I am surprised because this is the audience recording of 1964. Of course it is severe to compare with whiskey flat, but it is a sound quality that you can listen enough and deserves a special mention at the point that it is completely recorded. In the Seattle performance in the past, the sound of cheers was large and the performances were apt to be buried, but in this work, the band of the sound of the audience is reduced, mastering with the front as a whole cleanly was given There. The difference is obvious if you listen and compared, the Seattle performance that had been rather heavy on the value as a record so far was rather polished up to the level where you can appreciate the original tape by this work, by all means I’d like you to have fun.

From 1964 North American tour, this work fully recorded the high-quality sound and momentous concert known as “whiskey flat”, and the two performances of August 21, 1964 in Seattle. It presents it as the decision board of the classic sound source with the latest remaster.