Beatles Cd - Hot As Sun (2/Cd)

Beatles Cd - Hot As Sun (2/Cd)
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Beatles Cd - Hot As Sun (2/Cd)
THE BEATLES HOT AS SUN Unreleased LP Remade 2 CD Pieced togeteher with TLC, here is what could of been the Beatles album release of 1969! 2 CDS with new remixes, edits and upgrades of a few songs plus a first on CD!

DISC ONE: 01) Maxwell's Silver Hammer brand new take, pieced together from the better portions of numerous "Get Back" era attempts 02) Don't Let Me Down an alternate take, combined with a speed-adjusted intro from another take 03) Hot As Sun The "Get Back" era performance and the "McCartney" LP version 04) Junk A mono remix and re-edit of the "McCartney" version 05) Polythene Pam The lone January 1969 attempt, with all of John's mistakes and pauses seamlessly removed to allow for one complete take 06) Octopus's Garden An alternate version, recorded for a George Martin TV special 07) I Should Like To Live Up A Tree An unreleased Lennon song from the Get Back sessions 08) Zero Is Just Another Even Number From Get Back Sessions 09) What's The News Mary Jane John's unreleased single mix 10) Dirty Old Man From Get Back Sessions 11) Proud As You Are From Get Back Sessions re-edited 12) You Know My Name (Vocals Only)

DISC TWO: 01) Watching Rainbows From Get Back Sessions 02) My Kind Of Girl A mono remix of "Oo You" from McCartney 03) Suicide From Get Back Sessions re-edited 04) You Know My Name Past Masters 2 version 05) Because A mono remix of the Abbey Road version 06) Across The Universe A mono remix of the Past Masters 2 07) Lullaby For A Lazy Day The famous outfake, pitch-shifted to resemble Lennon's voice more closely 08) Have You Heard The Word Another famous outfake, sourced from its only official CD release 09) Madman From Get Back Sessions 10) One After 909 From Get Back Sessions 11) Oh! I Had A Dream From Get Back Sessions with Billy Preston Jam 12) Four Knights In Moscow Ringo's "Early 1970" mono mix