Beatles Cd - Extractions V

Beatles Cd - Extractions V
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Beatles Cd - Extractions V
The 5th latest compilation in 2022, which summarizes the Beatles’ featured remix and remastered sound sources, is now available from BEATFILE!

As before, we will deliver maniac remixes such as multi-track remixes, new remixes that combine multiple sound source sources, stereo conversion of demo sound sources, and the latest editing with noise removal and detailed restoration work.

This time, many “hidden vocals” are recorded, and the vocals of the backing choruses and melody lines that are not normally heard are vividly reproduced. A lot of interesting sound sources that new discoveries are buried are recorded.

This is the latest collector’s edition, which is the 5th in a series that summarizes unprecedented mixes and upgraded sound sources, including editing unique to overseas collectors! A must-have item for fans who can enjoy V with good quality! 01. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (without 12-Strings Guitar)/02. THINK FOR YOURSELF (Instrumental)/03. YELLOW SUBMARINE (Acoustic Version / Paul’s Hidden Vocal)/04. SHE SAID, SHE SAID (Instrumental)/05. RAIN (Reversed Vocal)/06. BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR.KITE! (without Drums and Bass)/07. LOVELY RITA (Hidden Vocal on Piano Part)/08. SGT.PEPPER’S LONELY HEART’S CLUB BAND (REPRISE) (Hidden Vocal on Start)/09. PENNY LANE (Forever Short Edit)/10. ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (Hums Wild Version Stereo Remix)/11. BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (Naked)/12. BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (Vocals Up in Guitar Solo)/13. WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (Take 1)/14. HELTER SKELTER (Hidden Vocals Up)/15. COME TOGETHER (Overdub and Reverb on Vocal)/16. HERE COMES THE SUN (Lost Guitar Solo)/17. SOMETHING (Naked)/18. SOMETHING (Paul’s Hidden Vocal on Solo)/19. SOMETHING (Intro-No Drums / Vocal Replaces Guitar Solo)/20. BECAUSE (Vocal Overdub)/21. LET IT BE (Take 27 Original Solo)