Beatles Cd - Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 4

Beatles Cd -  Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 4
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Beatles Cd -  Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 4
【BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE】 It is the fourth work of the series. This time we recorded a demonstration sound source of 1968 and 1969. As the Beatles corresponding to the night before the dissolution, it is an unreleased song that was later recorded in the solo album, or a demo sound source of songs that were offered to Apple artists right after launching their own label, this is also interesting It is recorded.

In 1968 three types of sound sources were recorded. First of all it is John’s demonstration sound source who visited the apple’s house from November 1968 to December. I’ve played “I’ve Got A Feeling” and “Do not Let Me Down” a couple of months after get back session. However, “I’ve Got A Feeling” repeats the same melody only, and John is a completely unfinished state just to put lyrics on ad lib. It is often thought that this is what we have completed to complete the release in 2 months. “Oh My Love” which is recorded 2 take is the song recorded in “Imagine” you know. Although the main point is completed, it still does not come out of the domain of the demonstration sound source, lyrics and melody are greatly different. Although the release version was the music of the piano more than anything, this is characterized by being played by acoustic guitar. I can hear the voice of an apple after playing. “Do not Let Me Down” is also in an incomplete state, the composition of the songs is not decided, repeating the melody which becomes the skeleton, it is a demo sound source as if you are seeking to have an idea floating. The part of that “Donretsumi – Dan” that impresses songs more than anything is not yet granted. This is also surprising because it is completed perfectly in the getback session after two months.

Followed by George and Bob Dylan’s session in New York from November to December 1968. We are taking lead vocals with two people in a friendly atmosphere only for the two who are friendly. “I ‘d Have You Anytime” is a song that decorates the beginning of the album “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” later. As you can see from the fact that composing credits are (HARRISON? DYLAN), this song is a joint work by George and Dylan, and here we can also hear singing together by two people.

The end of 1968 is “Goodbye” by Paul recorded between November and December. Paul’s work famous for recording and announcing by Mary Hopkin, but here is a demonstration sound source by Paul himself rather than Mary. Mary said in an interview that “Paul was surprised because it was composed in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye”. Perhaps this sound source seems to be the sound source that Paul recorded as a reference vocal to instruct Mary like “Come And Get It”.

From here it becomes a sound source in 1969. First of all, it is a demonstration sound source of “Woman Is The Nigger Of The World” by John who was recorded in the early 1969 although the date is unknown. Yoko is present at the same time and hears voices from place to place. There is no magnificent atmosphere like the release version, John also has an unobtrusive singing way far from screaming and the impression is different from release version. The song composition and the fine melody are also different, such as putting a break part in the middle.

From 25th to 31st March 1969, John will stay at the Hilton hotel in Amsterdam. At that time I recorded the appearance of playing guitar with one hand. After having finished the get back session, it is singing only the part of the intro’s “Donretsumi – Dan” repeatedly only “Akito” while “Do not Let Me Down”. I am checking the tone of the voice while clearing my throat whether my throat is igara. Two songs “Those Were The Days” and “Jerusalaim” are rare things that John sings of Mary Hopkin’s song. Sorry, John is disappointed that he played from the middle and does not complete. “I Want You” is that song that will be recorded in “Abbey Road” later. Although this is only Akogi, the atmosphere of riffs and good songs that are heavy has already been completed.

Then from May 26th to June 2nd 1969, John and Yoko will stay at Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. The main feature here is “Because”. A demonstration sound source John is singing in acoustic music alone. Tempo is fast and it is a wonderful take that stands out very beautifully for melody. What if we were released as a song by John alone rather than by a mixed voice in the release version? And the image of “Give Peace A Chance” during the stay at this hotel is also famous one time, and here also four take is recorded. It is a song with a strong impression that many people sing titles like choruses in large numbers, but the first take is a rare simple performance of only John and Yoko, and John is a one hand phone “Hello, Hello” It is fascinating that I repeat Japanese that.

A sound source that was said to have been recorded at John ‘s house in Sally between June and July 1969. It is a song that will be recorded in “Imagine” later. Not only because it is at home, Yoko who always acted with John at all times this time is also participating at this time. Would not it be shameful that it is only a song that sings his name to a high degree? While playing, the song changes to “I Want You” and you can also listen to the unique john that returns to “Oh Yoko”.

Is “Can I Have Rider On Your Donkey” a live broadcast from Paul’s home? It is a sound source when Kenny Everett appeared on a radio show hosting. Paul is singing a song called “Can I Have Rider On Your Donkey” on the piano with ad lib. The title is “Can I Have Rider · · ·”, but it is interesting that Paul’s pronunciation is obviously singing so that he can hear the program moderator “Kenny Everett · · ·”.

In September 1969, a demo sound source of “Cold Turkey” was recorded at John’s Berkshire ‘s home. Originally this song John tried to announce it as a new song of the Beatles, but there remains an episode that Paul rejected stubbornly. In addition to that the title is a bad word of drug withdrawal symptoms, it is the latter half. It is obvious that the image of the Beatles is severely impaired, and Paul can also understand that he disagreed. After all it was later announced as John’s solo single. Also at the stage of the demo sound source included in this work, John ‘s strange groan voice has been inserted everywhere, even on the contrary it turns out that singing is singing so as to create an unpleasant atmosphere on purpose. In the last take, it is covered with a roaring voice like Yawk ‘s aaa, and it is finished difficult to obtain Paul’ s consent more and more.

After this, the outtakes of each part of the Christmas album by John, George, apple, Paul, each are recorded. It was once recorded in the studio at the time of the recording, but as you can see from the credits, here is also recorded separately at home, the appearance that the four people will be lined up before the dissolution Will.

The last track is unspecified. While John is playing the guitar in the back, Yoko is Japanese and it is a sound source that says “John and I are coming to Toronto …”. It is a message for Japanese fans.

【APPLE PROMOTING PRESS CONFERENCE 1968】 I would like you to think that it is treated as a bonus disc. As the main “BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE Vol.4” was recording the demonstration sound source of 1968 and 1969, the biggest event of the same time was that the Beatles established their company Apple Will. It would be agreeable if this is a turning point that is recorded in history as the first step leading to the dissolution of the Beatles if you are a mania. He also launched his own label to support talented artists, and sincerely thankfully the samurai’s commercial law, the Beatles’ spirituality was good, but in the end it has turned into a company that manages the music of the Beatles himself. This work includes the appearance of this Apple foundation press conference.

On May 14, 1968, John and Paul two people stepped on the land of America for the first time since the concert at the candle stick. At this time it was for a press conference to announce Apple’s in and out, not a concert. First press conference at Americana Hotel in New York. Next on that foot I answered an interview with a program called WNET NEWSFRONT and also appeared on the program called THE TONIGHT SHOW on the same night, talking about the philosophy of Apple that they established and receiving question-and-answer. As you can see, May 14, 1968 in New York staying like New York ladies with press conferences and program appearances lazily around, showing how well the members of the Beatles, especially John and Paul had hope in Apple.

Last recorded is when I appeared in the British program on June 16, 1968, Paul and Mary Hopkin are appearing together. Paul is only an interview, after Paul’s introduction by Mary himself, she plays live “Asahi no home”.

This work is the fourth bullet in the “BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE” series which included the Beatles’ precious demonstration sound source, studio outtake. The main thing is the sound of the very last years of 1968 and 1969, there are songs released at the solo album just before and after dissolution, and there are songs of Apple artists right after the establishment of Apple, variety variety . And on bonus discs, after Brian Epstein’s death, there are press conferences and radio appearances that will inform Apple about the turning point in every sense. Mary Hopkin ‘s studio live “Only the sun is up” is recorded though it is only one song. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.

【BIRDS SING OUT OF TUNE VOL.4】 RINGO’S HOME MONTAGU SQUARE October – December 01. I’ve Got A Feeling #102. Oh My Love #1 03. Oh My Love #2 04. I’ve Got A Feeling #2 05. A Case Of The Blues 06. Don’t Let Me Down #1 07. Don’t Let Me Down #2

WOODSTOCK NEW YORK with BOB DYLAN Novemver – December, 1968 08. Nowhere To Go 09. I’d Have You Anytime

PAUL’S HOME ST. JOHN’S WOOD Novemver – December, 1968 07. Goodbye

JOHN’S HOME SURREY Early 1969 11. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World

ROOM 902 AMSTERDAM HILTON HOTEL March 25 – 31, 1969 12. Don’t Let Me Down 13. Those Were The Days 14. I Want You #1 15. I Want You #2 16. Jerusalaim 17. Radio Peace

ROOM 1742 QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL MONTREAL May 26 – June 2 18. Because 19. Happiness Is A Warm Gun 20. Give Peace A Chance #1 21. Give Peace A Chance #2 22. Give Peace A Chance #3 23. Give Peace A Chance #4

JOHN’S HOME SURREY June – July 1969 24. Oh Yoko!

PAUL’S HOME ST. JOHN’S WOOD LONDON with KENNY EVERETT July 1969 25. Can I Have Rider On Your Donkey?

JOHN’S HOME BERKSHIRE September 1969 26. Cold Turkey #1 27. Cold Turkey #2 28. Cold Turkey #3

JOHN’S HOME BERKSHIRE EDITED & OVERDUBBED by KENNY EVERETT September – October 1969 29. Christmas Tape Excerpts by John

GEORGE’S HOME September – October 1969 30. Christmas Tape Excerpts by George

RINGO’S HOME ELSTEAD EDITED & OVERDUBBED by KENNY EVERETT September – October 1969 31. Christmas Tape Excerpts by Ringo

PAUL’S HOME ST. JOHN’S WOOD EDITED & OVERDUBBED by KENNY EVERETT September – October 1969 29. Christmas Tape Excerpts by Paul

JOHN’S HOME BERKSHIRE late 1969 30. Messege To Japan


WNET NEWSFRONT 02. St. Studio, New York taped : May 14, 1968 broadcasted : May 15, 1968

THE TONIGHT SHOW 03. Rockfeller Center Studio 6B taped & broadcasted : May 14, 1968

David Frost Presents … Frankie Howerd 04. TV Studios Wembley London June 16, 1968 05. House Of The Rising Sun by Mary Hopkin