Beatles Cd - Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 2

Beatles Cd - Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 2
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Beatles Cd - Birds Sing Out Of Tune Vol 2
First release, Woman Paulís drumming version.

Includes Old Brown Shoe, All Things Must Pass and Rock Of Ages from Appleís Acetate.

A Must-have label, Mistercaludel labelís new release is continuation of best seller item Birds Sing Out Of Tune which includes unreleased material.This title has each Beatles memberís songs and also sessions that each of they played. First of all, 3 takes of sessions for Hello Little Girl which they gave to Foremost,and session of Iím In Love which they gave to Billy J. Kramer.John and Paul which made the songs did not play musical instruments, but they instruct from the mixing desk.

And from Woman Session that Paul use false name and he give the song in 1965 , this title include Paul playing drum version that be in the news that put it up for auction site. And Magical Mystery Tour Sessions are also first release, they may be maniac because of just accordion instrumental.

3 songs in 1969, Old Brown Shoe, All Thins Must Pass and Rock Of Ages are from Apple acetate.they are leaked by Mr. Helter. We know they are already released them, but this titles used original sources that Mr. Helter gave us to directly.

This title includes bit maniac materials, but first appearance Woman Paulís drumming version and original recording from Apple Acetate, unmissable songs included. This title is surely permanent preservation.