Beatles Cd - Arrive In America 1964 (2/Cd)

Beatles Cd - Arrive In America 1964 (2/Cd)
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Beatles Cd - Arrive In America 1964 (2/Cd)
THE BEATLES ARRIVE IN AMERICA 1964 50TH ANNIVERSARY 2 CD Feb 7-10, 1964 - their arrival and over 155 minutes are here! BBC and TV appearances, radio and TV interviews, and interviews for promo use! They are all here in order! Best sources found and used! Some new finds and firsts to cd plus upgrades!Kennedy Airport, Plaza Hotel, Central Park, Ed Sullivan Show annd car rides! EVERYTHING as of 2013! 47 tracks! Approx 160 minutes!

DISC ONE: February 7, 1964 01 Off to America Pathe Newsreel 02 The Beatles Arrive - Mayles Footage 03 Arrival - The World Today MBS 04 Fans at Kennedy Airport 05 Paul Parker at Kennedy Airport WINS 06 Kennedy Airport Press Conference 07 Conquer America Newsreel 08 Arrival and Press Conf - ABC News 09 Arrival and Press Conf - NBC News 10 Jim Gordon at the Plaza Hotel WINS 11 Fans at the Plaza Hotel 12 Interview Plaza Hotel Meet The Beatles WINS 13 Interview Plaza Hotel with Brian Matthew Saturday Club 14 In The Beatles Suite at the Plaza Hotel 15 Malcolm Davies Report Saturday Club

February 8, 1964 16 Fans Outside Plaza 17 Bud Ballou Interview Plaza Hotel WOLF-AM 18 Central Park NY 19 Drive and Arrival at Ed Sullivan Show Rehearsal 20 The Ed Sullivan Show Promo 21 Beatles Arrive in USA - News in Brief 22 Beatlemania Grips Gotham Newsreel 23 George Interview with Ed Rudy Plaza Hotel 24 George WSPR-AM Promo 25 Interview with Jack Diamond WSPR-AM

DISC TWO: 01 Murray the K Swingin' Soiree Live 02 John and Ringo WMCA-AM Promos

February 9 Ed Sullivan Show, Studio 50, NYC, NY Taping 03 Introduction 04 Twist And Shout 05 Please Please Me 06 Ed Talks 07 I Want To Hold Your Hand

08 Interview with Murray the K at The Plaza Hotel 09 Interview - White Christmas - CBS Studios

Ed Sullivan Show, Studio 50, NYC, NY Live 10 Ad - Introduction 11 All My Loving 12 Till There Was You 13 She Loves You 14 Ed Talks 15 I Saw Her Standing There 16 I Want To Hold Your Hand 17 Interview with Carroll James - CBS Studio 50 - WWDC-AM 18 Plaza Hotel - Peppermint Lounge - Plaza Hotel

February 10 19 Interview Plaza Hotel - AP 20 Interview Plaza Hotel - CBS 21 Interview with Ed Rudy Plaza Hotel 22 Interview with Fred Robbins The Plaza Hotel - Radio Luxumbourg