Beatles Cd - Almost Grown

Beatles Cd - Almost Grown
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Beatles Cd - Almost Grown
The sound source of the January 1969 Get Back session is difficult to grasp in its entirety due to its enormous length and content. However, the sound source has been a great pleasure for enthusiasts since the old analog era. Even from the current point of view, the analog board strongly feels the creator’s commitment, and it can be seen that this session is being compiled well. Aside from the material, the get-back session is a very good content that even people who are a little listened to can extract and enjoy the essence. I think that there are many old enthusiasts who actually feel this song order, this and nostalgia.

Completely recorded “ALMOST GROWN” from the same title of vintage analog, digitally remastered the title that is important for old fans. It’s not just an analog transcription, but a re-edited and reprinted tape source with long front and back of the song and good sound quality

01. Get Back 24.96 02. Get Back 24.97 03. Bad Boy 24.98 04. Sweet Little Sixteen 24.99 05. Around And Around 24.100 06. Almost grown 24.101 07. Madman 14.31 08. St.Louis Blues 8.19 09. One After 909 8.20 10. All Things Must Pass 8.40 11. Across The Universe 7.90 12. Improvisation 7.91 13. Across The Universe 7.92 14. A Case Of The Blues 7.93 15. Gone Gone Gone 7.105 16. Let It Be 8.82