Beatles CD - 24/BIT White Acetates The Peter Sellers Tape Collection

Beatles CD -  24/BIT White Acetates The Peter Sellers Tape Collection
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Beatles CD -  24/BIT White Acetates The Peter Sellers Tape Collection
White Acetates – The Peter Sellers Tape Collection”, which contains the acetate sound source created before the completion of the masterpiece “White Album” released by The Beatles in 1968, is the latest remastered reprint series “Retrospective”. ・ New from the collection! Peter Sellers, one of Britain’s leading film actors who interacted with the Beatles, such as co-starring with Ringo Starr in the 1960s TV show and movie “Magic Christian”. The acetate board sound source of the “White Album” that he is said to have owned is familiar to collectors as “Peter Sellers Tapes”, and contains a rough mix before the completion of the “White Album”. . It was noted that the take call before the song was heard and the version different from the final mix was recorded, but this time the original acetate MONO sound source was remastered and recorded in real stereo. The sound quality itself has also been upgraded to the latest version in 2023.

RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound based on the original board released in the 70’s and 80’s, and reproduced with the highest sound quality master sound source at the moment. As a result, the sound quality has been improved, and the recorded content has been recorded longer before and after the song, and the monaural sound source has been converted to stereo. increase. This is a reprinted collector’s item series revived with the latest update, which is a new production with different quality and editing contents from the various titles with the same name so far.

24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, it is recorded with “HQ remaster” by 24bit high spec editing equivalent to high resolution sound source. The difference is obvious when you compare it with the former record/CD with the same title! It is recorded with the highest sound quality quality at the moment.

[Content details] “Peter Sellers Tapes”, which contains the acetate board sound source of the “White Album” that has been released in the past, was a monaural sound source of the original master, but the sound source recorded this time is the latest reproduction from the original master. Recorded in real stereo with the master. The sound image that was buried in monaural is reproduced clearly in real stereo, and most of the 12 songs were recorded in the past, but this time the unrecorded acetate sound sources “Birthday”, “Helter Skelter”, and “Revolution” 9″ is also included. This is the latest remastered edition with upgraded content and sound quality compared to many related titles in the past, including the real stereo version of the main story that will be released for the first time this time, as well as additional recorded songs.

1. BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (RM1) 2. ROCKY RACCOON (Take 10 RM1) 3. WILD HONEY PIE (Take 1 RM6) 4. MOTHER NATURE’S SON (Take 26 RM8) 5. SEXY SADIE (Take 117 RM5) 6. DON’T PASS ME BY (Take 7 Edit Piece 4 RM4) 7. INDIAN MUSIC / YER BLUES (Take 16/17 Edit Piece 1 RM3) 8. GOOD NIGHT (Take 34 RM6) 9. EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE EXCEPT ME AND MY MONKEY (Take 12 RM1) 10. OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (Take 23 RM21) 11. BLACKBIRD (Take 32 RM6) 12. NOT GUILTY (Take 102 RM1) 13. BIRTHDAY (RM1) 14. HELTER SKELTER (RM1) 15. REVOLUTION 9 (Acetate Master)

All Tracks from Original Mono Acetates to New Stereo Remix and Remasters 2023 24bit HQ Remastered Audiophile CD

Retropective Collection. RC211013CD1