Beatles / Candlestick Park 1966 / 1CD

Beatles / Candlestick Park 1966 / 1CD
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Beatles / Candlestick Park 1966 / 1CD
August 29, yesterday. 50 years ago, the Beatles as the last that day, we have to stop the live performance that was before the audience. From it was 50 years from the Japan tour this year, but the June and July was the place fresh in memory it showed a big upsurge in Japan, the Beatles performed the last live tour in the world now from the fact that the 50 anniversary of the 1966 America, has seen an upsurge. Budokan From Beatles live carrier is a passing point of the tour late, that corresponds to the real end would be 66-year US tour. Rather, it may be true and perfect is better expressed as a “last tour” is to mania. Since it is of no doubt it is a legendary tour in every sense. After all the Beatles had to stop the live activity with a book tour. Even though the group by up from the era of The Quarrymen to the stage has been grown, before the popularity you’ve been too hypertrophy in 66 years, live activities was the only no longer digestion.

There is a feeling that The Beatles have been exhausted narrative journey that leads to up there, you will not even need to write too late in detail here. The last of such last tour, became the grand finale of the live history of the Beatles on August 29, Candlestick Park. If our customers, than not a few people that the last show of the Beatles just heard this venue name crosses are. In fact without a mania, it is famously If the rock fans is Candlestick Park was the concert last of the land of the Beatles. Now from two years ago determines the demolition of this venue, where it was opened at the end of the rock concert was Paul none other, this also to is still fresh in memory, from our exquisite sound quality title There have been released. No, no, in fact 66 years of Candlestick Park show itself also shop released as “CANDLESTICK PARK 1966”. The sound source since it was unearthed in analog LP in the mid-80s, not only to say that ultra-valuable sound source that records the Beatles last live show, even when viewed from the entire last tour, the most excellent live sound source classic in the classic, which continues to reign.

The background of these sound source was left, and concerned that Candlestick Park is the last of the live, Paul will include that ordered it to record all the details of the live in staff. Not common, such as PA-out recording from the mixer is also the time to say and, as long as there is no broadcast purposes will not be recorded is prepared. This would have become record … and at the sound board recording if the late ’60s, but that this time did not happen to arrange up to there. Recording instead served as the public relations of the Beatles, (was died Coincidentally this year, mourning) and has been Tony Barlow accompany the tour at that time still dared to record using the portable cassette tape recorder and microphone was expensive doing. Is so to speak the sound source to be referred to as the “official audience recording,” but, now that this is left in a surprisingly easy-to-hear recording state. Arena seats are not provided in the stadium live of The Beatles, the stadium of the ground from the safety issue had become a place where only the security and staff come and go. Settings, such as further that in the Candlestick Park around the stage is covered with wire mesh, not considered now. By that have been recorded by Barlow that can swagger such a area, you Beatles last live has been recorded in an easy balance to hear about it.

66 years at that time, extremely difficult it is to leave a clear record from the audience wrapped live Beatles to screaming fans. Such Nowadays Toronto and Memphis, has appeared endure quality in the last tour of the audience recordings to listen to, but did not get away from screaming even them. That point Candlestick Park has been recorded from the suddenly close to the sound output emanating from the amp on the stage than the audience, so to speak, is recording situation of exceptional that official of the Front Row recording was nacelle industry. The balance of this on a sound image, sufficiently great even listening now. Yet low level of cheers, the more likely an illusion if they hear suddenly whether at the time of the radio sound source. However unfortunately, by the adverse effect of the cassette unique that one side of Duration is 30 minutes, is the final song of the day, The Beatles became the last of the live musical performance in the official as soon as the start of “Long Tall Sally” recording I have done. Playing the part of the later does not exist on earth. What for that, first in the LP was recorded Candlestick Park sound source (I will often see in the Middle Ages, even red is the array of the jacket of the frame … now), “Long Tall ~” I had been omit. It is then recorded in a pink pyramid Edition CD to “Long Tall ~”, and later Masu Yuki it becomes a standard.

Sound source that has been left by Barlow said that is a recording of 1966. The order to CD of it that has been subjected to equalize to produce a sense of realism by adding a DSP-like reverb, and more was also such as those directing the lost ending part of the “Long Tall ~”. Also with respect to our release “CANDLESTICK PARK 1966”, to obscure the fine sound interruption that occurred in the equalization, such as to eliminate the narrow sound image of the recorded range in the portable microphone, further “Baby’s In Black” and “Long Tall ~” It is what the process is like had been decorated. However Upon to this release, version of our shop has obtained new, if it’s expressed by the word “natural”. Even the pink pyramid board, which has been rated as the most natural is between mania, in front of this version would hear unnatural. Also is very soft listening comfort while including hiss, this is what Fierce vintage taste of the unique era of 1966. Is completely alien to the honor student specific past Candlestick Park title trimmed the sound, it is worthy of the word exactly antiques.

And given that all members is the last of the live, the Beatles also captured diligently to how the play like bitten and tightened the one song one song. The Beatles Live generally 66 years is a dogma is that have lost the motivation of playing, I mean that would stop the actually live this day as the last, and up to 65 years in the current and rattle It has been perceived as playing in unusual slow sense of groove. In other words, rather than merely that lost motivation, rather than the pop momentum, such as the previous year, that had begun to honor the lock seems loose of. Its oriented Budokan from Germany of live sound, and I began to evolve into Candlestick Park. Apart from the rooftop concert after, of course in the historical value of a sound source that captures vividness of surprise the Beatles last live show, again natural and vintage best recording of the last tour, which now also not fade a long time ago release of the time that was recorded in a texture. The communicated us freshness and natural is to air a sense of stage of 50 years ago, legend has been vacuum-packed into the limitation of the press CD. Not an exaggeration to say in in the lock of history and an important day, the Beatles last live show. Its too valuable document along with the 1966 vintage seems is, please enjoy to your heart’s content!

1. Rock And Roll Music 2. She’s A Woman 3. If I Needed Someone 4. Day Tripper 5. Baby’s In Black 6. I Feel Fine 7. Yesterday 8. I Wanna Be Your Man 9. Nowhere Man 10. Paperback Writer 11. Long Tall Sally (fragment)