Beatles / The Beatles At Abbey Road / 1CD+1DVD

 Beatles / The Beatles At Abbey Road / 1CD+1DVD
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 Beatles / The Beatles At Abbey Road / 1CD+1DVD
London has been an EMI recording studio located in St. John’s Wood since the Beatles made their debut as a recording studio. It is a white building that melts in quiet streets without discomfort. Architecture dates back to 1831 and is an old building renovated into a recording studio in the 20th century. However, unlike Japan, there are no earthquakes In the UK it is not uncommon that buildings older than 100 years old are being used active. The last album of the Beatles, whose name was made famous by this studio, its name will be “Abbey Road”. Initially, go to Everest and take a jacket shot, the plan to make the title of the album “Mt. Everest” came up. But one of the members said, “Well, you do not have to go shooting all the way to Everest, do not bother to shoot, just go to the front of the studio and shoot and shoot the title” Abbey Road “is not it easy? I suggested, and it came true. It is a studio that the Beatles used as a home ground, a jacket was taken at the crosswalk of Abbey passing through the studio, and that the title is “Abbey Road” as it is as the name of the street, 1970 Since it entered the age, it was renamed “Abbey Road Studio.” Although it seems to be misunderstood, the time when the Beatles were using was not called Abbey Road Studio, it was said to be EMI Recording Studio. By the way Paul ‘s home in London is in a few minutes’ walk from this studio.

For the Beatles, the recording studio was a place where only sacred 4 people, exactly 4 plus plus George Martin and others were allowed to participate. No audiences to scream here, no fans to follow. It was a private space isolated from the bustle of the outside world. That heavy door was opened for the first time in 1983. “THE BEATLES AT ABBEY ROAD” was called, not only can general fans observe the studio, but also a screening documentary with precious unreleased take was made. Though 13 years have passed since the dissolution of the Beatles at this point, the second studio that the Beatles used for recording was active in the state as it was in the 1960s.

This special exhibition is limited for the period from 11th July to 11th September 1983, opening from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm. Meanwhile the screening of the documentary ‘THE BEATLES AT ABBEY ROAD’ has actually reached 168 times. This documentary is recorded as a case where EMI allowed the Beatles’ outtake to be public for the first time. The project’s successor to the “SESSIONS” from 1995 “ANTHOLOGY” can be called “THE BEATLES AT ABBEY ROAD”. Of course, even if it says outtaking, there are things that are familiar now and those that were later recorded in “ANTHOLOGY”, but in 1983 it was the outtake of the group of songs familiar to the Beatles, It was very surprising. Anything at this time Audience recording of the film screened at the studio was released as an analog boot. This work was recorded in the master version of the documentary screened at the event “THE BEATLES AT ABBEY ROAD”, commonly called ABBEY ROAD SHOW held at Abbey Road Studio in 1983.

Again, this documentary was produced specially for the event at Abbey Road Studios, and it was valuable that this documentary was only released at this time. Therefore, all that can be watched at present is an outflow image. Because of that, there were few blessed with image quality, each of which had been circulating only with its current quality. How much the picture quality was poor is that in the title released from HMC in 2016, the promotion video inserted in the middle and the substitutable video were finely replaced. However, this work is a master quality overturning conventional common sense, it will be a title that was completely recorded with the same source from the beginning to the end. Apart from the quality as a matter of content, although it was able to be watched even if it was already released, the release with this picture quality with a different outflow route is the first time, and the sound is recorded as original. Of course, although it is high image quality, it is based only on relative evaluation, and it is unlikely to compare with modern images with HDTV mainstream, but in any case it is definitely an upgrade grade that has never existed before.

Although this documentary focused on the Beatles, of course, a scene introducing the Abbey Road Studios themselves is included at the beginning. It is also interesting that the recording scenery of Helen Shapiro is recorded in color images, following the history used for recording from a wide range of orchestras to pops. All of the Beatles’ songs used in this documentary are outtakes that were the first time in the world at this time, interviews of engineers Norman Smith are inserted and progressing along the way. This album contains two versions, the complete version recorded with the original mono audio by master copy and the working version recorded with the stereo version of audio.

The CD is also the soundtrack of this documentary. Although there are many tracks to be faded as well as being recorded with announcements, I think that you can feel the nostalgia that you listened to at the time, which is the highest sound quality ever, compared to strawberry and HMC etc.

The latest work of M Claudel is a set of CD and DVD of Abbey Road Show in 1983. The images that had only poor image quality until now are completely recorded with high quality at the same source. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

THE BEATLES AT ABBEY ROAD abbey road show 1983 Directed by JOHN BARRETT, Narrated & Assistant by ROGER SCOTT

AUDIO DISC ABBEY ROAD SHOW SOUNDTRACK 01. Introduction 02. Love Me Do 03. How Do You Do It? 04. Saw Her Standing There 05. Twist And Shout 06. One After 909 07. Don’t Bother Me 08. A Hard Day’s Night 09. Leave My Kitten Alone 10. I’m A Loser 11. She’s A Woman 12. Ticket To Ride 13. Help! 14. Norwegian Wood 15. I’m Looking Through You 16. Paperback Writer 17. Rain 18. Penny Lane 19. Strawberry Fields Forever 20. Strawberry Fields Forever 21. A Day In The Life 22. Hello Goodbye 23. Lady Madonna 24. Hey Jude 25. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 26. Because 27. Ringo’s message – #9 Dream

DVD DISC MASTER COPY with MONO AUDIO 01. Introduction 02. Love Me Do 03. How Do You Do It? 04. Saw Her Standing There 05. Twist And Shout 06. One After 909 07. Don’t Bother Me 08. A Hard Day’s Night 09. Leave My Kitten Alone 10. I’m A Loser 11. She’s A Woman 12. Ticket To Ride 13. Help! 14. Norwegian Wood 15. I’m Looking Through You 16. Paperback Writer 17. Rain 18. Penny Lane 19. Strawberry Fields Forever 20. A Day In The Life 21. Hello Goodbye 22. Lady Madonna 23. Hey Jude 24. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 25. Because 26. Ringo’s message 27. #9 Dream – Closing Credits

WORKING VERSION with ORIGINAL STEREO AUDIO 01. Love Me Do 02. How Do You Do It? 03. Saw Her Standing There 04. Twist And Shout 05. One After 909 06. Don’t Bother Me 07. A Hard Day’s Night 08. Leave My Kitten Alone 09. I’m A Loser 10. She’s A Woman 11. Ticket To Ride 12. Help! 13. Norwegian Wood 14. I’m Looking Through You 15. Paperback Writer 16. Rain 17. Penny Lane 18. Strawberry Fields Forever 19. A Day In The Life 20. Hello Goodbye 21. Lady Madonna 22. Hey Jude 23. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 24. Because 25. Ringo’s message

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