Beatles At Shea 1965 COMPLETE UPGRADE Remastered DVD

Beatles At Shea 1965 COMPLETE UPGRADE Remastered DVD
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Beatles At Shea 1965 COMPLETE UPGRADE Remastered DVD
Item Description THE BEATLES SHEA STADIUM 1965 VOL.5 DVD 2015 REMASTER Remastered 2015 upgrade! Color corrected which makes BIG difference, plus processed in the highest quality now - example: 8000 is highest level of NO compression which enhances the video - older discs were at 4000-5000. Plus upgraded technology enhances the video, and all corrected new audio! The most comprehensive Shea yet! Remastered from the 2013 version, with upgraded video added to some songs. THE BEST! Better master print - more TRUE color, and better synch job! Audio is remastered and better too! First, the remastered COMPLETE concert - all 12 songs! With Everybody's Trying to be My Baby & She's a Woman! Audio from in line complete concert without overdubs from 1966! Video taken from 6 sources for the best and complete performance ever! Next up the 1991 Remastered TV Special in stereo - video fixed now - no flutter and looks and sounds amazing! SINGLE DISC VERSION. VIDEO SAMPLE:

Remastered video and original audio soundtrack 01 Twist and Shout 02 She's a Woman 03 I Feel Fine 04 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 05 Ticket to Ride 06 Everybody's Trying to be My Baby 07 Can't Buy Me Love 08 Baby's in Black 09 Act Naturally 10 A Hard Day's Night 11 Help! 12 I'm Down

The 1991 Remastered Special in Stereo with the Best Picture to Date! 01 Arthur Fiedler Introduction 02 I'm Down 03 Opening Acts 04 Helicopter Ride 05 Backstage 06 Twist and Shout 07 I Feel Fine 08 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 09 Ticket to Ride 10 Act Naturally 11 Can't Buy Me Love 12 Baby's in Black 13 A Hard Day's Night 14 Help! 15 I'm Down