Beatles / Alone Together Vol 2 (2/Cd)

 Beatles / Alone Together Vol 2 (2/Cd)
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The Collection Of The Solo Rarities. Digitally Remastered

■ outtakes and rehearsal first appearance of ” Driving Rain ” ! ! ! ■ outperform Vol.1, rare track full you do not listen to only here ! !

Latest work is M Claudel , 2nd title was recorded rare track solo age of each member ! It is the sequel to the series that includes the first appearance sound source , was recorded chronologically the rare tracks that have not been recorded anywhere until now .

Valuable track is a jostling than ever to previous work Vol.2, a treasure house of the sound source you want to collect it to not even mania ! Centerpiece is the first appearance outtakes of ” Driving Rain ” than anything else . Rehabilitation from the demo sound source , and take one further , I record a version of only three ” Driving Rain ” . Take out such an outflow of works in recent years and I think that it is very rare . Because it is a sound source nobody has ever heard , please come and enjoy .

I record and original version rough mix of Buddy Holly that was recorded other , in 2011 , ” It’s So Easy ” , album ” Kiss On The Bottoms ” , was played in Japan performance of ” My Valentine ” . Played music with members of Nirvana became the topic two years ago , ” Cut Me Some Slack ” , recorded the basic tracks of vocals rough first appearance this also . Over and dub sound of vocal and rough mix further . Also as promotion of vegetarian frozen food Linda of 2012 was devised , has been re- recording suddenly ” Heart Of The Country ” . The break quite the original of “RAM ” collecting , it has been re- recorded in the interpretation of Nari Paul now . This also take four recorded along the production process . Sound source of bitter demonstration of standing stone had been recorded in the previous work , to sound bitter outtakes working classical ” Nova “, and Fire Man has also been recorded this time . Please refer to the track list and further information . Latest work is M Claudel , second in a series which recorded the rare recordings of each member of the solo era . Rare track collection surpass the previous work . Is the press platen .

DISC ONE 1997 PAUL McCARTNEY Flaming Pie Sessions 01. The World Tonight Rough Mix 02. Young Boy Rough Mix 03. Somedays Rough Mix – Alternate version 04. Kansas City unreleased for Leiber and Stoller tribute album

1998 RINGO STARR Vertical Man Sessions 05. La De Da Rehearsal with Paul McCartney 06. La De Da Alternate Mix, 4’24 version 07. La De Da unreleased short 2’11 version 08. Drift Away Rough Mix Early version with Steven Tyler on vocals

1999 PAUL McCARTNEY 09. Nova Working Classical Sessions – Outtake

2001 PAUL McCARTNEY Driving Rain Sessions 10. Driving Rain Demo 11. Driving Rain Rehearsal 12. Driving Rain Take 1 13. Lonely Road Backing track 14. From a Lover to a Friend original backing track

2002 PAUL McCARTNEY 15. India unreleased song

2003 PAUL McCARTNEY 16. Whole Life recording session 17. Whole Life alternate mix 18. Band On The Run psychedelic version

2007 PAUL McCARTNEY 19. Dance Tonight acoustic version

DISC TWO 2008 RINGO STARR 01. It’s Love Liverpool 8 outtake

THE FIREMAN 02. Nothing Too Much Wall of Sound Mix

2011 PAUL McCARTNEY 03. It’s So Easy unreleased ‘rock and roll’ version Buddy Holly Rave One Tribute Outtake

PAUL McCARTNEY Kisses on the Bottom Sessions 04. Only Our Hearts Rough Mix, alternate end 05. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write myself a letter Rough Mix, alternate intro 06. My Valentine Original version 07. The Christmas Song Version 1 08. The Christmas Song Version 2

2012 PAUL McCARTNEY 09. Cut me Some Slack Basic Track with Rough Vocal 10. Cut me Some Slack Rough Mix + vocal overdubs

PAUL McCARTNEY Linda’s Frozen Food campaign session 11. Heart of the Country full basic take no overdubs 12. Heart of the Country “drum track” recording session 13. Heart of the Country Overdubs with extra vocals 14. Heart of the Country Final version

2013 PAUL McCARTNEY New Sessions 15. Alligator alternate studio version, extended intro different end) With Introduction from Paul 16. On My Way To Work Hosanna partial rehearsals 17. New (coda) Full studio outtake With Introduction from Paul 18. Queenie Eye short version radio edit With Introductions from Paul

RINGO STARR 19. I Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl

Misterclaudel. MCCD-374/375