Beatles / Alternates / 1CD+1DVD

Beatles / Alternates / 1CD+1DVD
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Beatles / Alternates / 1CD+1DVD
In the United States but all the UK in the first place The Beatles ultimate best album “1” a summary of the recorded song has been noted is the official release also the video in addition to the CD there are also numerous sound source of the video and the different versions of unreleased It exists. This collection is a collectible item to enjoy as such version differences and mix difference of the sound source and summarizes the video to rebuild the best album the ultimate best Another “alternate” album. CD is now in the initial stage of “Love Me de”, “From Me to You,” “Sea Ravusu You” that has been unified in monaural in the songs original remix & remastered sound source also realistic stereo mix recording. Former natural mix is ​​not at the level of the pseudo-stereo is a stunning finish. Others also has become a different version sound source collection of some meet to hear all the best 27 songs by the latest re-master strings are made full use of Marthe track sound source, etc. were eliminated “Yesterday”. DVD also recorded in just the video of another version of all the CD same best songs. It has become the official unreleased “Help!” And “Hello Goodbye,” the beginning of the initial TV video and subtly recorded in a different version of the album songs in different anthology video, etc. of the editing. It is the difference in the Beatles collector to enjoy the new edit best CD & DVD2 Disc set of recommended listening look


1. Love me do 2. From me to you 3. She loves you 4. I want to hold your hand 5. Can’t buy me love 6. A hard day’s night 7. I feel fine 8. Eight days a week 9. Ticket to ride 10. Help! 11. Yesterday 12. Day tripper 13. We can work it out 14. Paperback writer 15. Yellow submarine 16. Eleanor Rigby 17. Penny Lane 18. All you need is love 19. Hello, goodbye 20. Lady Madonna 21. Hey Jude 22. Get back 23. The ballad of John and Yoko 24. Something 25. Come together 26. Let it be 27. The long and winding road All Tracks are Original Stereo Remix and Digitally Remastered 2015


1. Love me do – Mersey Sound different edit 2. From me to you – Big Night Out plus some location 3. She loves you – Mersey Sound live soundtrack 4. I want to hold your hand – Lucky Stars On Merseyside 5. Can’t buy me love – Ready Steady Go! 6. A hard day’s night – Scenes from the Movie edit 7. I feel fine – Ready Steady Go! 8. Eight days a week – Scenes from Abbey road studio 9. Ticket to ride – Scenes from the Movie edit 10. Help! – Original Movie Film no dirts version 11. Yesterday – Blackpool Night Out 12. Day tripper – Anthology edit mix 13. We can work it out – black jacket version one 14. Paperback writer – Alternate Studio version 15. Yellow submarine – Scenes from the Movie edit 16. Eleanor Rigby – Scenes from Abbey road studio 17. Penny Lane – Anthology edit 18. All you need is love – Alternate edit 19. Hello, goodbye – Unreleased BBC version 20. Lady Madonna – Anthology edit 21. Hey Jude – Anthology edit mix 22. Get back – Studio and Rooftop mix 23. The ballad of John and Yoko – Anthology edit 24. Something – Rockband version 25. Come together – Rockband version 26. Let it be – Original Soundtrack from the Movie 27. The long and winding road – Phil Spector mix EXTRAS 1. This boy – Late Scene Extra 2. Long tall Sally – Live at Washington DC 1964 3. All my loving – Live at Hollywood Bowl 1964 4. I feel fine – Animated version 5. Dizzy miss Lizzy – Live at Shea Stadium 1965 6. Paperback writer – Alternate version 7. Rain – Anthology edit mix 8. Strawberry fields forever – Anthology edit mix 9. A day in the life – Anthology edit mix 10. Revolution – Anthology edit mix 11. The ballad of John and Yoko – Alternate edit 12. Real love – Oiginal TV version

NTSC 16:9 Wide Screen – Color / B&W : Dolby Digital Stereo Total Time 118min. approx.

Digital Archives Production. DAP. BAL 2015CD/DVD