Beatles (4/Cd) Complete BBC Tapes Vol 4

Beatles (4/Cd)  Complete BBC Tapes Vol 4
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Beatles (4/Cd)  Complete BBC Tapes Vol 4
■ First appearance & the best contents that can be considered currently with the upgrade ■ Research books that detailed explanations were made for each program included ■ From Vol 1 to Vol.4 All 16 disks, its fourth bullet

Beatles showed a total performance of nearly 300 songs for 52 times in total from March 1961 before the debut from June 1965 after debut, with live performances at the BBC studio and audience theaters . For the Beatles, the appearance on television and radio was an important promotion place for record sales, it should have been essential as well as the band’s live activity. At the time of the 1960s the number of hours radio stations were able to turn on record sound sources during the broadcasting time of the day was severely limited by the union. That is the reason for the large amount of live performances at BBC. The reason why enthusiastic fans and collectors find special value for BBC live sound sources will be the uniqueness of the performance songs. In 1963 when the band appeared on the BBC radio the most often, cover songs not recorded were played on BBC programs and on air. These songs were the repertoire the band liked playing in Hamburg’s Star Club and Liverpool’s Caburn Club before debut.

Basically, the sound source of these valuable programs is on-air only once at the time of the main broadcast at that time, BBC called “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB” in March of 1982 commemorating the 20th anniversary of the band’s first appearance of the BBC radio I could hardly look at the special number of on air. Unfortunately, at the time BBC at the time the on-air master tapes were erased and used by other programs for the convenience of the budget, so later BBC themselves noticed the importance of the sound source and the archives inside the office When I searched for, the storage situation of most of the programs was very bad and there was no material left to despair.

In this work, fully released and released, Complete · BBC · Tape, with more detailed elaboration and work on its recording contents, focused on matters such as maximum possible upgrade and longer recording time than before, Live It tried to restore and record it in the best condition in the order of the air mainly on the original broadcast of the time when the performance was performed. The history of the source and sound source, points of listening and episodes related to the program etc. are explained in detail in the booklet attached to this work. This booklet is such a content density that it is enough to become one research book by this alone, and it is said that even this alone is worth it. Completion of all 16 disks from Vol.1 to Vol.4. I would like you to add it to the collection as a decision board of a number of BBC sound sources

DISC THIRTEEN Saturday Club 5th Birthday Edition, Oct. 5, 1963 Complete and Unedited from Master Tapes, Hour 1 Host: Brian Matthew 01. Saturday Jump & Brian Matthew 02. C’mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran) 03. Jazz Song (Kenny Ball) 04. South (Paddy Ligfhtfoot) 05. That’s Rock And Roll (Joe Brown) 06. Spanish Gypsy Dance (Joe Brown) 07. Do You Love Me (Brian Poole) 08. There’s A Great Day A-Coming (Tommy Roe) 09. Big Man (Kathy Kirby) 10. Stay Right Here (Kathy Kirby) 11. Wake Up Little Susie (The Everly Brothers) 12. Baby What You Want Me To Do (The Everly Brothers) 13. Roy Orbison Interview 14. Only The Lonely (Roy Orbison) 15. News at 10.30 16. Can’t Get Enough of Your Kisses (Frank Ifield) 17. Frank Ifield Interview 18. Funny How Time Slips Away (Frank Ifield) 19. Del Shannon Interview 20. Runaway (Del Shannon) 21. I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles) 22. Memphis, Tennessee (The Beatles) 23. Happy Birthday Saturday Club (The Beatles) 24. Telegram 25. The Girl Sang The Blues (The Everly Brothers) 26. Hey Little Girl (Ray Sharp) 27. Ricky Nelson Message 28. Fools Rush In (Ricky Nelson) 29. Medley (Kenny Ball) 30. Acker Bilk Interview 31. Fanlight Fanny (Clinton Ford)

DISC FOURTEEN Saturday Club 5th Birthday Edition, Oct. 5, 1963 Complete and Unedited from Master Tapes, Hour 2 Host: Brian Matthew 01. Sally Ann (Joe Brown) 02. Autumn Leaves (Joe Brown) 03. Take Good Care of My Baby (Bobby Vee) 04. Dance On (Kathy Kirby) 05. I Wish You Love (Kathy Kirby) 06. Everybody (Tommy Roe) 07. Tommy Roe Interview 08. The Folk Singer (Tommy Roe) 09. The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Andy Williams) 10. Everly Brothers Interview 11. Walk Right Back (The Everly Brothers) 12. All I Have To Do Is Dream (The Everly Brothers) 13. Wolverton Mountain (Frank Ifield) 14. I’m Confessin’ (Frank Ifield) 15. News at 11.30 16. I’ll Get You (The Beatles) 17. She Loves You (The Beatles) 18. Welcome GOS listeners 19. Brenda Lee Message 20. Dum Dum (Brenda Lee) 21. Send in your requests 22. 1919 March (Kenny Ball) 23. Sheila (Tommy Roe) 24. A Picture of You (Joe Brown) 25. Finnegan’s Ball (Clinton Ford) 26. Got A Lot of Living To Do (Kathy Kirby) 27. I Remember You (Frank Ifield) 28. Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers) 29. Lucille (The Beatles) 30. Cliff Richard Interview 31. Living Doll (Cliff Richard) 32. See You Next Week

DISC FIFTEEN Top Of The Pops 1964 – 1965 (from the original transcription discs) Host: Brian Matthew

Top Of The Pops, Show 00, Week 48, 1964 01. Opening Theme and link 02. Long Tall Sally 03. A Hard Day’s Night 04. Things We Said Today 05. Closing Theme and sign off

Top Of The Pops, Show 04, Week 52, 1964 06. Opening Theme and link 07. I’m A Loser 08. She’s A Woman 09. I Feel Fine 10. Closing Theme and sign off

Top Of The Pops, Show 08, Week 03, 1965 11. Opening Theme and link 12. I’ll Follow The Sun 13. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 14. I Feel Fine 15. Closing Theme and sign off

Top Of The Pops, Show 15, Week 10, 1965 16. Opening Theme and link 17. Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! 18. Honey Don’t 19. Rock And Roll Music 20. Closing Theme and sign off

Top Of The Pops, Show 32, Week 27, 1965 21. Opening Theme and link 22. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 23. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 24. Ticket To Ride 25. Closing Theme and sign off

Extra Trax from 1963 26. Beautiful Dreamer (Saturday Club #1, 26/01/63, upgraded) 27. Going Up? (Easy Beat #1, 07/04/63, Speech) 28. Memphis, Tennessee (PGTB #03, 18/06/63, AM source only) 29. Roll Over Beethoven (Saturday Club #7, 21/12/63, upgraded)

Saturday Club #7, 21/12/63, “New Tape” from Parlogram upgrades 30. Till There Was You (The Beatles, upgraded, incomplete) 31. We Are In Love (Adam Faith & The Roulettes) 32. Soon You’ll Be Leaving Me (The Roulettes) 33. Money (Bern Elliot & The Fenmen) 34. Fools Rush In (sung by an unknown male vocalist) 35. Made For Me (Adam Faith & The Roulettes) 36. Roll Over Beethoven (The Beatles, upgraded, incomplete)

DISC SIXTEEN uke Box Jury (BBC-TV), December 7, 1963 Rec: December 7, 1963, 2:30 – 3:15 p.m. Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool Producer: Neville Wortman Host: David Jacobs Broadcast: December 7, 1963, 6:05 – 6:35 p.m. 01. Hit And Miss (John Barry) 02. I Could Write A Book (The Chants) 03. Kiss Me Quick (Elis Presley) 04. The Hippy Hippy Shake (The Swinging Blue Jeans) 05. Did You Have A Happy Birthday (Paul Anka) 06. The Nitty Gritty (Shirley Ellis) 07. I Can’t Stop Talking About You (Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme) 08. Do You Really Love Me Too (Billy Fury) 09. There! I’ve Said It Again (Bobby Vinton) 10. Love Hit Me (The Orchids) 11. I Think Of You (The Merseybeats) 12. Hit And Miss (John Barry)

It’s The Beatles (BBC-TV), December 7, 1963 Rec: December 7, 1963, 3:45 – 4:30 p.m. Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool Producer: Neville Wortman Broadcast: December 7, 1963, 6:05 – 6:35 p.m. 13. From Me To You 14. I Saw Her Standing There 15. All My Loving 16. Roll Over Beethoven 17. Boys 18. Till There Was You 19. She Loves You 20. This Boy 21. I Want To Hold Your Hand 22. Money 23. Twist And Shout 24. From Me To You Instrumental

From Us To You #2 (from BBC Archive Source) Rec: February 28, 1964 BBC Piccadilly Theatre, London Producer: Bryant Marriott Host: Alan Freeman 25. From Us To You – Intro Theme (edited) 26. All My Loving 27. Till There Was You 28. Roll Over Beethoven 29. I Wanna Be Your Man 30. Can’t Buy Me Love 31. From Us To You – Outro Theme (edited)