Beatles (4/Cd) Complete BBC Tapes Vol 2

 Beatles (4/Cd) Complete BBC Tapes Vol 2
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 Beatles (4/Cd) Complete BBC Tapes Vol 2
The first content that can be considered at first appearance & upgrade ■ Research books that detailed explanations were made for each program included ■ From Vol 1 to Vol. 4, the second set of 16 disks

Beatles showed a total performance of nearly 300 songs for 52 times in total from March 1961 before the debut from June 1965 after debut, with live performances at the BBC studio and audience theaters . For the Beatles, the appearance on television and radio is an important promotion place for record sales, it should have been essential as well as the band’s live activity. At the time of the 1960s the number of hours radio stations were able to turn on record sound sources during the broadcasting time of the day was severely limited by the union. That is the reason for the large amount of live performances at BBC. The reason why enthusiastic fans and collectors find special value for BBC live sound sources will be the uniqueness of the performance songs. In 1963 when the band appeared on the BBC radio the most often, cover songs not recorded were played on BBC programs and on air. These songs were the repertoire the band liked playing in Hamburg’s Star Club and Liverpool’s Caburn Club before debut.

Basically, the sound source of these valuable programs is on-air only once at the time of the main broadcast at that time, BBC called “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB” in March of 1982 commemorating the 20th anniversary of the band’s first appearance of the BBC radio I could hardly look at the special number of on air. Unfortunately, at the time BBC at that time, the master tape that was already on air was erased and used by other programs for the convenience of the budget, so later BBC himself noticed the importance of the sound source, and the archive inside the office When I searched for, the storage situation of most of the programs was very bad and there was no material left to despair.

In this work, fully released and released, Complete · BBC · Tape, with more detailed elaboration and work on its recording contents, focused on items such as maximum possible upgrade, longer recording time, live It tried to restore and record it in the best condition in the order of the air mainly on the original broadcast of the time when the performance was performed. The history of the source and sound source, points of listening and episodes related to the program etc. are explained in detail in the booklet attached to this work. This booklet is such a content density that it is enough to become one research book by this alone, and it is said that even this alone is worth it. All 16 disks from Vol.1 to Vol.4 are planned. I would like you to add it to the collection as a decision board for a number of BBC sound sources. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.

* Sample from commentary book included. From the 10th series broadcasted on August 20, 1963, 20, 21, 28 AM sound sources were added to “OUTTAKES 2” (TMOQ) in 1972, 24, 25, 30 AM sound sources were recorded in 1971 “YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD “(TMOQ) and it first appeared on the market. This time there was no sound source by Yellow Dog’s FM sound source taper, another tape of AM sound source air check by taper was recorded in LP “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL.5” in 1987. Although it calls classification “AM sound source”, the tape containing the 10th series included in this “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL.5” is quite well catching high frequencies and turning off FM broadcasting · It is a mysterious nuance sound quality as recorded through a speaker. MC between songs was the first time this board appeared. Four songs of the Beatles excluding 20 and 21 were released from the Margaret Ashworth sound source in the “LIVE AT THE BBC” in 1994 and “BABY IT’S YOU” in 1995. In the 2003 Yellow Dog Box, 24, 25 and 30 are “LIVE AT THE BBC”, 28 is a single “BABY IT’S YOU” take take, 20 is replaced with the ninth FM sound source, 22, Added five AM songs of 23, 26, 27, 29 released. In 2013 21 was finally released from Margaret Ashworth sound source at “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. In this work, five songs of the Beatles are remaster in 2013 of Margaret Ashworth sound source, 20 is FM sound source, guest appearance part and all MCs are recorded with tape / source of yellow dog version. Only a part of MC of opening MC before 20 and ending of 30 after 30 are missing, and almost succeeded in recording the entire program nearly in full length version. The performance of three shows could somehow finish recording on July 16, but it seemed that there was not enough time until the MC part, in this time the Beatles’ talk with MC of the host only There is no part. “She Loves You” is a repeat broadcast from the 9th series. There are also “bush house · tape” versions 24 and 25. “Glad All Over” from this sound source is recorded in “FROM US TO YOU” (The Swingin ‘Pig) released in 1989. 22 “My Whole World Is Falling Down” is the cover of Brenda Lee ‘s 1963 hit song. In the Beatles’ French performance in January 1964, Silvie Baltin co-starred also performed this song on stage.

* Sample from commentary book included. The 11th and 12th of Pop-Go the Beatles left normal BBC studio in London and was recorded in Manchester according to the Beatles schedule during the domestic tour. From the eleventh time of “Pop Go The Beatles” on August 27, 1963, 9, 15 at “YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD” (TMOQ) in 1971, 14 at “OUTTAKES 2” (TMOQ) in 1972 However, in 1982 “BEAUTIFUL DREAMER” 8 first appeared from the AM sound source respectively. Also in this time there was no FM sauce due to the taper of the yellow dog tone, and in 1987 LP “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL.5” had the same taper as “10th Yellow Dog AM sound source” of “Pop Go The Beatles” Three songs from 8, 9, and 12 were recorded from the sound source. In the special number “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB” in March 1982, 9, 15 is on air from “Bush house · tape” which improved sound quality. (However, the intro of 9 is missing) In 1994, “LIVE AT THE BBC” appeared from Margaret Ashworth sound source with perfect sound quality 8, 9, 15. In 2003 Yellow Dog BBC box copied 8, 9, 15 from “1994 LIVE AT THE BBC”, 12 and guest 10, 11 songs, and 13 previous MC, LP “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL.5 “was included in the original CD including the unreleased part from the tape and source used, MC before the first included MC recorded from another AM sound source. The song body of 14 was CD made from the tape source of “OUTTAKES 2” (TMOQ). 14 is an incomprehensive edition of “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2” which replaces the MC part with the fourth one in 2013, was released with higher sound quality than Margaret Ashworth sound source. In this work, four songs of 8, 9, 14, 15 are re-master version of Margaret Ashworth sound source, 10, 11 are Yellow / Dog AM sound source, 12 is yellow dog, AM sound source is released by volunteers From the edition, 13 compiled from the 9th FM source of the series, and recorded with the longest best sound quality ever. The current Margaret Ashworth sound source is about 1% faster than the actual performance, so here we have been thoroughly committed to correcting it and recording the entire program unified at a more accurate tape speed . “She Loves You” of this time has been a long time “four songs that can not be heard in the pop-go-the-beatles song” (1st “From Me To You”, 11th “She Loves You “, the twelfth” I’ll Get You “, the thirteenth” Till There Was You “) that was sacred among core maniacs. The twelfth “I’ll Get You” and the thirteenth “Till There Was You” have been excavated afterwards so that they can now hear it. This “She Loves You” is a yellow dog AM sound source, since the take that fades out immediately after the start of the song after John and Paul’s MC is the same as the take of the 9th series in the series, this 9th In the judgment that the version was repeatedly broadcasted, this version was recorded in the corresponding place. Unfortunately two songs from guests who would have been broadcasted between opening MC before 8, ending MC after 15, 13 and 14 are undiscovered. In “Ooh! My Soul” there is a painful place in the existing master tape, “LIVE AT THE BBC” has 4 seconds of 1 minute 02 to 05 seconds as 0 minute 32 seconds “Ooh! My Soul, Wah! “Although replacing the damaged part in the place, in this work, using the version which was the original in the prepro version of the same album, it is returning to the original version without editing. Compared with “LIVE AT THE BBC”, you can see that the position of the shout of Paul’s “Wah!” In the corresponding part is different. In addition, “LIVE AT THE BBC” somewhat restrained the high range that was too highlighted. In this time the pain of the tape in this place is adopted a way to make it inconspicuous by the waveform processing. In the 1994 version original of “LIVE AT THE BBC” and the remaster of 2013, the ending of the song became available to the last with the latter, all editing of the cross fade between each song was abolished, but all the songs are original tape In addition to re-mastering again from the songs that are troublesome in restoring EQ and drop-out such as “Ooh! My Soul”, “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby”, “Honey Do not” We diverted Peter Mu version of 1994’s audio and added back only from ending to original tape and restored to original length of ending. When checking these tracks by waveform, it is possible to confirm that the shapes of the waveforms differ only in the added endings, and there is also a big difference in sound quality. 1994’s “LIVE AT THE BBC” explores the sound alike close to the first album and the second album in the UK, and the line of each part of the musical instrument tends to become narrower in one recording with the original record of BBC’s original tape On the other hand, “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2” in 2013 was produced in the direction “to eliminate the processing feeling as much as possible”, whereas in the tone quality, it was equalizing processing / Depending on the preservation state of the master, music was not conspicuous though the music was not conspicuous, so that the same processing as the 1994 version was required, but the impression that the high region was comfortable considerably was given. (This trend is particularly seen in the 11th to 15th take takes of pop-go-the-beatles.In 2013 remaster version of “LIVE AT THE BBC”, to some extent the 1994 version equalization policy is adhered to ) In August 2013, Peter Mew retired his career and left EMI, probably “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2” and remastered version “LIVE AT THE BBC “It is true that EMI at the time of production had no staff inside the company that could do the same high level restoration as the Peter Mew version in 1994.

* Sample from commentary book included. First appearance of Beatles special number of Bank · Holiday holiday on British public holiday broadcast on December 26, 1963. The special version which changed “Me” of “From Me To You” to “Us” became the title of the program and the theme song. Contrary to what is said in many materials, in the same program that lasts three times, only the theme song “From Us To You” of the program is supposed to be used repeatedly when this first batch was recorded In fact, since the theme song of another take which was newly recorded every time is actually used four times, the theme song “From Me To You” of all times is recorded different times. In the beginning of this program, 33 first appeared from AM sound source in “DIRECTLY FROM SANTA CLAUS, RARE UNRELEASED BEATLES TRACK” in 1984. In 1988 LP was released “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL. 8” with all songs from FM sound source. (29 will fade out.) “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” is the moderator of this program, replacing the lyrics of the Australian singer / comedian Rolf Harris’ s hit song with members of the Beatles, What the two played by singing together at the studio at the time of this show recording. At the 2009 Bank Holiday Special, 24, 30, 32, 33 with superior sound quality than the Yellow Dog version were rebroadcasted and became a hot topic. In 2013 “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2”, 30 and 33 were recorded from the new source. In “BOOTLEG RECORDINGS 1963”, high-quality versions of 25 and 27 new sources and 26 and 28 yellow and dog sound sources were recorded, and they also entered a hot topic. A good rebroadcast version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand” has several variants, and an on-air version at the 2009 Bank Hoddy Special (32 and 33 were also on air in earlier 1996 ) Is the part of Hammoth that the first B Mero “Inside ~” brought from the second B Mero, the second B Mero is the first edited B Melo It is in the form of repeating. When this becomes “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2” in 2013, the first B melody is in a normal state without replacement of “Inside ~”, the second chorus also does not have a hammer first time B It is different from the special number called Mero’s repeat. Although the version recorded here comes from the same master as the regular release, it is recorded in the original state without editing with all the B-mero with Hamori with the second harmonies for the second B-melo, and the sound quality is good It is a very valuable version. In this “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, again hand-crapping is overdubed to A melody. The composition of the Yellow Dog Box is recorded from tape masters of LP “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL. 8” from 24 to 31 and 34, and 32 and 33 are replaced with the 1996 rebroadcast version. In this work, 24, 25, 27, 30, 32, 33 are compiled with a new source and the rest compiled with a yellow dog sound source. The 24 intros which were not cut on LP “THE BEATLES AT THE BEEB VOL. 8”, the head phrase is missing in the yellow for some reason in the yellow dog box. Because there is a head disappearance also in good sound quality 24, in this work I restored it in an allowable range so that it can listen smoothly. It seems there was a sharp cut in the sound quality version of the regularly released “Money”, George’s intro’s guitar was compensated from the yellow / dog sound source, and switched from fill-in of apple snare “Takata kata” to main volume source However, it is connected very beautifully. Recording take is different between program theme 24 and 34. Moderator Rolf Harris is being arrested forced indecency in March 2013 before the release of “ON AIR – LIVE AT THE BBC VOL. 2”, and possibly the same album “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport “might also be included, but there is also a possibility that the recording to the album was abruptly canceled by this matter.

DISC FIVE Pop Go The Beatles #08, August 6, 1963 Rec : July 16, 1963 BBC Paris Studio, London Producer : Terry Henebery Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: The Swinging Blues Jeans 01. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 02. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 03. Crying, Waiting, Hoping 04. Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey 05. To Know Her Is To Love Her 06. Too Late Now (The Swinging Blues Jeans) 07. The Honeymoon Song 08. Twist And Shout 09. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

Pop Go The Beatles #09, August 13, 1963 Rec: July 16, 1963 BBC Paris Studio, London Producer: Terry Henebery Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: The Hollies 10. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 11. Long Tall Sally 12. Please Please Me 13. She Loves You 14. You Really Got A Hold On Me 15. Searchin’ (The Hollies) 16. I’ll Get You 17. I Got A Woman 18. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

Pop Go The Beatles #10, August 20, 1963 Rec: July 16, 1963 BBC Paris Studio, London Producer: Terry Henebery Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes 19. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 20. She Loves You (from PGTB #9, Aug. 13, 1963) 21. Words Of Love 22. My Whole World Is Falling Down (Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes) 23. Wipe Out (Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes) 24. Glad All Over 25. I Just Don’t Understand 26. Unforgettable Love (Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes) 27. Walkin’ Tall (Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes) 28. Devil In Her Heart 29. Da Doo Ron Ron (Russ Sainty & The Nu Notes) 30. Slow Down 31. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

Pop Go The Beatles #12, September 3, 1963 Rec: August 1, 1963 Playhouse Theatre, Manchester Producer: Ian Grant Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes 17. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 18. From Me To You 19. I’ll Get You 20. Twist And Shout (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes) 21. Money (That’s What I Want) 22. There’s A Place (from PGTB #5, Jul. 16, 1963) 23. Do You Love Me (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes) 24. Honey Don’t 25. I Can Tell (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes) 26. Roll Over Beethoven 27. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

DISC SEVEN Pop Go The Beatles #13, September 10, 1963 Rec: September 3, 1963 Studio 2, Aeolian Hall, London Producer: Ian Grant Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: Johnny Kid & The Pirates 01. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 02. Too Much Monkey Business 03. Till There Was You 04. Love Me Do 05. She Loves You 06. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (Johnny Kid & The Pirates) 07. Dr. Feelgood (Johnny Kid & The Pirates) 08. I’ll Get You 09. A Taste Of Honey (taped for #14) 10. I Can Tell (Johnny Kid & The Pirates) 11. The Hippy Hippy Shake 12. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

Pop Go The Beatles #14, September 17, 1963 Rec: September 3, 1963 Studio 2, Aeolian Hall, London Producer: Ian Grant Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: The Marauders 13. Playtime – Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 14. Chains 15. You Really Got A Hold On Me 16. That’s What I Want (The Marauders) 17. Summertime (The Marauders) 18. Misery 19. Lucille 20. Bad To Me (The Marauders) 21. Always On My Mind (The Marauders) 22. From Me To You 23. Night Train To Memphis (The Marauders) 24. Boys 25. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

Pop Go The Beatles #15, September 24, 1963 Rec: September 3, 1963 Studio 2, Aeolian Hall, London Producer: Ian Grant Host: Rodney Burke Guest Group: Tony Rivers & The Castaways 26. Pop Go The Beatles – Intro Theme 27. She Loves You (from PGTB #13, Sep. 3, 1963) 28. Ask Me Why 29. Abilene (Tony Rivers & The Castaways) 30. Devil In Her Heart 31. I Saw Her Standing There 32. Sure To Fall (In Love With You) 33. Twist And Shout 34. Pop Go The Beatles – Outro Theme

DISC EIGHT Saturday Club #6, October 5, 1963 Rec: September 7, 1964 Playhouse Theatre, London Producers: Jimmy Grant, Bernie Andrews Host: Brian Matthew 01. Saturday Club Theme 02. I Saw Her Standing There 03. Memphis, Tennessee 04. Happy Birthday Saturday Club 05. Brian Matthew Intro 06. I’ll Get You 07. She Loves You 08. Lucille 09. Saturday Club Outro

Easy Beat #4, October 20, 1963 Rec: October 16, 1963 Playhouse Theatre, London Producer: Ron Belchier Host: Brian Matthew Recorded in front of a live audience 10. I Saw Her Standing There 11. Love Me Do 12. Please Please Me 13. From Me To You 14. She Loves You

The Ken Dodd Show, November 3, 1963 Rec: October 9, 1963 BBC Paris Studio, London Producer: Bill Worsley Host: Ken Dodd Recorded in front of a live audience 15. She Loves You (introduced by Judith Chalmers)

Saturday Club #7, December 21, 1963 Rec: December 17, 1964 Playhouse Theatre, London Producers: Jimmy Grant, Bernie Andrews Host: Brian Matthew 16. All My Loving (from LP) 17. This Boy 18. All I Want For Christmas Is A Bottle 19. I Want To Hold Your Hand 20. Till There Was You 21. Roll Over Beethoven 22. She Loves You (from Saturday Club #6, Oct. 5, 1963) 23. Chrimble Medley (Shazam!)

From Us To You #1, December 26, 1963 Rec: December 18, 1963 BBC Paris Studio, London Producer: Bryant Marriott Host: Rolf Harris 24. From Us To You – Intro Theme 25. She Loves You 26. All My Loving 27. Roll Over Beethoven 28. Till There Was You 29. Boys 30. Money (That’s What I Want) 31. I Saw Her Standing There 32. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport 33. I Want To Hold Your Hand 34. From Us To You – Outro Theme