Beatles (3/Cd/2/Dvd) Let It Be Day By Day In Color Expanded / With Slipcase

Beatles (3/Cd/2/Dvd) Let It Be Day By Day In Color Expanded / With Slipcase
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Beatles (3/Cd/2/Dvd) Let It Be Day By Day In Color Expanded / With Slipcase
It is a material of the Beatles with a feeling of boil down considerably, but I am very pleased to present the surprised title to the people of maniac here. It is a set of sound source and image from get back session which included the first appearance video abundantly. In January 1969, the enormous material shot and recorded at Twickenham Film Studio and Apple Studio. Systematic ones were released, but this was not the case for the video. Since many of the sound sources contain a signal to be synchronized with the image of pea, it was predicted that a lot of video material is still left, but until now almost never see the sun’s eyes and fragments The date credit was not enough for the images that I could see in the past, and there was no systematic summary of the video of the get back session. This work is an epoch-making title that can organize the video in order of the date first, and can watch it synchronized with the actual session schedule.

The picture of the Get Back Session was recorded on the premise of a movie. As a result, sessions are held in Twickenham’s Film Studio, not in the recording studio in the first half. While listening to music, you can see the fact that it is a project that focuses on shooting. As you know, the movie is a full-color work, but there are two kinds of flowing images, color and monochrome, that strange things happen. Among the shots I suppose they were shot at the same time at the same place, why the monochrome picture exists, this is originally color was converted to monochrome in the process of leakage, and the contents are also almost dub Rather, it is a mystery just to exist as a completely different picture. This series entitled “LET IT BE DAY BY DAY in color”, “LET IT BE DAY BY DAY in black & white” was entitled to be released separately in color image set and monochrome image set. This work is part of color.

【DVD: TWICKENHAM STUDIO】 January 2 starts from the scene of recording equipment and instruments. You can see that it is a quick recording place. Also, unlike a closed-door recording studio only in the shooting studio, the wider it is, the season is winter, and the members know that they are wearing the coat worn by the roof top. I can see George Martin. Yoko is also next to me, but she knows silently whether she is not hand-caught. On January 3rd it is familiar scene where Paul is playing the piano next to the apple sitting. George arrived and talking with apples smilingly on the way. Of course not only the performance scene, but also the setting of the equipment and the scene being adjusted are included. The scene singing “All Things Must Pass” is impressive. It can be said that apples are watching anxious behind the front three who are discussing it also expresses the characteristics and atmosphere of this session. On January 6th, Paul is singing “Oh Darling” at the piano. A scene of George and Paul’s quarrel is also filmed on this day. The main is the recording of “Do not Let Me Down”. January 7th is “Get Back” recording. The song is still far from being completed with rough cutting. In the scene of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” you can also see that Mar Evans is actually ringing a real hammer according to the song. After that it is “Across The Universe” John sings with a very bad feeling. It is the moment when scenes that smile with each other’s eyes are relaxing at the part where John and Paul are haunted. January 8th is George’s “I Me Mine”. It is also this day that John and Yoko dance waltz according to songs. “Two Of Us” singing with abnormal high tension and “I’ve Got A Feeling” are white eyes. It is impressive that Paul’s big tight figure is the first day. Yoko is smiling and laughing against John’s bad tasteful joke “Queen knows the members of FBI sucking marijuana.” I tried “Two Of Us” again on January 9. At this point it is still an electric set arrangement. Yoko’s song is finally appearing on January 10th. With the members of the Beatles deploying an avant-garde jam back, Yoko is Jito alone! John! Jo ~ ~ ~ ~! It is only for shouting. Being a sanctuary called the recording of the Beatles, it is a fearless image of singing behind the Beatles. “Do not Worry Kyoko” is also played. Paul seems to try a variety of experimental things, such as bringing the bass closer to the amplifier and deliberately causing howling. There is no performance scene on January 13, only the discussion scene. I feel Paul is making a speech by myself, indicating that this project itself is focusing on Paul. You can see the young and pretty Lovely Linda. January 14 is recorded from a scene where Paul and Ringo are very happy to say hello. The Beatles had lived a night type of life, but at that time it was told that it was in the morning considering the filming staff of the movie (which is why recording at Twickenham was unpopular). That is the evidence Paul and the apples are speaking words full of spirit “yogurt!” Between recordings, John and Yoko are interviewed in the studio for some program.

【DVD: APPLE STUDIO】 On January 21, this time again, I’m filming comments with sign language (something else) to be inserted in Stones ‘Rock’n’ Roll Circus, regardless of movies. From this day the filming has been done by moving to Apple studio. From the heartfelt feeling of the home ground, I can hear how it was very relaxing with casual wear. January 22 is greeted by Billy Preston as a guest player. George was appreciating Billy Preston as he was very saved to alleviate the tension between the members during this period that was not good relations. Some images are listening to rare playbacks by all. January 23 begins with the attendance scene of the Beatles. A member of the Beatles that appears one after another in Apple Building. This is also a scene dared to be made for the movie again. Paul who lived in the neighbor knew that he was walking and commuting. At Twickenham, it was a bad mood, but here George is obviously listening to Paul’s instructions. January 24 is a relaxed tempo “Get Back”. On January 25th, “Old Brown Shoe” recording is mainly recorded. George is still singing a beard with 26 years of age and masculinity is full of strength, Paul is a piano, and John plays the guitar on the knee and uses the bottleneck to play that impressive riff. It can be confirmed from the video that Yoko did not leave one time. On January 26th George is singing “Octopus’s Garden” with an apple while playing Akogi. It seems like only two people practice. This song is a joint credit of four people, but when you see this picture you can see that George actually is the song made by the main. George playing the piano and teaching singing to the apple. What surprising is that apple can also play the piano? Members are appearing in the studio one after another during the practice of the two. George · Martin arrived, John and Yoko arrived, puffed the cigarettes, followed by Paul who entered the studio is bringing Heather. Indeed the painting on the wall is probably written by Heather. I thought that this day I left the original and played in a distraction, many Oldies numbers are being played. I do not have a fun looking John really. “Get Back” is recorded on January 27. Paul stands up and is recording in live form. The songs are pretty close to the release · version, and it is understood that the keyboard of Billy · Preston is nearly completed including keyboard. You can see Mick Jaggers and others who came to visit the studio. January 28 is a video confirming playback by everyone. On January 29th Paul and John start with images that are serious discussions. I can see Paul desperately doing the description of this project to John. Because the clapperboard enters, it seems to be a garage for the movie.

【DVD: ROOFTOP CONCERT】 And it is finally the day of the rooftop concert on January 30th. Although it is possible to reproduce almost the whole picture by connecting each roll while needing editing, although it knows that there is a video because there is a sound which until now there was no neat thing until now it sees them I could not do until now. In this work, it will be the first title to recreate roof tops with images. It is recorded from the appearance that members come up from the downstairs and stand by. London at the end of January is cloudy and it seems that the wind is strong when you see where John’s hair is coming. At first it gently lights up the riff of “Get Back” in the warm up. Suddenly the sounds that resonate are looking up as people go along. And play “Get Back” twice. In the movie, it is hard to understand that multiple takes are edited by editing, but at the end, “Get Back” has been played three times in a row. To play the same song more than once suggests that this is not a concert but a shoot for a movie to the last. Of course, although it was not complete recording in this work, I want you to pay attention to the fact that it is the longest recorded in the actual order of the songs as the image of the rooftop, including the first appearance.

【DVD: APPLE STUDIO again】 And January 31st will be the last day of this session. There was only a final day and a completed picture that I played quite well was left. The “Two Of Us”, which was originally played in the electric set, seems to have been judged to be the best in Akogi as eventually recorded here. “The Long And Winding Road” is looking Paul is looking like a camera looking like this. And finally the title song “Let It Be” has also taken three takes on this day. Especially the second take is a streaming image recorded from clapperboard.

【DVD: MULTI VIEW】 【DVD: ALTERNATE FOOTAGES】 As mentioned above, multiple cameras are shot simultaneously for movie shooting, rooftop concerts are the same song, shots from other buildings, behind the members, cameramen lying in front, cameramen from multiple Shots are left. In this work, especially three songs of “Get Back” “Do not Let Me Down” and “I’ve Got A Feeling” where each grouped image is left are recorded so that they can be reproduced and compared at the same time There. Although it is not a roof top, there is also a cut difference with respect to “Besame Mucho”, so it is recorded at the same time. Also, although it is not a multi-image, “Do not Let Me Down” and “Besame Mucho” have different edits, so they are also included here.

【DVD: FILM WORK PRINTS】 This is a working print when editing the film taken by Michael Lindsey Hogg, director of the movie “Let It Be” into the form of a movie. There is a difference between what was finally cut and the audio was also released. 【DVD: EXTRAS】 At the end of the disc, images related to “LET IT BE” are recorded. Initially it is a movie trailer. And since the ending telop varies depending on the version of the movie, here are two kinds of endings recorded. The Grammy Award was held on March 16, 1971. The movie “LET IT BE” was awarded the Best Film Music Award, and when Paul attended with Linda on behalf of the Beatles at the award ceremony, it is a picture of the time. At this point the Beatles have already broken up. Because the appearance of the two people is that of Moro 1971, it is extremely spoiled. Next on April 16, 1971, this is the Academy Awards ceremony. Unfortunately members are not present. “ANTHOLOGY ROUGH CUT” is a related image that was included in the working version of the video work Anthology. It is an outflow image in the production stage, and a time code is left in the lower part.

【CD: TWICKENHAM FILM STUDIO STEREO TRACKS】 Although the order to introduce was reversed, in this work three CDs are recorded at the same time separately from the image. Up to half of disk 1 and disk 2, the stereo sound source of January 3, 1969 is recorded. As soon as the session began, I still get a distracted impression, but I’ve tried repeated cover tune with less frequent performance and “All Things Must Pass” later on recorded in George’s solo album It is a very interesting day, such as. In rare places it is a song such as “I’m So Tired”, “Ob La Di Ob La Da”, “Back In The USSR” and “Every Little Thing”, songs that I once played at the Beatles, “Gimme Some Truth” There are songs recorded in the album etc.

【CD: RAJIO SHOW】 This is a radio program that was broadcast at the time on March 23, 1970. As you can see from the date, it is broadcast at the time of not selling movies and albums yet. Neither the listener nor the broadcasting station at this time should have noticed that being broadcast at this time is precious different from the actually released take. It is an interesting program to introduce the Beatles’ new album before release including interviews of members of the Beatles, and solo songs already released at this time.

【CD: BBC 40th ANNIVERSARY RADIO SHOW】 Here is a new era, a special program specializing in “LET IT BE” celebrating the 40th anniversary from the release of the album and movies on May 20, 2010. In this era, the hurdles to turn on air for unreleased songs and unreleased take are coming down, and it contains contents that are exactly special programs, including songs and takes that you could only hear on boot. At this point George ‘s interview and so on were in use.

【’LET IT BE’ DAY BY DAY in color expanded】 From manicia must-do M Claudel · label, it is a valuable collection of images of Get back session in January 1969, which included many first-appearing images. Moreover, because it is recorded in the order of the date, it is made with high material value. Until now, there are many sound sources, almost all of them are spilling out, but this was a lonely situation as it became a picture. This work is a must-see picture to solve such a situation. I am confident that this work will be accepted into mania with surprise in the circumstances surrounding the material of the Beatles which was hard to come out first appearance sound source or video. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.

AUDIO DISC ONE January 3, 1969 01. Piccaso 02. Taking A Trip To Carolina 03. All Shook Up 04. Your True Love 05. Blue Suede Shoes 06. Three Cool Cats 07. Blowin’ In The Wind 08. Lucille 09. I’m So Tired 10. Ob La Di Ob La Da 11. Don’t Let Me Down 12. I’ve Got A Feeling #1 13. I’ve Got A Feeling #2 14. One After 909 #1 15. One After 909 #2 16. I’ll wait Until Tomorrow 17. The Hippy Hippy Shake 18. Two Of Us #1 19. Two Of Us #2 20. Two Of Us #3 21. Two Of Us #4 22. Two Of Us #5 23. Short Fat Fanny 24. The Midnight Special 25. Gimme Some Truth 26. All Things Must Pass #1 27. All Things Must Pass #2 28. All Things Must Pass #3 29. All Things Must Pass #4 30. All Things Must Pass #5 31. All Things Must Pass #6

AUDIO DISC TWO January 3, 1969 01. All Things Must Pass #7 02. All Things Must Pass #8 03. All Things Must Pass #9 04. Back In the USSR 05. Every Little Thing 06. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer #1 07. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer #2 08. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer #3 09. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer #4

RADIO SHOW May 23, 1970 10. Let It Be / Paul talks 11. My Bonnie / John talks 12. Dig It / John talks 13. The Balld Of John & Yoko / Paul & Ringo talk 14. Golden Slumbers / Paul talks 15. Whispering Grass / Ringo talks 16. Act Naturally / John talks 17. Instant Karma / John talks 18. Govinda / George talks 19. For You Blue / George talks 20. I Me Mine / George talks 21. The Long And Winding Road / George talks 22. Get Back / George talks 23. Let it Be finale

AUDIO DISC THREE BBC 40TH ANNIVERSARY RADIO SHOW May 25, 2010 01. Introduction / Let it Be 02. Get Back Rooftop Concert / Paul McCartney 03. Early Live Shows / John Lennon / Let it Be Sessions 04. Two of Us / John & Yoko / Paul McCartney 05. Across The Universe / George Harrison / Dialogue 06. I Me Mine / Dialogue 07. Let it Be / Paul McCartney 08. Dig A Pony / Paul McCartney 09. Shake, Rattle And Roll / Blue Suede Shoes 10. I’ve Got A Feeling / Dialogue / Can You Dig It 11. Get Back / Paul McCartney 12. Don’t Let Me Down / Session Dialogue 13. For You Blue 14. One After 909 / Paul McCartney 15. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues 16. The Long And Winding Road / Finale

DVD DISC ONE Twickenham Film Studios 1969 January 2, 1969 Intro Opening Take 1 Opening Take 2 Don’t Let Me Down Johnny B Good / I’ve Got A Feeling #1 I’ve Got A Feeling #2 Two Of Us

January 3, 1969 Paul’s Piano Intro Don’t Let Me Down Improvisation Electric Shocks All Things Must Pass Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

January 6, 1969 Oh Darling Just Fun / One After 909 Chat Don’t Let Me Down #1 Don’t Let Me Down #2 Paul & George Discussion Two Of Us

January 7, 1969 Get Back Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Across The Universe Dig A Pony

January 8, 1969 I Me Mine #1 Two Of Us I’ve Got A Feeling #1 I’ve Got A Feeling #2 I Me Mine #2 I Me Mine #3 You Win Again

January 9, 1969 Two Of Us Suzy Parker I’ve Got A Feeling #1 I’ve Got A Feeling #2 I’ve Got A Feeling #3 One After 909 Get Back

January 10, 1969 Get Back Jamming With Yoko #1 Jamming With Yoko #2

January 13, 1969 Dialogue

January 14, 1969 Piano Boogie Song John Lennon Interview

Apple Studios, Savile Row January 21, 1969 John’s message for the Rolling Stones You’re My Sunshine Dig A Pony Don’t Let Me Down Control Room

January 22, 1969 Don’t Let Me Down Billy Preston Arrives I’ve Got A Feeling Control Room

January 23, 1969 Arrival Get Back

January 24, 1969 Get Back Teddy Boy / Control Room

January 25, 1969 Dialogue For You Blue #1 For You Blue #2 Control Room

January 26, 1969 Octopus’s Garden Jamming With Heather You Really Got A Hold On Me The Long And Winding Road #1 The Long And Winding Road #2 Rip It Up ? Shake Rattle And Roll Kansas City ? Miss Ann Lawdy Miss Clawdy Dig It

January 27, 1969 Discussion Get Back I’ve Got A Feeling

January 28, 1969 Control Room Dialogue & Jam

January 29, 1969 Dialogue Rooftop Dialogue Besame Mucho

January 30, 1969 Rooftop Concert Stage Setting Get Back warm up Get Back #1 Get Back #2 Don’t Let Me Down #1 I’ve Got A Feeling #1 One After 909 rehearsal One After 909 Danny Boy Dig A Pony False Start Dig A Pony God Save The Queen I’ve Got A Feeling #2 partial A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody Get Back mistake Don’t Let Me Down #2 Get Back #3

DVD DISC TWO January 31 01. Two of Us 02. The Long and Winding Road 03. Let it Be Take 22 04. Let it Be Take 23 05. Let It Be Take 27a 06. Let it Be Take 27b

ROOFTOP MULTI VIEW 07. Get Back #1 : Camera One, Two and Three 08. Get Back #2 : Angle One and Two, Camera One and Two 09. Get Back #3 : Camera One and Two 10. Get Back #4 : RAW VIDEOS vs LET IT BE FILM 11. Don’t Let Me Down #1 : CAMERA A vs CAMERA B 12. Don’t Let Me Down #2 : RAW VIDEOS vs LET IT BE FILM 13. I’ve Got A Feeling : RAW VIDEOS vs LET IT BE FILM 14. Besame Mucho : RAW VIDEOS vs LET IT BE FILM

ALTERNATE FOOTAGES 15. Don’t Let Me Down film version 16. Besame Mucho un-edited

FILM WORK PRINTS 17. One After 909 18. Don’t Let Me Down 19. Two Of Us 20. The Long And Winding Road 21. Let It Be

EXTRAS 22. Let it Be Movie Trailer 23. Original Film End 1970 24. Unreleased Apple Master End 1992 25. The Grammy Awards March 16, 1971 26. Academy Awards April 16, 1971 27. Anthology Rough Cut 28. BBC On the Record